The Solitude of an Emperor

The Solitude of an Emperor

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In Darya's first life, she got betrayed by her husband. After losing her first, second, and third life where she had undergone a lot of trauma, she got crazy. What keeps happening is she dies and then she lives another life in another body. This repeated course happened 14th times. So then, on her 15th life to which she came back to her first life, she got a chance to have revenge. So she decided to live a different life where she fights for herself and become a strong woman that cannot be controlled by her feelings. She decided to become the Emperor again as she played all men who ruined her life and twirled their worlds around her fingers.

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This is chef's kiss!
2022-10-26 09:56:03
89 Chapters
Darya, the First Female Emperor
The people’s voices of triumph echoed all over the capital of the Largoth Empire as a new Emperor was crowned to be the next leader of the said Empire. It is because people have succeeded in putting the First Princess as the next Emperor. Moreover, the newly Crowned Emperor was a woman making her the First Female Emperor in the history of the whole world. People have celebrated this event through festivals, parades, haunting competitions and some even made a fairy tale about it!“Long live, her majesty! Long live, her majesty!”As the new Emperor, Darya, was displayed in public while riding the most expensive horse of the Empire, people were recognizing her and were wishing for her goodness in health. Emperor Darya was extremely overwhelmed, feeling happy and at the same time, afraid. She is happy that she was chosen by her grandfather as the next Emperor. It was such a great honour to be recognized as the one who succeeded the throne not because of her lineage but because of her deed
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The Poison that Killed the Love
Through the years Emperor Darya has led the whole Empire, it was peaceful and full of great changes. Farmers were given fair revenue and the market price lowered down. She also demolished some of the systems of crimes. She has also built schools for the commoners and has given them a chance to acquire a higher position. These achievements, thus far, the only reason why the anti-imperial faction loathed Emperor Darya. She is becoming more and more powerful as years pass. They thought that they were a second step ahead after making the son of Duke Garrett marry the Emperor. Although the Emperor married their trump card, they are still not able to grasp their main goal.“Your majesty,” Duke Esteban put down the cup of tea he just sipped from. He then looked at his wife’s beautiful face.“Is there something that is making you uncomfortable?” She smiled.“I will never be uncomfortable around you, your majesty,” he smiled back. “I would like to inform you again about my coming expedition th
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The Unknown Disease
A month had passed since she woke up in a different body. She is thinking deeply to figure out what might have happened to her. She had also thought that the tea she drank might be the reason why she had transmigrated to a new body but considering that the Imperial family is not looking for her, she had simply died as an Emperor and a miracle happened. She found out that five years has already passed since Emperor Darya unfortunately died due to an “unknown disease”. Based on the public, the Emperor died in her sleep without last words which is why her husband, Duke Esteban, was nominated as the next Emperor. Knowing that her husband took another wife just a month after her death, she would not go out the Count’s manor to avoid seeing the sky as it reminds her of Duke Esteban. She just could not bear to look at it because she could only think of what could be the reason why her husband killed her. She could not bear the pain in her heart that she was not able to see her child that wi
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Grand Burial to Celebrate
After a long wait for this time to come, Amara has finally got the chance to go to the Imperial palace after forcing her father to go along with him. All nobles were called to the palace for a meeting and she tagged along to go to the Imperial palace’s library. She does not want to meet Esteban yet and she is not ready to face him. She was left with her personal maid after her father went to the main palace. Feeling cold, she could only look at the palace where she grew up. She could only look at the same palace she built five years ago. Seeing it in this view and in another body, she could convince herself to accept the fact that she is no longer the Emperor and that she cannot serve the people like before.“My lady?” Her personal maid, Silla, noticed her lady staring at the main palace and got worried because she looked really sad. Lately, she can see that her lady is like a lifeless doll that had sorrowful eyes.“Silla,” Amara said, “Tell, does this place look cheerfully colourful
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A Noble Lady
The long silence engulfing Lady Amara and Silla was deafening. They could only hear the blowing of the wind and the dancing of the flowers around them. Silla could not move from where she was standing as if she lost her rationality. She could not believe what she just heard and what she found out. What’s more haunting her is the fact that she got involved in an unexpected death of a person she was serving. She could not accept the fact that she is serving the Crown Prince until now. She could not accept that the current Emperor was…Silla looked at Lady Amara’s eyes. No wonder… No wonder Lady Amara changed. No wonder… she can feel an extreme feeling of loyalty to the lady. It is because… she… she is…Shush! Amara heard a sound from the bushes. She immediately took the knife she hid from her sleeve and threw it to the flowers.“Acckhh!” A man groaned as he went out the bush with a sword on his hand. His right shoulder was bleeding where the knife got pierced.“My lady, it’s an assassin
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As He Held Her in His Arms
After some time of recuperating her feelings, Lady Amara, the late Emperor Darya, finally had the opportunity to go to an Imperial banquet. It was the birthday banquet of the current Empress. Silla did her best to make her stand out and insisted on assisting her during the ball. When the time to leave came, Count Sebastian came to pick her up in her room as they went out the manor together. While in the carriage, the ride was silent at first until Count Sebastian spoke. “Does the Crown Prince treat you well?” Count Sebastian had been curious about this. He can see that her daughter has changed since that incident. He is also worried that something is going on but he has no idea. Amara was silenced as she thought of whether lying or telling the truth to Count Sebastian. She then found herself showing a small smile to not make him too concerned. “We are well and we understand each other, father.” She replied, choosing to stay neutral without telling both the exact truth and a made
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The Painful Truth
Amara was looking gloomy all the time as she watched the nobles dance in twos. She watched the Crown Prince dance with Lady Tanzania. And she watched Esteban happily talk to the Empress. She found herself silently walking out the banquet hall and went to a dark and empty hallway. And without any knowledge where her feet took her to, she found herself looking at portraits of Esteban with Empress Kathika.  That hallway was where all the royals’ portraits were displayed but she never saw her face, her own portrait, as she could only see a lot of Empress Kathika’s portraits. She stopped in front of a portrait of three people. There was Emperor Esteban, Empress Kathika, and Crown Prince Lorenzo, looking happy together, like a real family.
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The Innocent Young Girl
“Wake up, you brat!” A man splashed water on a young girl’s face to wake her up. Startled, the young girl opened her eyes feeling so cold with the water all over her clothes. She was confused. “Go fetch water and put the luggage in the carriage! We are going to leave!” The fat man kicked her legs making her groan in pain. She was about to speak for herself but ended up hearing a crack on her voice like something just pulled her tongue. She covered her mouth only to realize that she could not speak well. She immediately stood up to look for a mirror but she stopped upon seeing the place where she was sleeping a while ago.
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One Last Curse
The young girl was just holding a small pouch where she put the small white ball in. As the carriage started their journey, she was only riding at the back where the luggage and foods were located. Since this morning, she only had an apple and bread but maybe because the body she was in was used to being starved that she does not feel bothered being hungry. It was already dark when they left the Empire. They already crossed the river connecting the two continents and were on their way to the Hapra Forest. However, they did not arrive at the Hapra forest but stopped at the entrance of the forest. Then she was asked to carry some stuff as they decided to rest there. As the errand girl, she was asked to do things here and there. Until then, three carriages arrived coming from another direction. A group of people in commoner clothes came to them as they greeted each other. A mature man with golden hair seemed to be their leader. He was tall and by the way he talked, he
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Just How Many Lives?
When she woke up from the body of an old woman who lives alone in an empty house nowhere in the Empire, she decided to end her life as she knows that she cannot make anything with that body. Again, when she opened her eyes from another body, she got insane upon realizing that she had transmigrated to a beggar’s body. She would tell anyone who passed by that Emperor Darya was killed by her husband. She would announce that the Emperor Lorenzo was a child of Emperor Esteban from his secret mistress who had become the Empress when Emperor Darya was dead. However, no one would believe a lowly beggar as they regarded her as an insane lowly being who curses the Emperor for her own misery. She was also abused because of this until then she was executed for blasphemy. In her next life, she woke up from a three-year old child’s body of a high ranking commoner. Her family was living in the outskirts of the upper lands of a faraway kingdom where they study alchemy, illegally. Feeling
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