The Substitute Bride Triplets And The Impotent Billionaire

The Substitute Bride Triplets And The Impotent Billionaire

By:  Oma  Completed
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Stabbed in the back by the people she called her family, Tinsley William's life ended up in shreds. Her sister called her names and tainted her reputation. She was all over the news as a husband snatcher and desperate jealous bitch which resulted in her having a one night stand with a well known Billionaire at the club she went to drink out her sorrows before leaving the country. Fast forward seven years later, now a successful anonymous Millionaire author and a mother of three, Tinsley regained her fame and decided to move back to the place she called home. Little did she know that her sudden appearance would stir up a crisis in the life of her family and everyone around her, including the Triplets father, but her three little genius kids were one step ahead of her.

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Ifeoma Isabella Omaisabella will you be writing a sequel to this. It would be kind of great to have a story on the kids all grown up. Maybe with Jason and Mason being the principal characters.
2023-12-14 14:04:03
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Very interesting and captivating story
2023-11-07 04:46:14
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ntongo madrix
2023-10-28 20:12:10
default avatar
Amarachi Okeke
This is so beautiful. Couldn't drop it. Keep it up author.
2023-10-12 17:30:05
user avatar
Yeoh Chee Pui
So far so good.
2023-08-31 19:48:33
default avatar
lani dela cruz Ramsey
Wow this novel hook me up waiting for the update
2023-08-16 12:02:40
166 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Wedding
Chapter 1 The WeddingThe Substitute Bride Triplets And The Impotent BillionaireWritten ByOkeke-Eze Ifeoma IsabellaThe WeddingChapter 1Tick Tock Tick Tock.The sound of a clock was the only thing heard in a white dressing room.Tinsley looked into the mirror motionlessly and a beautiful young lady in an expensive white wedding dress stared back at her.The young lady's lips were quivering and tears began to pool in her eyes but not wanting to ruin her wedding make-up, Tinsley picked up a handkerchief and used it to clean the trace gently and quickly.A pathetic smile hung on Tinsley's lips and so she reached out her hand but before she could touch the mirror…"It's time for the bride to appear, Lillee are you done?" Someone asked which made Tinsley quickly dump the veil on her head and fixed it back.The door was suddenly unlocked from outside which made Tinsley raise her head.Her mom, Mrs. William's figure appeared to her through the mirror which made Tinsley's eyes reddened mo
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Chapter 2: Lies And Betrayals
Chapter 2 Lies And BetrayalsConrad took menacing steps toward her with a disgusted expression, "I know you have always admired me but never know you'll stoop to this level." Conrad said harshly which made her shake her head.She never wanted this, she never wanted to be his bride."Did you harm Lillee for your shameful actions?""No. I didn't. Lillee she…" How could she? She couldn't even breath at Lillee's vicinity talkless of touching her.The silence that ensues was broken by the sound of a ringing tone.A smile adorned Mrs. William's lips as she picked up the phone and placed it on speaker."Mom, my manager invited me to the company because she had something to say to me early in the morning. And on my way back, my car experienced a breakdown. I called Tinsley to inform you to send a car to pick me up, did she?" Lillee's voice that was filled with grievances filled everyone's ear.Tinsley gasped in shock, disbelief and fear. "You…. That's a lie…"But before she could finish her w
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Chapter 3: Hurting
Chapter 3 Hurting"You're so naive, dear sister. Do you think mom and dad don't know about my decision? You're so fuckin dumb to fall into the trap. I want my fame and Conrad. I want to appear on my wedding day, you fool." Lillee's voice replay in Tinsley's ears as she downed an alcoholic liquor."I'm so naive." Tinsley's lips quivered and she almost broke down. It only took one second"One second to get my life ruined by the so-called people I called family." Tinsley thought as she finished another liquor."It only took me a second to get my life ruined." Tinsley thought as she poured herself another cup and her memories flashed to the past.The William family had always planned to have one child as Tinsley was told but when another pregnancy came out unplanned, everything was thrown into jeopardy. Mrs. William tried to abort the child but the child turned out stronger and so they gave birth to her successfully.Unfortunately, Tinsley who had always been hated before she was given bi
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Chapter 4: A One Night Stand
Chapter 4 A One Night Stand'Aren't you a vixen who likes to throw yourself on man, why don't you throw yourself on me?'Jarek frowned at that word because whenever a voice paired with a word like this was heard, Jarek knew the sayers are mostly up to no good.He slowly made his way down the stairs and then he was able to get a proper view of the scene.A middle aged man was bullying none other but the good-for-nothing daughter of the William's family.The man raised his hand to slap the girl while onlookers cheered at him but before the slap could fall on the Tinsley's cheeks, Jarek found himself walking to her rescue."Do you just want to slap a young lady in my club?" Jarek asked with a cold expression.The middle aged man's evil expression immediately changed into fear upon seeing the famous Billionaire Jarek and he began to shake in fear."Apologize." Jarek demanded in a cold voice.The middle aged man immediately apologized with a fearful expression while sweating profusely. All
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Chapter 5: A New Identity
Chapter 5 A New IdentitySeven Years Later…"Jason, Mason, Ariel. Be quick. We are late for the flight." Tinsley called as she walked down the stairs. She was dressed in a white shirt and black mini skirt coupled with a jacket.Compared to the naive youngster she was seven years ago, Tinsley was now a mature beauty with an outstanding figure.She had a beautiful seductive face that was the size of a palm, she had clear black eyes, coupled with a cute nose. Her dyed-blond hair fell to her back."Mom, you're so beautiful." Jason, the first of her Triplet's, praised her with a handsome smile. He was dressed in black suit and he was the miniature of Jarek, his father."You're such a lovely, and capable youngster." Tinsley praised him and pecked his cheeks which made him furrow his adorable face due to annoyance.Jason pouted his lips in disagreement, "Mom, stop kissing me. I'm an adult." He said with a serious expression that made Tinsley laugh."Mom. Kiss Kiss." Before she could say a wo
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Chapter 6: Surprising Rory
Chapter 6 Surprising Rory'Enemies crossing on a narrow road.' But Tinsley never expected that she'd be meeting with the William and Norton family this soon. So this saying was right."Mom?" Mason called when he saw his mother still staring at the crowd, refusing to enter the car even though she had opened it.Tinsley regained her sanity with that call, "I'm sorry, baby." Tinsley immediately replied and quickly sat in the car but not before sweeping Conrad and Lillee a quick gaze.Conrad and Lillee were busy replying to fans with a smile so none of them had paid attention to Tinsley which was quite nice.Tinsley will be busy for a while considering that she has many things to do in Ryle's country so gaining attention from the William and Norton family isn't on her agenda yet but the time to settle them isn't far too.Tinsley clenched her fist but snapped out of the loathful feeling that was battling with her when she remembered that she was in front of the children. She quickly closed
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Chapter 7: J Empire
Chapter 7 J EmpireAt the top floor of J Empire, one of the top and best companies in Ryle, Jarek sat in an expensive advanced chair that was set to be released two years from now.Jarek had a cold expression, but a faint swirl of emotion played in his eyes as he read the novel in his hand.A knock on the door made him take his glance away from the novel. "Come in," Jarek said and in a few seconds, Assistant Jacob entered the office with a document in his hand."President, according to our source. White Tigress is in Ryle Country." Assistant Jacob said immediately he entered. He dropped the documents on the table neatly."She came into the country with the White Tigress identity, which was the reason why it was yet to be broadcast." Assistant Jacob said and swept a glance at the book in Jarek's hand, and he discovered that it was White Tigress's new book 'Taming her,' Jarek wasn't a lover of fiction but all White Tigress books had been read by him which had pushed him to do so. Assist
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Chapter 8: Please
Chapter 8 Please"Ah. I'm just curious about my brother's company, that's all." Rylee replied shamelessly even though she was caught by Assistant Jacob."Okay, I'm leaving." Assistant Jacob declared and immediately left the office and continued to make his way toward the conference room.Jarek had a frown on his face when Assistant Jacob entered the conference room. "You're late," Jarek stated in a cold voice."I'm sorry, president. I met Young Miss Rylee on the way. I had to settle her in the guest office before returning here." He replied, which made Jarek nod.Assistant Jacob quickly handed the documents he had just picked from the secretary's table to Jarek and sat on his seat."Let the meeting begin," Jarek said and soon everything turned silent and Assistant Jacob stood up.---"Brother. Brother. Brother." Rylee paced the room anxiously. "Brother, if I missed this opportunity, I'll be so angry with you." Rylee pouted and jumped on the chair.Even though she knew that there was n
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Chapter 9: Scared
Chapter 9 Scared"Despite how I tried to be low-key, it still got into everyone's ears that White Tigress is back. Thankfully, I did put on my Tigress mask or else..." Tinsley left the words hanging as she doesn't want people to recognize her yet and with a happy sigh she scrolled through the social media page.She began to like celebrities' posts who wished her a hearty welcome with a smile.Tinsley's smile soon wiped off as she stopped on a certain post; Lillee William of all people had also welcomed White Tigress on social media.Rory walked over when she saw Tinsley looking absentminded at her phone, "Did you see that bi…." Rory immediately covered her lips when she realized that she almost said 'bitch' in front of the triplet. "Oops, I almost let it out in front of the kids," Rory said while smacking her own head.Tinsley snapped out of her absentmindedness. "It's hilarious that she never changed all these years. Look at that fake gentle act. I wonder how much shock she'd accumul
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Chapter 10: Lillee's Strategy
Chapter 10 Lillee's StrategyTinsley liked every one of those who welcomed her to Ryle Country's post not caring whether they were celebrities or not except for Conrad and Lillee which caused a lot of discussion.If it was only Lillee or Conrad then they would have believed that she didn't see it, but it had happened with the golden couples, which means there's something the masses are yet to know and they started battering amongst themselves:'I love White Tigress: Is this a massive drama? White Tigress loved all of my favorite celebrity posts, regardless of their status except the golden couple, Conrad and Lillee Norton.''White Tigress Is My Wife: Perhaps, it's not among my Wife's feed yet?''White Tigress is the mother of my child: Hey, what nonsense are you speaking? White Tigress is the mother of my child and wife, where did you come from? Get lost!''I woke up with White Tigress: huh, you must be joking? Do you know who I'm currently holding, right now? Both of you should get l
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