Chapter 68: The Final Revelation

“What do you want to know?” I seriously inquired but it didn’t even move him like he is just waiting for me to say something. I mused for a second, look down my foot waiting for him to answer me.

“Everything...the past that I can’t remember.” I can feel the pain that he’d been holding inside him spouting through his freezing tone begging to hear the truth. 

I am hesitant but I try...try to move my hand and reach for his cold hand. I know it’s a bit awkward for my gender to take the first move but I don’t have a choice, clearly between us I am the only one who knows about our story, our past and our happy memories, I am obliged to make him remember those. 

He stare at me the moment our hands met. His stare almost melt me, I can’t help but charmed by his familiar stare that my eyes had been missing to see all this time. His energy runs through his hands transferring to me that almost freeze me in my s
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