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I was arranged to marry the most powerful and ruthless billionaire 'Giovanni Reeves. I should have expected that my life would be a rollercoaster and filled with drama. People call me Royalty Dewitt, the only daughter of the famous Patrick Dewitt. I had just recently graduated from college and wanted to make a name for myself but my life was turned upside down when I agreed to marry Giovanni Reeves who I find cocky and arrogant. The fact that we are polar opposite and that he irritates me most of the time made us the most messed up newly Weds. What I thought was the beginning of our story was just a lie, after all our story started a long time ago. I have always been His Deepest Desire.

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I couldn't be happier that it was my last day of college. Without a doubt, I have liked my time here, but I am prepared to move on to another aspect of my life. I'm currently getting ready in my apartment room to go to a brand-new club that just opened with my best friend and roommate, Victoria. Currently, we are attempting to choose an outfit for me.“ What do you think of this one, Roy?” Vicky emerged from the wardrobe carrying a stunning black short jumpsuit.“ Vicky!” I remarked, gazing at it doubtfully, "I don't know, it's awfully short and definitely not my style."“ Roy, you need to tone it down a bit. You need to go out and meet guys now that you're 21, and you can't do that if you're dressed like a nun.” she remarked, “ It will also fit you wonderfully. Just give it a try first, please.”"Ugh... fine," I took the clothes from her as I walked into the bathroom. Though we have been friends since diaper days, I'm still not comfortable standing naked in front of her. I must say t
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I woke up exhausted after Vicky came back with the guy, Derek, who I later found out was his name. The last thing I remember was both of them trying to change my mind that I should loosen up a bit, and we ended up having a drinking challenge of some sort. I stretched my hands to the sound of my phone with my eyes half closed as I picked up the call, not bothering to check who it was."Hello.""Hey, sweetie, How are you? ""I'm fine, mum, and good morning,” I heard the sound of chuckling as I wondered what was fun."It's 2:30 in the afternoon, sweetie," I turned to the side of my bed as I looked at the wall clock to see that it was really two in the afternoon."Went out last night with Vicky. I'm really exhausted. " My mom and I are really close, so I tell her everything from my first crush down to my first kiss."I see Victoria is still the same," she laughed."Could you please come by later this evening? Your father and I have something to tell you. ""Of course, no problem.""All ri
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I couldn't hear anything else while I tried to comprehend what I had just heard.Did she just say I'm getting harried or was it parried, I could have sworn it sounded just like married. I looked up to see the three of them staring at me."Ahhaaaaaa." I laughed so hard to the point of tears. I mean, I always knew my mum was a prankster and I was her favourite victim. That's what I loved more about her, and I must say this tops it all."Seriously, mum, wow," I wiped my eyes, "nice one, you almost got me there for a second," I smiled."It's not a joke, sweetie. You are getting married." I looked at three of them, confused. My head started to buzz. I tried to make a connection between the words coming out of her mouth and what they meant." You're joking right." When I spoke again, the smile was wiped off my face. I noticed the look on their faces. I couldn't help but wonder. It made no sense. Me? Getting married? To whom? Why? I just recently turned 21 and just graduated from college. I'
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When I was finally ready, Vicki picked out a red dress with lace around the neck area. My dress hugged my body from every part and had a slit from my knees downward. My hair was put in a low bun while allowing some strands to fall on my face. My red hair looked darker than ever. After the hair and makeup, which was nicely done, a smoky eye with a red lipstick made me daring and ready to go." You definitely look hot. Too bad I don't swing the other way, but damn girl..." Vicki said, smiling at me, " I'm so sure you're going to blow his mind away."“Thanks to you.” I said, smiling. “ Though I doubt I'll be blowing anyone's mind out.”" I'm definitely sure you would. You still haven't told me the name of the guy yet," she said, shoving me little. " like seriously, you had a whole week to tell me about the marriage but decide to tell last night” She sighed dramatically.“ I know, I'm sorry. I just needed a moment to wrap my head around it and get used to the idea of getting married to a
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After getting home, I went straight up to my room, ignoring anyone's attempt to talk to me, taking off my damn dress (I was angry, so I couldn’t careless about a dress ) and got into an oversize t-shirt and shorts, which I love more.I finally plopped into my bed, remembering everything that had just happened a few hours ago and the fact that I would be getting married three weeks from now.Ugh!Great!just great.There won't be any engagement party according to Adeline due to the fact that my so-called husband is too busy to even have the time, so I was given an engagement ring, which was also a family heirloom passed down from generations. It is huge and very breath-taking and definitely causes millions.My phone rang, snapping me out of my thoughts, not bothering to check who was calling."What?" I said, and immediately pitied the person at the receiving end."Whoa whoa, what got your pants in a twist?" my best friend replied, lifting my spirits.“ I'm sorry Vicki, I'm just not in
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I was awoken by the bright ray of sunshine on my face, and I groaned loudly when I realized I didn't put the curtains down before going to bed.Now that I was awake, I couldn't help but think how my life was over since it was my wedding day. I decided to freshen up and wait for the makeup artist and those involved in getting me ready.The makeup artist had done an amazing job on my face, and even my gown couldn't look more beautiful and stunning, but I couldn't bring myself to be happy, even a tiniest bit.After getting ready, I was left alone in the room.The wedding was taking place at the Reeves family Church and the reception was at the Hill's Hotel, which happens to be one of the biggest hotels, and I didn't expect less since they were all against my idea of having a quiet wedding.My mum and Adeline wanted the best of the best for me.I was interrupted by a soft knock on the door." Hey munchkin," my brother said, walking into the room with a smile that I was sure made girls mel
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It was finally time for me to go in as the song, "Can't Help Falling in Love with You," was played. I locked my hands with my father before we marched down the aisle with my face down.Unknowingly, I clenched tighter into my dad's arm and only when I felt his warm hand on mine did I look at his side and realize what happened.After whispering " I love you" and hugging me once more, I was handed over to my husband.I had been avoiding any form of contact with him, but when I finally looked at him, I did a double take. I was beyond stunned. Victoria's description did him no justice. He had the most intense blue eyes that I had ever seen and a firm jawline. His chest gave a new definition to broad and his suit fitted him perfectly in every area, and for a moment I wondered how he looked without a shirt.He was beautiful.I know it sounds weird when you call a man beautiful, but I was at a loss for words to describe him.I gave him a small smile, but instead I was met with his emotionles
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It was silence on the trip from the hotel to his place. I continue to stare out the window, trying to take in the vista of New York City on this beautiful, sunny day.Giovanni breaks the silence near the halfway point of the trip by saying, "You'll meet my son later."I look his way as a result of that.“He had intended to go to the wedding but was prevented from doing so by a school trip.” He claimsI grimaced. Son? That surprises me. I was unaware that Giovanni had one. From what Vicki told me about Giovanni, I recall that neither she nor my parents or his mother mentioned having a son. That is very unusual to me.“ I requested that your parents and my mother not tell you.” He added, as if he knew what was going through my head, "I wanted to be one to tell you.”Why didn't they inform me about something this crucial? Instead, I started by asking, "Is he back now?"Giovanni nods. “ Yes, and he is extremely pleased to meet you”.Due to the fact that I will be residing with them, I made
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I was shown to a large room with a magnificent view of the garden by Giovanni. It appeared stronger and more like Giovanni's. Still following him, I said, "Excuse me," as I entered the room further.Giovanni showed me to a large room with a magnificent vista of the garden but the more I looked round the room the more it appeared be muscular and more of Giovanni's taste."hmm, Excuse me," I said as we walked further into the room. my eyes widened when I saw my beauty essentials already placed on the desk. “ Why are my things here, you ask?” I asked Incredulously.Giovanni turned to look at me with a sly smirk on his face. He tilt his head as his smirk stretched. “ What....” I could see the amusement in his face and could tell he takes pleasure in seeing me become irritable. “ Yesterday was an exception, "I see no reason why we shouldn't share a room since we are husband and wife."“ Well bravo to you, you know how to crack a joke. I don’t see us that way and I don’t plan on staying in
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Although irritated, I still followed her. I still wasn't prepared to deal with that haughty, domineering man, but I was terribly hungry and I needed food like now. When we arrived at the dining room, Giovanni was already there with Alexander. When he notices me, the boy's face cheers up and a broad smile begins to form on his lips and my mood is somehow lifted by the sight. I gave Alexander a gentle smile and sat down next to him with Giovanni sitting across from me who appeared upset about our brief argument earlier today.Suddenly, i feel a resurgence of my anger. What precisely did he anticipate? Despite the fact that we are married, I cannot just share the same room as him. It's best to ignore him. I think to myself, letting out a sigh.Our dinner, fried pasta with chicken, was served by a maid and i was unable to help but drool at the sight of the meal because it was so delectable, which may also serve as a diversion from Giovanni.We three sat down to dine in silence until Giova
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