Chapter 73: Another Page to Explore

“Hey!” I uttered as we reached our destination which I think is his first time to be here. “Star?” I called him by his name but he’s not responding which made me think that he’s fall asleep.

I tried to stay in that position and instead pull my phone out of my leather jacket’s pocket and opened my camera to see what he is doing at the back. I laughed a bit after seeing him asleep with his mouth open. Too fortunate that he doesn’t fall down cause until now I can still feel the pressure that his arms are holding on to my torso.

I found myself smiling for no reason. Why would I smile by the way? There’s nothing funny going around so I guess I’m just out of my mind and smiling for no reason. I also don’t want to admit to myself that I’m a gay or bisexual or whatever the may call it cause I ain’t. Cause I found pretty girl more attractive but Star is completely different, he is freaking d*mn f*ckably attractive that makes me wanna see those face even when he is asleep. Maybe he i
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