The Substitute's pain

The Substitute's pain

By:  Fortune Reuben  Ongoing
Language: English
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Jane’s life took a different turn when she was made to marry a billionaire heir in place of her younger sister, Mia Brookes, who apparently is the family’s favorite. Jane, being an adopted child of the Brookes family, kept wondering why her adoptive parents would pass on an opportunity like this and ask her to marry into the family instead of their own biological child, Mia. “You didn’t want your precious child to get married to a cripple, which is why you shipped me off, right?” Jane said to her mum amidst tears on the evening of the wedding. “You think I would let my only daughter get married to a cripple? There is no way in hell I’m going to let that happen. We need Miller's family if we are going to thrive in this new business, and you seem like the perfect match for the family. Jane, we have served you through all these years since you were abandoned by your biological mother. Now is the time. We need your help. Just marry this boy and let’s get this over with” Mrs. Brookes said unremorseful. She threatened to leave the marriage the next day, but being one of the most prestigious and powerful families in the country, the Millers made that impossible for her. Also, her mother-in-law proposes a contract that includes giving birth to an heir through an IVF procedure, thereby giving her son the reason to live and someone to inherit his father’s empire while she gets whatever she decides. Will she accept this proposal? Will this plan work between Jane and her mother-in-law without Justin himself finding out? Let’s find out in this captivating and intriguing story…………

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3 Chapters
Married to the Cripple
“Where the hell does she think she is running off to?!” Mia Brookes, who was seated next to her father, said in a low voice. Jane dashed past them after being told that the man she was getting married to had lost both his legs in an accident. Despite not wanting to marry him, her parents forced her to. “Don't worry dear, whether she likes it or not, she is getting married to that cripple this evening?” Mr Brooks assured his daughter before returning his attention to the paperwork in his hands. “Don't just stand there!!! Catch her!!!”, Mrs Brooks's voice echoed loudly in the room as the guards quickly ran after Jane. They get hold of her and Jane's legs give out as she falls to the floor and sobs hard. Her pretty white-skinned face was beautifully made up for the wedding and was now looking like a runaway bride's face. “Get up!!”, Mrs Brooks said with no emotions and her voice as cold as the first blast of winter air. “How dare you?!” “Your father and I have given you everyt
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No need for a wife
Justin snapped. “Huh! I was just trying…” “Do I look like I can't do it myself”, Justin cuts Jane off before wheeling away in anger and not even waiting for his bride. Jane could only look at the chauffeur with her mouth slightly open. “Sorry young madam, Young Sir Miller hates being pushed by anyone. He feels you are trying to make fun of him by doing so. Aside from his cold aura, Young Sir is a very nice and considerate person,” the chauffeur explained to Jane before dragging her little box to the huge double door. On getting to the door, the butler opens the door for Jane before collecting her luggage from the chauffeur. “Welcome Young Madam Miller to your new home. My name is Boston and I will be attending to all your needs from now on”, the butler said with a broad smile on his face. Jane reciprocated the kind gesture before asking him where she was going to be sleeping as she was very tired. “Follow my lead madam,” the butler said in a very polite tone. Jane could only
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Freedom in exchange for an heir
The maids stopped their work immediately and looked at Jane with their eyes widened. They were all taken aback by her outburst. It felt as though time stopped for a moment. Justin broke his gaze from his food and looked at June with burning fury in his eyes. Everyone who witnessed the scene could swear she was asking for a death sentence as no one ever dared to talk back at their master, not even Madam Miller. “What?!,” Jane asked Justin with her brows raised as she wondered why he was staring at her in such a way. “Just one night and you have already grown wings”, Justin said in a cold tone. Jane let out a throaty chuckle as she took her spoon to meet Justin’s gaze, who already had one eyebrow up. “If you think you can oppress me by being cold and ordering me around, then think twice because I can not be oppressed” Jane said in a prideful voice before standing up as Justin continued to give her death stares. “If that is all, can we take our leave now?” Jane asked politely. The
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