The Rejected Alpha Hired Luna

The Rejected Alpha Hired Luna

By:  Zainabi  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bella, a lowly omega faces harsh reality after her mother had a tragic accident and died on the spot. With bills pilling up, a sick sister and a maniac stepfather left Bella on a tough edge. When Alpha Jasper offers hope: Become his contracted Luna for a year and he'll pay for her sister's medical bills and every other bills. Bella was compelled to accept the offer being her last card to save her sister from dying. Little did she know the choice will put her life into a world of danger and deception. Alpha Jasper is hungry for the position of the Alpha but the rule laid out for him is he has to settle down with a Luna. Alpha Jasper wasn't ready for any commitment not when his mate left him for another. Why then does he feel strong connection for the hired Luna when she's not even his mate or his type? Or could she be his second chance mate?

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6 Chapters
BellaI stood at the door of our small, dimly lit apartment, desperation gnawing at the pit of my stomach. My heart pounded with every passing second as I watched our belongings being tossed out haphazardly. The landlady, a fiery and unyielding woman, showed no mercy. Despite my pleas, she was determined to make me pay for the overdue rent in the most heartless way."Please," I begged, my voice quivering with emotion. "Give me another chance. I promise I'll find a way to get the money."But the spitfire woman paid no heed to my pleas, her stern eyes locking onto mine with an icy gaze. Belongings that held memories were now treated as trash, discarded onto the floor without remorse. I felt a lump forming in my throat, tears blurring my vision as I struggled to hold back my sobs."Give me just one more day," I pleaded, desperation and hope mingling in my voice. "I'll have my pay tomorrow from my part-time job. I swear it."The woman's face twisted into a scowl, her impatience apparent.
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Jasper"Tomorrow is the gathering, what are your plans?" my cousin, Chester broke the silence that prevailed in the room, pouring himself a glass of beer from the bottle laid out on the center table. We had settled back at my house after we were done with the meeting from the pack. I barely had time to rest if not now. Taking care of the office work and waiting for Bridget to finish her photo shoot so we could have time to ourselves. The very first time I saw her, which was three years ago at the pack gathering together with her father, the prominent minister of defense of our pack, Williams and also my father's closest friend. I had fallen for her. I'd call it love at first sight. Not only due to the mate bond. Bridget is the type of woman I had dreamt to have as my mate and life partner. Ask me what made me fall for her, I won't be able to answer. I just loved everything about her. And I'm glad the feelings is mutual.I took a sip of my drink before focusing my attention on Chester
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BellaThe night sky above was adorned with a tapestry of stars, their distant shimmer a stark contrast to the darkness that weighed upon my heart. I walked along the worn path, each step echoing my silent wishes for a fate different from the one I had been handed. As I pushed open the door to the familiar bar, the sound of laughter and glasses clinking filled the air – a stark reminder of the normalcy that always seemed out of reach for me.The bar was crowded, people drowning their worries in drinks and laughter. It was a sight that sometimes filled me with a pang of jealousy. How I wished I could enjoy life's simple pleasures without the constant weight of problems bearing down on me. For me, moments of joy were a rarity, elusive as a fleeting dream.I walked further inside, greeted by the dim lighting and the familiar buzz of chatter. My coworker Nate was behind the counter, a friendly smile on his face that quickly faded when he saw me. His concerned gaze met my puffy eyes, and I
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JasperThe events of the previous day were still fresh in my mind. I jerked awake feeling a dull yet excruciating pain in my chest. It felt like my heart had been ripped from its place and all I could feel was emptiness —a deep, deep void.As much as I tried to function I soon realized just how difficult it was going to be. Some hours ago I couldn't realize my life without Bridget and if someone had said I'd go through it sooner than later I'd have called them crazy.I lost the will to get out of bed which was strange because I was naturally an early bird. Now I was just a mess. A shell of the man I once was.My eyes were droopy with bags under my eyelids. I hadn't been able to sleep all night as Bridget's words haunted my every thought.I tried to think of a logical explanation as to why she had said what she did but there was none. There was no way around it.Time went by fast while it moved slowly for me. I felt like a specter— an observer, yanked away from the activities of realit
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BellaI stared at him in disbelief, his words echoed in my head. It had to be a trick or a cruel joke. Maybe he was a weirdo who thought it would be fun to get a laugh by pulling a prank on me."Look," I sniffled, my voice quivering as I spoke. "I don't know who you think you are but I'm not falling for your games.""I mean every word. It's not a game." He said as he went down on one knee. Our eyes met and his gaze held mine in a magnetic pull that set my heart racing.The sincerity In his eyes bothered me. Surely he couldn't mean what he had said. What would he gain out of helping a stranger? There had to be a catch somewhere....If you agree to be my Luna for a year...His words resonated deep within me. It was starting to make sense now. He wanted something in return after all. But becoming his luna— that means he's the—"Who are you?" I asked, my eyes searched for answers in his eyes.I could see he was weighing his options. He hesitated long enough and then he said, "I'm Jasper."
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JasperI glanced at her and saw she was curled up in the passenger seat with a nervous look on her face. I could tell she wasn't comfortable being in a car with strangers. She turned to face me and said, "Where are we going?"I kept my focus on the road and said, "The contract. We have to get the contract for you to sign."Her gentle aura was like a glove that engulfed everything around her in warmth. I didn't know anything to have that effect. Not even Bri—Stop thinking about her. It's not worth it.It was a struggle taking her out of my mind but focusing on the road helped. Chester edged forward with the help of his unscorched hand."Is anyone going to tell me what's going on here?" His eyes moved from her face to mine and back."Relax, Chester." I sighed knowing he would do everything but relax."Well the least you could is introduce us."He had a point. "Chester meet —" I realized I had forgotten to ask what her name was.Awkwardness settled in the car like a thick mist. She made
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