Here and Now (2)

- Moloch and Baal -

(After Lucifer sent the group back to Hell)

Moloch and Baal were discussing over an echo call about their alliance with Satan.

"Can we really trust him?" Moloch asked, stroking his beard.

"Bit late to question it now?" Baal grunted. "We could win without his help, so I'm not overly invested in his strength."

"Mmmmm." Moloch hummed. "Don't you think the timing is strange?"

"His timing is always strange." Baal laughed. "Why are you so concerned about this?"

Moloch paused. He was worried about himself more than anything. He had questioned his alliance with even Baal in the past, so this trepidation was nothing new.

"We lost the Underground," Moloch growled. "I don't like the way things are going."

"Like I said-" Baal sighed. "-bit late to question it now."


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