Senior Year

Senior Year

By:  adesuwavic02  Ongoing
Language: English
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Senior Year. Oh the joy of being a senior. Even though they have been seniors for a year and some months, they are still yet to discover that its not that easy. Trying to balance school life with personal life is not as easy as it seems. Especially now that they have been burdened with the school responsibilities and some have begun facing some huge family issues. Dive into the world of a group of struggling teenagers, filled with romance, drama, heartbreak, tragedy and betrayal.

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Maame Aba Donkoh
update please
2023-01-31 04:10:37
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This is a lovely book???. I love it so much. Please update soon ??????
2020-08-20 19:16:52
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This is an potential book, dear adesumavic02, I'm Editor Renee from GoodNovel team, I've sent you an offer for this book, you can check it in your email. Looing forward to see more your creative chapters.
2020-07-23 17:17:58
7 Chapters
Jasmine's POV It was a bright Saturday morning at my wonderful home, with my mom, my sisters and my very block headed brother. "Nadia, Nadia." That's my mom. "I'm coming ma." And that's my elder sister Nadia. "I'm going to the hospital to see your dad, so before I come back do your chores ok?""Ok ma. Greet Daddy for us." "I will dear, bye." My mom said as she left the house. "Uggghh!  House chores again!"  We all hated house chores in our house. It was like torture but music helped to ease it, because Nadia's Bluetooth speaker was already blasting Fireboy's "Vibration". *knock knock*No, scratch that! Nadia doesn't knock. That word doesn't exist in her dictionary.  She says she's only  supposed to knock on my parents and my brother's door because he's a boy, and we've seriously complained to my mom about it. 
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Back to School.
Jasmine's POV  It was a glorious Sunday morning in this house and I was ready to get back to school.....  To see my friends actually. "Morning Jo Jo." I greeted Joan who was already awake. "Morning to you too sister."Then the door flung open to reveal Jordan grinning from ear to ear. Which kind mumu is this one na? (What kind of dumb person is he?) "And good morning to you my lovely sisters." "Can't you knock?" I asked him. "Yes, but I won't. Anyways I came to deliver a very important message from someone.... someone very important to both of you."It better not be from Prince because things will get really awkward in a second. Jordan sat down on my bed. "Jordan please get out." Joan said.  Her mood was kind of changing and I didn't like it. "Yes please." I added. "Why?  You don't w
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Let the drama begin.
Jasmine's POV Its Monday and the first day of school. I hate Mondays. Especially the first Monday of a new term. Seeing annoying faces again. Then there are those that will begin showing off whatever new thing they bought during the holiday, and telling each other about all the rubbish they've been up to. Let me not forget those senior girls who will begin to behave like they're on top of the world and the senior boys showing off their new swag.Breakfast was served then it was time for assembly. Assembly went by pretty quickly, but not without our Principal giving his usual boring back to school speech. After assembly, we marched to our various classes. The worse part of a new term was greeting all the people that you haven't seen for like how many weeks. It was tiring, and the worse part of it all is smiling. Its very stressful. 
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Jasmine's POV The loud voice of our Matron, Mrs Ola woke me up. "Oya everybody up!  Get up, get up!"This woman's voice is as loud as a megaphone. In a school with a population of one thousand students or so she could speak without a P. A system when on the assembly. And of all halls to put her it had to be hall D. The girls and boys hostel had different halls where the boarders stayed. The boys called their own Chamber abi cell. Wo, that was their business. Cell ko, cell ni. They were just trying to be tough. Hall A is for the all Jss1 students and a few Jss2 students. Hall B is for the remaining jss2 and jss3 students. Those devil incarnates. These students are something else. Hall C is mixed up. Only ss2 and 3 students that are not in that hall. Mainly new students stayed in hall c. Hall D is for the ss2 students and majority of the ss1
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Fatal Attractions.
Chibundu's POV Today was too dramatic for me.  I'm so used to drama in this school, even the ones worse than this. But the fact that all this happened first day of school was just too much.   Prince has been quiet and moody throughout today.  The one that really surprised me was Luca.  I never expected him to even do anything due to the fact that he and Jasmine practically hated each other. Or maybe he didn't. I didn't see Luca after school, he just vanished into thin air. The bell was rung for dinner and everyone went to the refectory to eat. I went to Prince's bed and he was lying down. Sleeping maybe. "Prince you no go chop?" (aren't you going to eat?) He didn't reply me, then I tapped him on his shoulder. "Wetin?" (What?) "Are you not eating?""I'm not hungry."I just rolled my eyes at hi
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 Luca's POVI couldn't get my mind off what happened to Jasmine yesterday. It still seriously bothered me.And the last person I want to see right now is Prince.My hatred for that boy is on another level.Knowing that he doesn't really like her, he's just using her as a distraction.I couldn't even really concentrate in class, at a point I took excuse from the teacher and left the class.I went straight to the library, knowing that nobody would be there and the librarian is not around. I can easily talk to the library prefect to let me stay."Tayo, abeg I wan just stay here for sometime. I go leave later." I said to Tayo once I sighted him in the library. He was doing his daily library routine."See your face, wetin do you?" He asked, putting down a carton fi
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I don't do boys.
 Sarah's POV. "Who's wants to see Jasmine?" I announced to the class once it was break time. The whole class echoed in agreement. "Ok so we have to go now because this is the only time we have oh.  So if you're ready let's go." I said and immediately everyone started filing out. "Sarah." I turned my head and saw David Iheanacho. "Yes?"  I answered zipping my school bag. "Seriously, I don't know if I can go." "Why?" "Well.... You know what happened."I sighed and I knew what he was trying to say. "See, it doesn't matter anymore so stop worrying yourself." I told him as we walked out of the class together. "Surely, we won't be close as we were before.""Look David, all these doesn't matter anymore. Its now up to both of you to figure out a way to restore you guys friendship.  She needs you right now
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