The Reaper and The Devil

The Reaper and The Devil

By:  alexsircher  Ongoing
Language: English
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The afterlife is another world entirely. Called "The Otherworld" for lack of agreement among the inhabitants. It's filled to the brim with the various creatures and gods of mythology. Follow Death and Lucifer as they set out on a mission to meet the "Unknown" that is leading a human uprising in this Otherworld.

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Julia Nora
keep going! can't wait for more chapters :) by the way, is there any socmed that I can reach out?
2021-07-19 17:51:14
78 Chapters
Prologue - The Three Realms
Where do humans go when they die? There exists another world, almost parallel to the human realm, known by its inhabitants, for lack of agreement on any other name, as the Otherworld. In this world exists many fantastical things, gods, and creatures of legend. Humans are reborn into this world when they die. If they were old when they passed they return to their youth, and if they were sickly they are healed, regardless of where they get sent. Humans who come to the Otherworld this way are called "Reborn" Where a human goes when they're reborn is determined by their prior actions, but they first get sorted in Limbo, a dimension between the human world and the Otherworld. Limbo's time flows differently so that as it sorts humans, the Otherworld doesn't get flooded with new life. For the truly good, they get Heaven, or Paradise, as can be known. A holy sanctuary guarded by the angels, who are lead by the archangel Michael.
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Growing Suspicions
- Lucifer - Lucifer began showing Elijah around the non-prison sections of Hell. "We teach most things here. Magic, literacy, science, and current events of the other side. I find human advancements fascinating." Elijah kept looking around at the village, which despite being cleaner and more well kept, didn't look much different from the villages he had seen in movies. He is surprised that such a place could exist right next to the prison he was just in. 'I can't believe all of this is real. It's not just a nightmare. All of this...I don't think...but how can it?' Lucifer noticed Elijah's worried face and started to give his default reassurance. "I understand the confirmation of another world is a difficult concept to swallow in just a few days, but I assure you many humans have gone through this before. The feeling of disillusion goes away." 
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Preparation (1)
- Lucifer - Lucifer flew to the building Peter had taken Elijah to. It was a large grey stone building with a pointed roof that had the words "Library of the worlds" engraved onto the front. He went in, spotting Peter and Elijah in-between two large bookshelves. He walked up to the two. "Peter we have an investigation to prepare for." Peter nodded and said "Course. I'll gather the group." Before walking away he turned and said to Elijah "Sorry, we'll have to continue our conversation later." "Investigation?" Elijah asked, looking around at the massive library he was in. Lucifer started walking back to the entrance and motioned for Elijah to follow. They stopped in front of a large counter where a woman with black horns on the side of her head and red skin looked up at them. "I need the humans' guide, Mili." Mili, also known as Miliketh, w
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Preparation (2)
- Death - Death was still thinking about things long after the call had ended. 'Why would an unknown lead a human resistance? If they want revenge against the anti-human gods then surely there'd be a better way of going about this. Death thought about calling a few others, to see if they had any more information, but he knows they'd tell him if they saw anything new worth telling. There was a light knock at the door to which he responded "Come in." In walked Mary, a woman around 5'5" with brown hair down to her cheeks and brown eyes. She was wearing the same purple robe that Zach was. Death looked at the echo on his desk. "You don't need to knock Mary. I don't have any other meetings planned for awhile. Even if I did I would have let all the grim know if I shouldn't be interrupted." Mary was always nervous around Death. He towered over he
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Preparation (3)
- Death - Zach knew the best of five rule was a formality. There wasn't a chance he'd get a single win, even if Death allowed him free hits. The best Zach could hope for is dragging the fight out with his healing magic. 'The goal is winning the argument, not the fight. The goal is-.' Zach kept repeating the thought "You can start." Death said while folding his arms. 'I hope you can understand where I'm coming from by the end of this.' Zach approached slowly, keeping his hands up the whole way. "You need to play a bigger part with this new problem. I don't want you to regret your passivity...again." Zach finished his sentence and threw a right straight at Death. Death shifted his head to the right, avoiding the blow while sweeping Zach's leg with a swift left kick. "My passivity comes from me trying to avoid constant i
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The First Night (1)
- Lucifer and Elijah - As Elijah stepped into the supplies building he noticed the sheer volume of stuff in the room. Along with the many crates, there was a demon sitting at a stone counter to the left of the doorway. The demon had a dark hood over their head, so he couldn't see them very well. He was more conscious about staring now, so he diverted his gaze to the other parts of the room. There were shelves marked as "medicine" along with weapon racks and crates of clothing. There were some hanging bulbs that illuminated everything well. "You have lightbulbs in this world?" Elijah asked, looking around at the various tools and gear that was lying around. Lucifer responded while digging through one of the boxes. "They're harnessed magic. There's a rune in the bulb that traps electric energy. The technology here is a little more advanced than the average town, but still nowhere n
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The First Night (2)
- Lucifer - Ten minutes had passed since Lucifer's instructions to Elijah. Lucifer was making sure to correct hand placements, while also giving advice on how to reduce the backlash from the magic. "Picture your hands as though they're covered in thin gloves made of energy. The body tends to create a natural shielding when you're doing basic things with magic, but as the action gets more complicated you have to manually control the protection. This will reduce the shock you receive considerably, and will also be useful for dealing with other's magic in the future." 'He's not giving up, that's good, but beginners tend to snap after so many failed attempts.' Elijah was furious, but not at his inability to get the training right. 'It's just a little shock, stop flinching. You're a grown-ass man, get your shit together and stop flinching.' As Elijah yelled at himself mentally he shoc
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The First Night (3)
- Lucifer - One hour had passed and Elijah was able to do three ticks before shocking himself. His hands had been healed multiple times by Lao. "Three ticks is impressive. I should be able to teach you proper attacks tomorrow. For now, though we're going to start your hand-to-hand training." Lucifer said, moving to the corner of the room. Elijah started to feel a little tired, physically. He wanted to ask Lucifer about his body but decided to hold off. 'Maybe I can find the answer in that guide.' "What kind of sparring are we going to be doing?" Lao spoke before Lucifer could. "I'll be checking your basics first. Throw a few punches and kicks." Elijah obliged and threw a straight, followed by an uppercut and then a hook. He tried to do a kick but almost lost his balance in the process. 'I'm at lea
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Learning To Attack
- Lucifer and Elijah - Elijah gripped the handle of his seat with his gloved hand and tried to keep his mind elsewhere. 'That magic training was different than-' The cart hit a bump. 'different than I expected. I never thought I'd be willingly shocking myself again.' Peter, sitting across from Elijah, with his legs and chest strapped to the cart, had been sleeping for the last hour. Heinrich, who was next to Peter, was staring out of the cart, watching whatever things passed by. Sabu, sitting next to Elijah, also appeared to be sleeping. His eyes were closed and his head was down, but his right hand was still gripping the handle. 'I guess there were soldiers who could sleep through bombing runs-' The cart hit another bump. 'even still though.' Elijah was happy that he never felt the urge to vomit, afraid that if he stuck his head out of the cart they'd hit a bump and he would be
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Cytus (1)
- Lucifer - "Did you picture what I told you?" Lucifer said, holding back anger. "No, I pictured a cannon firing. I didn't mean to it was just the first image that came to mind." Elijah's hand had been severely burned by the electricity. The bone on the under part of his fingers was exposed. Lucifer just closed his eyes and yelled in his mind. He had so many different ways he wanted to berate Elijah. 'I can't believe the sheer ignorance of people sometimes. Next time I teach someone magic I need to remember this moment and use it as an example of why they should listen.' Lucifer had plenty of experience in the past dealing with reborn who injured themselves while recklessly practicing magic. This case was different though. The output was stronger than it should have been. Humans don't start with a lot of mana initially, so even when their magic does backlash it only causes minor
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