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"Not all stories are perfect. Not all stories have Happy endings......." she was raised hearing this, over and over again. she was trapped inside a world where nothing that happened around her makes sense.....she grew distant and separate. No one knew what was going inside her dark twisted head. What happens next? will she find what she's looking for?......

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Interesting story. waiting for more chapters....
2021-09-27 20:00:11
10 Chapters
Chapter 1
 I can see her. Fumbling around the kitchen, her hair tendrils tucked behind her ears. She is making dinner. I see her so calm and peaceful, she has no idea what's about to happen. I mean she has no idea that it happened.She is cooking ladyfingers. I mean, of course, she is. Last night, she made poached eggs, which everybody knows I hate and the rest seems to like. Just the thought of poached eggs makes me nauseous. She is making  up for that. I love ladyfingers. No one else does, I don't know a single person who likes them as much as I do.  Dua likes them, but she is not the reason my mom makes ladyfingers. I am.My mom quickly glanc
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Chapter 2
"I'm calling your dad, what you are doing with Lisa's laptop?" mom says walking to the living room. I am awakened from my unusual thoughts. "Doesn't she have some boring reading club or something?" Dua says shutting down my laptop.The library is only open on Mondays and Fridays. She knows that. "Dad can give her a ride home, or she can call me you know, she's been so distant lately," mom said, before calling dad.Dua seems a bit scared too, although she tries too hard not to act so. "I'll call Aarish" Dua said. Wait. Why does she have Aarish's number? Why? It's so weird seeing my sister calling my best friend.Mom leaves the living room, just as dad picks up, shoot, the ladyfingers must be burning.I turn my attention back to my sister; first of all she is not fond of Aarish. She doesn’t really like any of my friends actually, Aarish is super nice, I don't know why Dua hates him. She's crazy."Hey Aar
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Chapter 3
Dua left the room; the door made an eerie sound. Even though she made is less audible possible. The sound echoed the house, along with my mother's occasional sniffs. My mother is really pretty, I've heard a lot of people saying that, but I never saw it. She has a straight nose, thick eyelids, and perfect eyebrows (as my father's opinion) she is the kind that has the perfectly proportioned face, and lips with the perfect cupids bow. She could be a model if she was born in this era. It's an ugly truth that nor I or Dua looks anything like my mother. My dad is calling all my friends, it's a mystery how he has their numbers. My mother's face frowns every time my dad hangs up his phone with a sigh. "Lizzy was tensed this morning, I think it's about the calculus test; she's a few classes behind," my mother says as if she remembered something important. Dear mother, if I had a calculus test, I would have st
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Chapter 4
Dear diary, Wise men say: only fools fall in love. I believe they are called wise for a reason. They are called so because they were all once fools, they once thought that love was the centre of the universe, just like the other 7.7 billion people in this sad, floating Earth.Love is pain, torture. No matter how perfect and powerful it may appear, Nature has a balance to everything. Even for love, pain, sin, hatred, is all just on the other side of the equation. I know why people are in love, why they love the process of loving.It's because they get loved back, even if it's delayed. Love gives people false hope, and above all it makes you feel things that you never knew you could feel. It takes you to extends, it comes at the wrong time and sweeps you off your feet. And you will end up falling. Now, since we are falling on the earth and not space, there are consequences. Falling hurts. One moment you are so high up the sk
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Chapter 5
Maya comes a towards me and Aarish, after seeing me panting."Where were you? You always disappear like this, and look at yourself; you are sweating like a pig!" Maya put out."Yeah, you would know all about pigs, wouldn’t you?" I usually don't mind, or care about anything that comes out of her mouth, but today I didn't want to stay silent."Are you calling me a pig?" she scowled. The whole class was looking now. I realised I was in trouble but still I didn't have the energy to care. After, all she did call me a pig first."They are much respected in Korea" I said. “You really are crazy! They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess it’s true then" Maya snickered. The whole class gasped at once. I had a perfect line for a comeback but then: "Wow, now this is drama!" a familiar voice came from the door.Everyone turns their head to that direction.  "Who the hell are you to say that?"
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Chapter 6
There is a crowd of people around our house, to know what happened to me, it’s almost 8 pm.I saw Dua’s eyes filling up, her eyes are shining. My dad is talking to the police. My mother’s face numb, like a statue of stone.Dua calls my dad to our room, butterflies on the wall watching. “Dad, I can’t” she spoke, a million tears releasing from eyes.I saw my dad placing his hands on top of her head.“I really can’t, first Manny, now her too?” her voice cracked. “We are going to find your sister, you have to trust me honey” he slowly patted her head. “Will you be alright by yourself? I have to talk to the police officers” He said. “Mmh” she replied looking up to her dad. Dad kisses the top of her head, heading out the room with his phone in his hand.There are two things you need to know
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Everything is not what it seems
My mom thinks I am the angriest person in the world. I don’t disagree though, it can be true. But where does she think I get it from? Not from my dad, that I know.  If I am the angriest person on earth, she is the angriest creature in the universe. But she is not violent like me; she says mean things like, I can’t believe I gave birth to this grenade, or I am not making you dinner or the classic; I bought you from a flea market for 30 cents.    To which I reply; that she have a bad eye for kids and living in a flea market is better than living here with her.   At least that explains why I am not as pretty as her. I bet she wonders how I come up with such mean things to say.  And the truth is I don’t even have to come up with them, it’s like a reflex action; they happen involuntary. When my mom says; that I won’t know her worth until she disappears, I reply; that I have to wait un
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black and white
Dear Diary,Pretty green eyes or is it grey, he stands out in a crowd even if his eyes are closed. Nobody pairs boots with a uniform and actually manage to pull it off. Nobody has hair this curly, but he does. My eyes, they followed him around like a lost puppy.  I think he’s the kind of boyfriend that shields you when somebody is hurting you. Although it hurts my pride like no other, questions my independent women theme (which has been going around a few years) and my superiority complex. He can be the type of boy who cheers for you in front row, screaming “that’s my girlfriend”What is it about curly heads? What about them captures my attention, head to toe?I feel like my crush on Jack Avery started everything. Fan-girling him to a whole new level, I think that’s where my curly head obsession started. I made posters and wallpapers with his song lyrics. His band is really something.&n
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Red lights
Present day. My dad’s phone rings a quarter past two.We know it’s a bad thing when somebody calls past midnight. It either your aunt from America or somebody is dead.It was the police. Mom wakes up too, half of her still asleep. “Hello?” dad said turning the bedside lamp on.“Mr. Lian, we are so sorry to inform you, that your daughter’s body has been found at the woods near her high school”“Mr. Lian?I think my dad is still waiting for the morning to come so he can wake up from this night mare.“Mr. Lian, we understand it’s a tragic loss for you, but please cooperate with us” the police officer said. “She’s gone?” was all that he could manage to say. “Yes sir, we are still trying to learn the cause, can you come down to the station and confirm it’s your daughter? Dua wa
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Fear: but in a good way
 Fear, it takes down everything. The most powerful weapon ever found.You fear your parents will scold you if you won’t study. You fear your friends secretly hate you. You fear if you don’t starve yourself you are going to get fat. You fear if you don’t post you’re gonna lose your follow count. You fear he’s not gonna love you anymore. You fear god. You fear Death. You fear all things it makes you do.Fear is inevitable.To my surprise he didn’t step back when I took a step forward again. Instead he also took a step at me. The next step is important; it reveals who is more fearless. We both took the step together, three feet in between.Heartbeats in sync.I heard the bell ringing in the background.“I gotta go” I walked away from Ron, without looking back. The way back seemed long. It was long, but it felt longer than before.  What was I thinking? I can&r
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