The Scarlet Angels

The Scarlet Angels

By:  Katherine Monroe  Completed
Language: English
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While solving one of the cases, detective Esther Moore comes across a legend that grandmother told her long ago. Soon the line between what is real and what is not gradually blurs. Are the legendary 'Scarlet Angels' real or is Esther losing her mind?

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50 Chapters
Leo searched her room once again. The Chief told him to give it up, after all, even the police technicians couldn't find anything relevant here, and that he is wasting his time, which could be devoted to solving another case. However, Leo did not want to listen to anyone. Maybe it didn't make any difference to them whether she was alive or dead, but he couldn't accept that she had disappeared like that without a word. His partner would surely tell him if she'd just decided to drop it all and rest somewhere far away. After all, they were friends, the best friends. They had no secrets, he told her everything, she told him as well, so why would she leave somewhere without saying goodbye? He did not believe the version of events that the Chief and the rest of his colleagues were trying hard to push. Each of them had already believed it, because there were no signs of kidnapping or murder, and the fact that she had not taken anything with her meant nothing to them, and they explained it
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Chapter 1: Esther's Diary (Page 01 to 03)
"Sparkling angel, I believedYou were my saviour in my time of needBlinded by faith I couldn't hearAll the whispers - the warnings so clearI see the angels, I'll lead them to your doorThere's no escape now, no mercy no moreNo remorse 'cause I still rememberThe smile when you tore me apartYou took my heart, deceived me right from the startYou showed me dreams - I wished they would turn into realYou broke the promise and made me realizeIt was all just a lieSparkling angel, I couldn't seeYour dark intentions, your feelings for meFallen angel, tell me "why?"What is the reason? The thorn in your eye (...)Could have been foreverNow we have reached the endThis world may have failed youIt doesn't g
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Chapter 2: Esther's Diary (Page 04 to 05)
There's a story I've heard when I was a girl. My grandma told me about it when I heard about the serial killer who's been going around our neighbourhod. I was so scared while going out, even during the day, and waited eagerly for police to catch him. Then my grandma told me a legend about 'The Scarlet Angels' - a group of Heavenly creatures, who deals with the greatest sinners - abusers, rapists, murderers or terrorists - especially those who escape from being punished by human laws. She said that even if people won't be able to catch such a criminal, 'The Scarlet Angels' will get him sooner or later and make him suffer as much as victims did, and such person will be begging to die, regretting the escape from human law's punishment. It was kind of scary, but also very comforting even tough I was a very resonable person and didn't belive in supernatural. After many years I totally forgot about this legend but since I chose to be a detective who chases the worst criminals, I guess
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Chapter 3 - The 'Mad Dog' Case: Part 1
It all started at the end of 2019, specifically on November 30. It was then that, in a single-family housing estate on the outskirts of Cardiff, a neighbor, concerned that her friend from the neighborhood had missed their appointment, decided to visit her at home. After a long, ineffective knock and call, a woman noticed that the back door was open, so she went inside and found her friend lying in the bedroom on the bed, covered in a pool of blood. Of course, the woman immediately notified the police.The murdered woman was Martha Jones, a slim blonde of medium height, at the age of 25, according to witnesses, she had lived in this district for several months after she graduated with honors and her parents bought her a house as a reward. She worked in downtown Cardiff as a secretary in her father's law office and was generally liked, sometimes only her female colleges, jealous of her beauty, spread rumors about the girl's countless love affairs. At least that's what girl's clos
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Chapter 4 - The 'Mad Dog' Case: Part 2
Of course, the Criminal Investigation Department of the South Wales Police police in Cardiff did it's best to find some kind of starting point. The pressure was especially intense when another victim was found almost a month later, the day before Christmas Eve, on December 23. It was Marie Williams, a 49-year-old woman of medium height, slightly overweight, with chestnut-colored hair. Her body was found in a garbage container placed under the building where her apartment was located, in a narrow passage between buildings. She was wearing a coat, dress, high-heeled shoes, and an expensive purse lied down next to her. Her hands were tied with a thin rope that resembled the one on which to hang laundry. Her wrists were bound so tightly that quite deep wounds were formed on her skin. Otherwise, the injuries were the same as the previous victim's - a slashed face, gouged eyes, bitten off pieces of flesh, and a whole bunch of stabs made with a sharp weapon. As for the rape, yes, there wer
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Chapter 5 - The Amazing Duo
In March 2020, after another lack of breakthroughs in the investigation, the 'Mad Dog' case was transferred to a pair of young detectives from Criminal Investigation Department of the South Wales Police police in Cardiff, Esther Moore and Leopold Evans, who formed the so-called 'Amazing Duo'. Due to their young age and rather short work experience, at least compared to their older colleagues, they did not get the case right away. However, when it turned out that none of the senior detectives was able to move the case forward, the investigation was handed over to them. The Chief had high hopes for Esther and Leo, as he had always been pleased with the results of their work. However, the 'Mad Dog' case was perhaps the most difficult in the time, and he was unsure if they could handle it. But seeing the determination on Esther's face as he spoke to them in his office, the Chief became sure that transferring the case to them was the best idea he currently had.- See? This is our ch
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Chapter 6 - Breakthrough In Investigation
It was September 20, another rather gloomy day, full of work. The evening was slowly approaching and Esther was sitting at her desk looking through the files of the last, so far, victim of 'Mad Dog'. It was a 55-year-old woman, mother of three. Yes, it was revealed that she was cheating on her husband with a man some 20 or so years younger, but that by no means excused the murderer. By what right this man punished women, and in such an inhumane way? He not only raped them, cut their faces, gouged out eyes and bit off pieces of flesh, but also had to stab them with a knife at the end. In many cases, victims died long before the last step, so why the hell did he stab dead bodies? Either he couldn't tell if someone was alive or not, or just didn't care. She sighed heavily, resting elbows on the desk top and hiding face in her hands.- Esther, are you okay?- she heard a familiar voice above her.- Of course not, Leo.- Esther replied sourly, looking up at her partner, who was s
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Chapter 7 - The Arrest
The door was locked and attempts to force it down were also unsuccessful, because the door turned out to be really strong, so one of the policemen had to shoot the lock. They finally entered and headed towards the living room, from where the man's screaming came. Before they got there, however, they heard something like a gust of wind, quite strong one, because it had reached the hall, and they could hear the sound of breaking glass in the windows. And when they finally got to the living room, there were indeed glass everywhere, and the windows were broken. There was a blonde-haired man lying on the floor, and his physique matched the 'Mad Dog' description, but he appeared to be unconscious, so Esther approached him slowly, and Leo followed her like a shadow.- Look for the woman.- he turned to the other policemen, and they immediately scattered around the apartment.When Leo and Esther were next to the unconscious man, she crouched down beside him, still holding the gun i
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Chapter 8: Esther's Diary (Page 06)
The 'Mad Dog' case was undoubtedly the most difficult I have dealt with. He brutally raped all his victims, either directly or through some mechanical devices, slashed their faces, gouged eyes, bitten off pieces of flesh, and at the end stabbed countless times. Therefore, on this day, September 20 2020, when we got this call and finally caught him, I felt a great deal of relief and joy. However, what he was talking about then re-confused my mind. The 'Scarlet Angels'... I heard clearly - that's what he called those 'creatures' he saw before we came. My mind responded automatically to that term, so I had to ask him more about it. After all, so far I have not met anyone who has mentioned this legend, and certainly not that had seen it with his own eyes. Knowing the legend and what these Angels do, one would think that as a detective, often detaining very dangerous criminals, I should constantly hear from them about the 'Scarlet Angels'. And yet, it was only at the detention of 'M
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Chapter 9 - First Interrogation
When Esther and Leo arrived at the police station, they left the police car in the parking lot and led 'Mad Dog' inside. He was immediately taken to a cell, where he was to wait for the first interrogation, which was to take place on the same day. First, Esther and Leo prepared the documents needed for the interrogation, and handed over to the laboratory the items found on the man - a dagger and a rope. Samples of his DNA and an imprint of teeth were also collected, both before and after his metal jaw was removed, after which it was also included in the evidence. Until the results were obtained, which were to check the similarity to the traces found on the bodies of the dead victims, the detained man was to remain in a cell at the police station. As these tests has been classified as urgent, the results should be delivered in two days at the latest, the next day at the earliest. Before the results came out, however, Leo and Esther were to interrogate the suspect, as so far this stat
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