Chapter 11: Silencing the Truth

I slowly open my eyes as I hear the crowds, a noise that's not familiar to my ears. I'm still feeling dizzy and still feel the pain across my whole body. I can still smell the blood stink all over my face. The wound and some scratches I get still a

awfully ache.

I roamed my eyes to see what's going on and saw that I'm lying on the hospital bed with both my hands handcuffed to the steel of the bed. 

"What are they doing? Why am I here?" I mumbled. "Is anybody there?" I violently screamed inside this private room where I am stuck alone. 

I tried to move my body with full force but my energy betrayed me as I end up losing. I look over the wide open glass window where I see the reflection of the sun and everything flashes back to me. 

"Hadrian" I whispered through my wounded wry lips. "Why did you left me?" Tears started to fall down my cheeks which almost wet the whole side of the pillow. 

"Where's Skye?" I frightfully murmured. "I need to save my son. Skye?" I shouted then I hear the door opened and some foot steps coming on to my direction. 

"Evanthe" I stated inside my mind. 

Evanthe is Hadrian's mom who abandoned him and his dad long after she gave birth to Hadrian. She's used in a prosperous living and so she decided to abandoned her family and tried to find someone who can give her the life she badly wanted. 

"Pak!" An aggressive hurtful slap landed on my cheeks as soon as this woman get closer to me. The nurses and doctors tried to stop her coming and so she even threw her bag right to my face causing for some of my wound to bleed again. 

"To hell with you f*cking slut! How can you do this to my son? You're evil!" She screamed so loud that I can even see the veins prevailing on her neck full of pearl and diamond necklace.

"Wow! Big words! As his wife, I feel humiliated that those fake words really came from the mom of the woman who abandoned her family just to selfishly live the life she dreamed." I couldn't help me self but burst into flames. I'm maybe tied to this bed but I can still fight with my mouth wide open. I don't care whether she's my husband's mom, all I know is Hadrian hated her more than the way I see. 

"How dare you!" She aggressively attack me and pulled over my hair but the nurses take her away from me again stopping her from coming.

"Dare me? That word is much more fitted with you woman! Don't ever act like you care about Hadrian or about my son cause you never did. Stop acting like you care, nobody needs a false humility especially if it comes from a kind of woman like you!" I'm starting to shake and my voice is starting to break. I can feel my heart strongly pounding against my chest. This woman is really bringing out the hell out of me. 

"I want you to remember this you slut gold digger. I will make sure that you'll end up dying inside the prison. I will do everything to sent you to hell. My son and grandson deserves justice." 

"Is that the funny drama you'd learned from abandoning your family?" I saw her getting angrier at me like if she's just a kind of dynamite I know she'll blow up in any moment. 

I just can't believe that she had that audacity to came her and attack me along with her chicken drama, that she actually cared about Hadrian and Skye? The hell, if there's someone who should be grieving right now it should be me. Cause I'd loved his son more than him and so as my son. 

"I will see you in court. And I will make sure that law will chase after you!"

"You're wrong, law will protect me!"

"Let's see" She shivery uttered before leaving the room. 

I broke into tears not because of her but because of my husband and son. I wonder where are they, cause the last time I saw them was when he's completely lying on his own blood while my son in being chase by those unidentified criminals.

I couldn't stop my self from thinking especially now that not a single news of information was brought to me. 

"Why are you doing this to me? Please untie me? I need to see my son and my husband please" I begged to these two nurses who's currently working on cleaning my wounds.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we can't follow any order especially from a suspicious person." I was startled the way the other nurse replied to me. So I am suspicious? For what?

"Can't you see me right? I am the victim and my poor husband is their target and now they're chasing after my son." I couldn't get more emotional the way I uttered those hurtful words. Why are they suspecting me for such a heinous crime that I never did? 

I just put up in silent for a minute with my tears still flowing down my cheeks. I feel like tearing blood in any seconds.

After cleaning me up one nurse called someone over the telephone then in a moment 4 policeman came inside and drag me outside. 

"What are you doing? Can someone explain this to me?" I stated in a shaky tone. I'm getting puzzled the way they treat me. One thing that they should be doing right now is chasing those criminals instead of me. 

"Don't look at the criminal!" I heard stated by a blond lady while covering her daughter's eyes. People eyes are all on me, some are silently talking with one another while others throwing shady looks at me. This is actually the first time that people mistreated me like this. 

"Take out that criminal!" I heard people sitting at the lobby screaming the same exact words. 

"So they're thinking that I killed my husband?" words runs inside my head. "So I'm the criminal?" Tears started to fall down my cheeks again. 

This is what happen when justice is only serve for one side, this is what goes around when the truth is silence. In the world that I'm living, something like this didn't even came up to my mind. Cause through all these years living across the different countries I was living fair, I didn't oppress anyone, I never maltreated even a single animals as far as I can remember. But why is this happening to me? Why me? And why of all the billion of people it needs to be my husband? The husband who never raised a single voice on me, who never made me cry. He's a guy who never failed to do his obligation as a husband and dad. 

"Why Hadrian?" I silently murmured sobbing my self in the middle of these crowds. A crowd that was once my supporter, the one who never get tired to talk about my life just to have something to bring to the table. A crowd who once talked good about me and see me as multi-billionaire expensive model who's adored all around the world and now they're seeing me criminal.


After almost an hour driving we finally arrived to the police station, a place I never visited in my entire life. And now I'm here for the very first time carrying the record as a criminal who killed his husband. 

I am silently sitting on this dusty old wooden chair with my wrists handcuffed above the table. I saw people getting arrested, some of them got punched and kicked for their wild behavior. 

This place is the place I don't wanna visit that's why I'm keeping the best attitude I can to be a good citizen of this country, yet I'm still ending up here.

"My daughter!" I heard called by my mom and dad. They're heading inside this private well protected room where I am situated. 

"This is impossible, release my daughter now!" Mom screamed out her lungs punching the chest of the muscular policeman.

Dad keeps her away and hugged him instead. We talked about what really happened that day. Then in just a moment the lawyer they hired came in, that's when I explained everything detail by detail. I tried telling everything I can remember and everything I saw that could possibly serve as evidence in finding the real culprit. 

After almost an hour, the police officer came again and brought me to the prosecutor's office. They asked me lots of questions insisting me to answer at least one of those. I remain silent and didn't bother to answer any questions they threw.

"I have my lawyer sitting just beside me, in case that you didn't see her." I sarcastically retorted. I saw the prosecutor's face getting slightly offended. "Let me tell you this Mr. Prosecutor, as a woman who's accused of killing my own husband, remember that I'm still a human, deserves and has to be judge equally before the law and is entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. So basically you have no right to raise your voice at me, be violent or show aggressiveness unless I am proven guilty." I Lengthily stated trying to make things bolder to him. I saw his eyes gets even fury and instead stand up and head to the window of his office to hide his irritation. He is a professional but his actions wasn't.

After a lengthy discussion of my lawyer with him he finally decided to dismissed us and so the police officer again held me inside the mirrored room alone with my lawyer still sitting outside with my parents. This wasn't the life I wanted and I never dreamed for it. 


It is pass 3 in the afternoon when my cousin, Waen came. My lawyer and my parents left to have their lunch and wasn't able to get back on time so I'm just alone inside this mirrored room lying my body on this steel dusty bed.

I swiftly head to the round window and sat there to talk to my cousin.

"What happen? Do you had some information about me son?" I saw her face sweating drastically with her hands shaking. I know she's nervous and so I am. I can't wait to hear what she would tell. "Tell me? What's going on?" I repeated. 

"I want you to brace yourself as the words that I am about to say would completely shake your soul." I'm starting to get scare the way she warned me. Cause I don't know everything, not even a single matter. All that I can remember is that after that familiar guy kicked me everything turned black and so the next moment I found my self lying on the hospital bed. I am completely unaware and uninformed about what really happened.

"After an intensively investigation and surveyance, they didn't found even a single evidence of your late husband."

"Why? How did that happen? My husband is just inside our mansion drowning over his blood. What are you talking about, Waen tell me everything you know" I couldn't hold my self, I am getting more and more nervous and confuse.

Waen pull her hand inside and held my hands tightly and started to cry. I know that something's bad really happened. I wish I could get away from this place to find my son and to see the situation, but I couldn't.

"Don't you know that your mansion was burned to ashes after a massive explosion that almost feels like earthquake." 

"What?" Adrenaline pumped over my body, I'm starting to sweat off drastically. My eyes widen that I feel its gonna pop out in any seconds. My brain stops functioning for a while and I feel like the world stops moving the moment I hear those words. I even feel like I'm not breathing.

"You don't know about that?" Everything turned into dust that not even a single piece of your Husband was found, that's why everyone is pointing at you for killing your husband and your son." My world suddenly collapsed. I'm getting paranoid, I don't know if I should believe my cousin's word or should I just believe what I know and stick to my belief. 

"That's impossible. Then, if you're telling the truth why am I alive? Why did I survive if that really happened to our mansion? Why?" I stand up and screamed out like crazy. I saw the guards looking at me ferociously but I didn't bother to mind them. 

"Because you're not in the mansion. The police found you prostrated in the middle of woods holding the bomb's control." Now it finally does makes sense. Those guys took me away from the mansion and leave some evidence so that I would pay for the crime they did to my family. 

I clenched my fist so hard and loudly screamed to the sky. My heart breaks, my world fall apart and everything ended in just a single snap. And what hurts me most is that I couldn't give the justice that my husband and son deserves. 

As I kneel down to the floor with my tears dropping off, one thing I promise to my self. "I shall return strong. Whoever kills my husband shall face the cruelty of this aggrieved woman. They can silence the truth, but no matter what they do, it will always prevail." I silently murmured sobbing my self to the wall with my knees on the floor and head pushing against the wall. 

Never underestimate the capability of an abused woman, so get ready for her come back. 

Welch Phyxion

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