The Street Fighter Meets The Gang Leader

The Street Fighter Meets The Gang Leader

By:  SiddiquiY  Completed
Language: English
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Dominic is a girl with a secret identity. A street fighter, known for being a demon in the ring. She's living her life when she meets Nickolas and his gang. They're ruthless and cold but they have an objective, to get The Mysterious Demon. So, what happens when she says no?

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꧁Elle Frost꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I really enjoyed this book. I love the characters and different plot from what I’m use too. Though I was a little disappointed with the ending to be honest as it seemed like it could have ended a bit earlier without the extended finally few chapters of drama but it’s the authors creative choice.
2023-08-11 07:46:41
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good story. ......
2022-10-28 21:49:20
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Im not sure how I came across this book but OMG I absolutely loved it. Nicely written and is one of my new favourites. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
2021-08-21 18:27:26
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Lorenza Rocamontes
one of my favorite books!!!
2021-07-17 06:18:18
user avatar
Loved it. Tons of excitement, twists and turns.
2021-06-17 11:46:49
user avatar
Strong female role! Who could hate that?
2021-06-15 02:03:55
default avatar
Great story! Well written - appreciated the different POVs. I wish there would have been just a little more at the end or maybe even a sequel? That would be awesome author! Otherwise, good job 😊
2021-06-02 03:23:51
user avatar
I love this story
2020-11-30 21:43:15
user avatar
spent too much time recounting what was said in the previous chapter from another's pov!!! the ending was disappointing
2022-01-24 04:38:38
default avatar
Pamela Zahakos
Rip off!!! Half the post were the same except told in someone else’s point of view. And wtf is the 27 coins for 1 chapter?? Are you i sane?? So NOT worth it
2021-03-18 14:33:57
68 Chapters
First Encounter With Him
-Dominic's POV-I step into a quiet corridor.Most of my days start like this one and it's not quiet because I'm alone, nor is it quiet because I instruct it to be. Instead, it's quiet because of the crowds of people who are here all stop and stare. I'm not popular here but you could say that I seem to stick out like a sore thumb despite how dark and plain my clothing is. Maybe it's because I don't fit anywhere else that everyone seems to notice.But if I were honest, I couldn't care less.
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First Encounter With Her
-Nickolas' POV-The lads and I walked through the school gates half of us excited and the other half, myself included, with nothing but boredom. Even the trophy cases sat on display disinterested me. The only reason we were here was that it wasn't safe in England any more or else I would have happily stayed there.Blake walked up to us and handed us our timetables which all differed to my misfortune. Yet at least we had our first lesson together which happened to be science, one of my better subjects.Before we entered the classroom Zack said something about calling dibs on the seat next to the hottest girl and we all chuckled as I pushed open the door. I walked in, looking around to see that the room was old and r
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A Painful Time Later
-Dominic's POV (3 months later)-It's been three months since Nickolas and the rest of the guys have joined the school and I can honestly say it's not the most pleasant of changes.Fortunately, the attention that I had been getting before had lessened and instead the school was separated into teams of supporters either for or against me or the guys. They hated me for whatever reason and in turn, I hate them back and that had turned the school into a war zone. They had the upper hand considering there were five of them and one of me but that didn't matter because I was physically stronger than most of them even if they didn't know it. They didn't need to know anything, and I was keeping it that way."Oi demonic hold-up!" Called out a fam
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A Dreadfully Long Time Later
-Nickolas' POV (that day)-As the bell rang signalling the end of class, my hand tightened around my phone in anger as I read some news that someone I knew had sent me. A gang in Texas picked a fight with a part of my own. Something that I was going to make them regret but I couldn't just sit here and be angry. I was going to let it out on someone and I knew exactly who. Dominic.It's been three months since I joined this pathetic school and I came to find out that demonic's real name is Dominic. She was given her nickname because she's known for her violent behaviour when she first got to school. Due to this she also didn't have any friends. She was a year older than everyone else in our year, making us the same ag
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The Skulls and Bones?
-Dominic's POV-"The Skulls and Bones? I thought you said they weren't a big deal?" I asked as Xavier shut off his phone which had been playing the news of a drug deal scheme being found out by the police in Texas. The gangs involved couldn't be identified but the situation was huge.  "They aren't to us, but the country? Maybe." I raised my eyebr
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The Mysterious Demon?
-Nickolas' POV-"Wait, I'm still confused, Nick. She's the most well-known female street fighter, and the second strongest street fighter in general and yet no one knows anything about her?" Jake asks, and I sigh in response, understanding his confusion and unhappy with the situation as well."That and the fact that she's one of the only females in the face-offs. She's around our age but we can't be too sure, plus her partner is the strongest street fighter in the world." I replied, reading over the information that Jason had gathered not too long ago."So the 'Mysterious' part in her name isn't just for show?" I shrugged back as we walked towards the others. I instructed earlier that they all started tra
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Let's Do This
-Dominic's POV-"You order any pizza?" Xavier asks as I put my contact lenses in. "No," I reply simply but I was curious as to who it could be. Usually, Xavier doesn't get me involved with the people unlucky enough to be found at our door. So, there must be a reason he had this time."Want me to beat him up or are you gonna do that in the competition? He seems like a good warm-up." He pushes and that was my sign to get up and take a look. I made it to Xavier's side to see the guy he was talking about. It took everything in me to stop myself from laughing. It was Nickolas."I'll handle this one" I inform Xavier and he sighs with fake sadness,
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I Hate This
-Nickolas' POV-"What do you want?"Her question went right above my head for a moment. Instead, I was more focussed on just her presence. You could feel her strength and it was amazing.However, I shook myself out of my daze and stood firm despite the number of people who were watching me. They didn't like me, I could sense it. No one thought I belonged here and they weren't completely wrong either. I'm a gang leader, I don't belong in a place this disgusting. The smell of blood and alcohol consumed my nose, it didn't match the image of the fighter in front of me though either. She stood with pride, honour, and strangely, beauty. Like a rose full of thorns."You're joining my gang," I command.
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Fighting Him
-Dominic's POV-I ran up to Nickolas, acting like I was going to punch him but instead swiftly turned and slid my foot under him, making him fall the second time this evening.His back must have been in pain from the falls he's been getting from me recently, but I didn't care. I don't believe in mercy in the ring.I jumped down and elbowed his stomach earning a groan. That's what he got for punching me in the stomach so. many. fucking. times. I thought with a grin but was suddenly pushed around so he was on top of me, he punched my face a couple of time, allowing me to get a sense of his strength. He wasn't weak that was for sure, but I had harder against Xavier.Before he could punch me with h
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Fighting Her
-Nickolas' POV-I woke up and was quick to realize that I had lost to The Mysterious Demon. I curled my bandaged fists and punched the wall next to me in anger. I failed.Soon I also came to find out that my gang had slowly lost to other street fighters too, Jake being the last. The only fight I was able to watch properly, and the most interesting one, was between The Mysterious Demon and The Champ.It was the longest fight I heard. It was painful to watch too. My anger was replaced with amazement as I watched them, but the anger was not forgotten. When they finally ended the fight in a draw, I took my gang out and we got in place for our attack.A lot of them were injured which I had to be war
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