The Seven Sins

The Seven Sins

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Quinn was invited to the Luther family by her boyfriend Ace for the first time. She was so thrilled and excited. She never thought that she would ever be able to step foot into that legendary family that was rumoured to be the wealthiest and most mysterious in the world. But would never have imagined that she was just entering the Lions' den, a den containing seven deadly brothers. She would be experiencing an Intoxicating and unforgettable encounter making her question her previous excitement of wanting to be in that family, questioning whether this was the price his boyfriend, one of the brothers had to pay for getting her into their family, but it was already too late because even though her mind wants her to make a run for her life, her body refuses to obey, craving for a passion so intense that she never thought was in her blood, and she kept on falling deeper and deeper into the seven brothers grasp, her mind wants only her boyfriend but her body screams for the seven abomination's touch...

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Pamela Martinez
How often will you be updating the book?
2024-05-08 12:37:16
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Pamela Martinez
Mind is blown…. I can’t list to this book with get aroused. 7 Greek Godly Sins… this is a book that’s hard to put down if you’re into the mafia and mind blowing sex. I know it’s just a book, but I can not help thinking what was on this authors mind at that time. It’s worth the read
2024-05-08 12:34:11
user avatar
Interesting title *_*
2024-03-14 04:05:39
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Esther Imoitseme Bello
Can't wait for the continuation of this story. How often will it be updated, or is their going to be a sequel ?
2024-05-11 14:55:38
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Chapter 1: More than ten-inch
Quinn POVHis well-sculptured fingers trailed down my naked body making me shiver from want, I bit my lower lips to suppress the moan that was threatening to escape my mouth. I can feel my senses beginning to lock away. His fingers kept going down till it stopped just a little above my treasure curve. My body shuddered in anticipation. His fingers alone on my body are already driving me crazy. His eye met my half opened once and he smirked and me which got me gulping down. "Have some patience, Mi Amor, we are just getting started" He said and my mouth subconsciously patted from how commanding and deep his voice was even though he was only commenting. My eyes take in the sexy sight of my boyfriend. We have been dating for some time now but I can't seem to get used to his well-sculptured body that was personally made by a god if you ask me. 'Fuck!' every part of that motherfucking body of his screams sex, arousal and masculinity. I have become a jealous-bag ever since I began dating hi
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Chapter 2: Intense pleasure
Quinn POVThe pleasure I was feeling at that moment was so intense, that my body was quivering from want, from needing him. I have gulped down many times trying to gulp away some of the pleasure with it but it was as if it was getting more intense as time passed. Incoherent words and moans were leaving my mouth steadily and I didn't even know how to shift or move my body anymore all this was happening even though he hadn't fully penetrated me yet. I look up and see his eyes lock with my mind and I can't seem to look away, it was like a chain was locking my eyes with him. All his body movements become obvious to me, how sweat runs down his well-defined sculpture of a body. I couldn't look away "Ace..." I moaned, his name has always sounded sweet to every mouth I heard calling him, but there was greed in me, to be the only one to call him that name, I want him to only hear that name from me and me alone. But I know it's not possible because I cannot zip close every mouth that knows his
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Chapter 3: Cunt drilling
Quinn POV"Oh, babe..." Ace moaned both from pleasure and emotion when he saw me crying. He bent down and immediately scooped me up placing me on his waist, his monster still inside me. My legs wrapped around his hard body and he scouted my head closer to his capturing our lips together in an intense kiss, his mouth was savoring my lips whilst he started thrusting into me good. His dick was not for once weakening but I could swear he was getting harder and harder. I felt like my pussy was at its limit of being stretched. Our body was wrapped together whilst he drills my pussy. "You know I love you, Quinn? Don't cry anymore, no matter what just know that I got you, okay?" he consoled but only I knew that what his voice was doing to me was more than consolation.'Should I blame him for being too gorgeous or should I blame myself for being a horny motherfucking girl?' But he immediately got my thoughts messed up again as he started moving in circles inside my pussy. I felt so good that m
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Chapter 4: Puzzled
Quinn POVThe next morning, as I stretched my hands and yawn, I felt something licking my down part, no, not my down part but my... my eyes widened as I woke up to see a gorgeous, tall and we'll defined male licking and tongue fucking my naked pussy. I wanted to ask him how he was able to undress me without me waking up but I immediately remembered that I slept naked. A jolt of pleasure shot throughout my body fully awakening me and I moaned. My arousal was fast kicking in and I felt my squirt starting to coat my entrance and he was licking them all. His long tongue was doing wonders down there and my toes couldn't stop from curling, unfolding, and curling again. I couldn't stop gasping from excited, arousal, and excitement. My body was fast responding to him and I could only cover my face with a pillow.My cunt started warming up from his Intense licking, suckling and fucking. I swallowed many times releasing low but pleasurable moans, my nipples were beginning to stand erect wanting
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Chapter 5: Punishment
Ace POVQuinn has been getting confused and impatient as days passed and I know the fault was from me, I should not have asked her to visit her family with me, not only would I not mind but it would have stopped her from pestering me to visit mine. Why? Because I investigated her family. Not that I would let her know that because she would be angry or rather, sad.Not that I wanted to do the investigation though but after out first, I figured that I was already falling for her and to feel secure and be sure of what I was getting myself into, I have to Know her a lot more, and it was also doing that investigation that I found out that her brother Austin was one of my brother vasal. Actually for him to be able to achieve that it's what puzzles me because the level of his companies has not reached the level of becoming any of us brother vassals, and it's his luck because he would become a lot more wealthy and power more than what he had ever imagined and no other company that's in their
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Chapter 6: Intense urge
Ace POVI watched as her shaking hand slowly reached for the lube, her body was in intense pleasure and she was biting back a moan from leaving her mouth from every little shift and every movement she made. She stuck a finger inside her pussy and gasped from the sensation that comes with it. She wasn't able to wet her fingers much because she was already so wet. I watched her as she added a second finger and then a third. Her beautiful body was shaking, and her eyes even though almost closed were still on me with a pleading look that could make any male succumb to temptation but I held on to the last of my self-control. My cock is throbbing non-stop as tiny sweats which were caused by extreme lust dripped down my body."T...That's enough" I said whilst approaching her "Now push your ass up for me and get ready" I held my dick and squeezed a little and groaned. 'Why would she wanna come to my house? Just why...' I asked inwardly and that thought made my already sore mood increase. I po
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Chapter 7: A slut as a bestie
Ace POV My thrusting got harder and faster whilst scraping past her G-spot every second and other sensitive parts of her belly. I couldn't imagine what she was feeling each moment. The room has been filled with the intense scent of sex to the extent that anyone who comes inside wouldn't help but be hard by just perceiving it. Our bodies were filled with sweat for a long time and it seemed as if we were coming out of the shower but the arousal and sweaty scent coming out from our bodies would not tell anyone otherwise. Her pussy has been oozing out cums after another because they have been packed inside her and because my cock was stopped making her cumming intensely every time I pull out. She's only releasing squirms from her mouth now and the only evidence of how pleasured she is is her quivering body and the jolt that always shot all over her vibrating her body whenever I thrusted in.As I kept fucking her, I felt an intense sensation in my dick that I have never felt before, as I
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Chapter 8: It's your fault
Quinn POV Ayla immediately brought the boxer onto her nose and I suddenly felt jealous because I knew the marvelous sent she would get because to be truthful, that was one of the reasons I didn't remind Ace of the boxer, and now this motherfucking slut has beat me to my boyfriend's... "Oh my God!" Ayla moaned whilst bringing her fingers to tease her nipples through her fancy dress whilst still clutching the boxer. The sight of her drunk face of pleasure with my gorgeous boyfriend's boxer in her hand got me so angry that my face was on the verge of turning red.She has done this before and it hasn't been funny at all. The other time was when she found my boyfriend's cum, she used it to finger herself here in my room, although I was so angry the sight of her cumming from that was an unforgettable sight to see, no wonder all guys can't resist her charms. Sometimes I wonder if I'm that tempting during sex, I'm not bothered when not having sex because I'm confident of my looks but what of
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Chapter 9: Take a taste
Ace's POV"Every opportunity you get you will gist us how wonderful being buried to a girl without her fainting was. You don't even give us a chance to rest. We all understand that you had no ill intention, we know that you were just over-excited, we are also aware that you have some feelings for her too" Archie said. Some feelings they say? 'Some?' A snicker left my mouth "Then why did you guys bent on making things difficult for me?" I asked feeling a pain cursed through me from this predicament that I detested."Because you caused it. We were happily calm and searching but then you came with good news, we saw how happy you were and decided to let you be. Although our relationship with each other can't be said to be good, it's not back either. But when you continued to throw your sex life to our faces and how good it was we started losing our patience. I mean, why would we continue to search when someone is already here? We couldn't exercise patience anymore, Ace and that's why... I
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Chapter 10: Plots
Ace POV "How show are you guys that she would agree?" I asked again still trying to hold onto a ray of hope that somehow something would change and nothing would have end up bringing everything back to normal, I was trying to reassure myself that Quinn would never respond to any of these men's plots, that she would reject them right away but deep inside me, I knew that the possibility of nothing happening is less than the opposite and that was still to reassure myself. A chuckle broke the silence and we all turned to look at Asher. "Keep telling yourself that, Ace. We all know that that's impossible. And as long as she gets turned on, as long as she gets wet she can never resist any of us, so stop trying to give yourself hope so when it happens you won't be too disappointed, but if you prepare now knowing quite well that she won't be able to resist at all, them when it happens you will feel less pain" He added with a smile, his eyes filled with impatience. With pain and helplessness
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