The Secret Between Us

The Secret Between Us

By:  Ethan Choi  Ongoing
Language: English
5 ratings
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Harvey has never experienced love before so when he was paid to be Jordan’s boyfriend for the weekend, he was up for it. Never would he imagine that he would fall madly in love with his employer.

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Keith Francis Farrell
A very good read. Sadly too many gay people get bullied to be straight.
2022-01-03 07:50:57
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Parwan Kaur
can't wait for more....
2021-12-09 10:42:00
user avatar
Trinity S.
It has been two days. when is the next update? I am on pins
2021-12-05 10:03:19
user avatar
Anita Herondale
When will the next update be?
2021-11-23 20:43:52
user avatar
Julie Woods
where is the book?
2021-09-15 01:42:22
21 Chapters
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Chapter 1
 What is the difference between 'the love of your life' and 'your soulmate'?One is a choice, one is not.  C H A P T E R  1  The young man sat in front of a computer, gaze locked on his monitor. The bright screen showed the colorful homepage of a questionable dating site. It claimed to host millions of profiles of extremely attractive young men, women, etc. All of them looking for romance and financial sponsorship. Nathan stared bleary-eyed at his computer after eight hours of a futile job search. He took a swig from his can of Heineken and wondered at what point in his life did it spiral down so bad that he sat here, jobless at twenty five years of age, looking for a suga
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Chapter 2
C H A P T E R  2  When the beautiful young lady had asked him about his name, Nathan had not suspected anything at all. He had even thought about whether the woman had mistaken him for someone else. She looked very much like a rich young mistress, tall and beautiful with expensive jewelry and designer clothes. She did not seem like she would fit with any of his acquaintances. And the name 'Stephan' simply did not ring a bell. He shook his head.  The woman nodded. "I suppose people do not generally use their real names when signing up for sex work." Nathan froze. Was she calling him a gigolo? He was very offended. Just because he looked cute and handsome didn't mean he was a hooker! He wanted to scold this rude woman so badly! T
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Chapter 3
C H A P T E R 3 It was a cold morning. Looking outside, the snow had started to pile up quite high. Daniel Westminster breathed out cigarette smoke by the french windows. He looked down at his phone again to examine the pic
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Chapter 4
C H A P T E R 4 The short little text was sent last night at 3.32 am.  'Hi' it said.
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Chapter 5
C H A P T E R  5 Nathan's mom was very happy when he told her he had been accepted as a game developer at Dreamsoft. At the very least, she could finally stop nagging him to get a job and turn it into nagging him to do his job well instead. Thankfully, the job was rather relaxed, allowing him to work remotely and at flexible hours. So she did not need to nag him to wake up early every day. Friday night, Sarah called with the cover story she made up for him and Daniel.  "You first met at university, were reacquainted se
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Chapter 6
C H A P T E R  6 Nathan felt as nervous as if he was the one coming out to his mother. Daniel, of course, had come out to his mom years ago, but the problem was that she did not actually believe him. Hence, it was now also Nathan's problem. Daniel's mother looked surprised. But if she was unhappy or skeptical about Nathan, she did not show it or at least, she was very good at mastering her expression. The way she still had that smile permanently plastered on her face reminded Nathan of Daniel.  "What a pleasant surprise," she laughed. She was a beautiful woman, and her smile looked very friendly, but there was something calculating in her gaze. Nathan stood there, stiff a
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Chapter 7
C H A P T E R  7 "Victoria," Daniel replied.  Nathan barely held himself back from gaping at what he said. Didn't Daniel's mother say this woman would not come today? All of a sudden Nathan started to get panicked.  "Nathan, this is Victoria. Victoria, this is Nathan, my boyfriend." Daniel calmly introduced them to each other as though nothing was wrong. "Hi," Nathan smiled nervously. Victoria stared back at him, silent and unmoving. The silence was so awkward and stifling as she eyed him like prey, the eerie smile still painted on her lips. "It must have been some time sinc
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Chapter 8
C H A P T E R  8  N A T H A N  W I L L I A M S  "I am going to pee," Nathan told the girls a few moments after Daniel left. "Where is the restroom?" "There is one down the hall to the left," Sarah told him.  "Thanks," said Nathan then went out of the room and headed towards the restroom. As he passed by another door down the hall, he heard sounds of people arguing. Out of curiosity, he slowed down and paused in his steps. It sounded like a woman and a man h
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Chapter 9
C H A P T E R  9 N A T H A N  W I L L I A M S  As soon as Nathan said that, Sarah burst into laughter while Daniel blinked stupidly. "You look good together though," Charlotte supplied helpfully. Sarah rolled her eyes. "Well, she had only known Nathan for one morning," Daniel said optimistically. "She just said that to make you feel awkward, do not pay any mind to her." Nathan turned to Sarah and Charlotte, pretending to sulk. "Be honest, do you also think that Daniel and I just look like friends?"
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