A Blessing In Disguise

A Blessing In Disguise

By:  Lulu greg  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Trouble... Trouble is my middle name “gabby smiled “now keeping me out of trouble is your problem husband “she said cheekily and winked at sin”Now kiss me like you mean it” What would you do if you found out that your life is filled with lies , secret, and deceit.around every bend someone is trying to use you to suit their needs . There is no one you can trust because everyone around you has their own hidden agendas and your only a mere pawn in their sick and twisted games. When Gabriella Santiago ‘s world comes crashing down around her . She is fired for being is the only person in the town. To be brace enough to go after the True identity of the notorious cities crime boss. The crime boss known on the streets as “The Surgeon.” she gets over her head in her quest to find out the only thing that matters in her life “ the truth”. Gabriella finds out this is not just some Her ordinary story it becomes personal. when the surgeon tries at anything to silence Gabriella at any costs.When Everyone close to Gabriella is a suspect. She doesn't know who to trust or believe. Will she find out who the surgeon true identity is or will she become one of his/ hers next victim. You have to read to find out what happens.

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37 Chapters
Chapter : one Gabby’s Nightmare comes true
“Would this horrible day ever end!” I screamed  “That spineless bastard,John Jacob Jameson,my ex boss.The chief editor of The Daily Word the biggest newspaper in the city  J.J Jameson let His assistant  Gabriel run the office,that slimy toad, Has the nerve to fire me! J.J jameson’s best reporter on staff and I am the only reporter who would go to any length to get the scoop. I actually been under cover for the past few grueling months .I tried exposing the biggest crime ring in the city’s history. I was about to find out the real name of the cities crime boss; known as The Surgeon . I gritted my teeth after the fact Gabriel fired me in front of the whole office. All  J.J  Jameson said as his validation to fire me “Gabriella, I’m sorry, you was getting in too deep .So,he had to fire me for my protection;my ass. Only Days away from finishing the writing the biggest story of my reporting career.”I fumed as I slowly strode out the my old buil
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chapter:Two Beginning to the End
“A Mexican stand off “ one of the boys screamed from the hallway;so to speak .they both stood toe to toe .fist clinched, nostrils flaring in rage, and silently Staring each other down. Neither backing down til marisol got between the two men. “Clayton not in front of your guest she will never want to come back here.” She said calmly as she pointed in my direction. “ Oli, don’t scare my baby brother away again he just got back!” She cooed as she tapped his chest affectionately . I looked away at the sweet display of affection .I felt bile rise up within my throat.this is my fault.. my mind screamed..After the fiasco died down Marisol happily fetched  coffee in the kitchen .when a large hand grabbed my arm pulling me into a nearby empty office. The door lock clicked in place as a the light flickered on . A very pale Oliver stood before me with a solmn look upon his weary face. In the light he seemed to instantly age ten years or s
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Chapter : three War of Words
“Where do you want to go now, Ella  ?”his deep rich accent accented the sentence seductively. I immaturely rolled my eyes at his flirtatious laced statement “ cut the flirtacious bullshit it might work on most girls but not on me!”I snapped his shocked face was priceless.  I want to freeze this exact moment for all eturninty. I pulled out my phone and swiftly took the picture . “Why you take my picture?” He asked.  “ no one will believe me that the golden tongued Clayton Stone .could be shocked into silence.” I said cheekily as he smirked proudly at my response . “ your a formidably adversary Ms.Gabriella Santiago.” Clayton proudly stated . Knowing from only a few Hours knowing Clayton. That He is never speechless with that venomous tongue he has. He gripped the wheel til his knuckles held a white tense hue. “If I ever ...I mean ever ....have the notion to flirt with you . I guarantee  yo
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Chapter:four Not judging
Finally after, an awkward car ride we arrived at his apartment building. It suited him it held a rugged flair from the ancient cargo elevator to the oriental wooden shutters. We finally arrived to the top floor. The elevator jolted as we hit the top Level the clumsy nerd I am lost my balance. I inadvertantly tumbled forward towards the hard elevator floor. I mentally and physically braced for the hard impact that would soon come.  The impact never came . To find a strong arm grasp me around the waist in the nick of time. “ you have great reflexes” I complimented him .he pulled me against him  steadying me upon my feet. “When we get to the initial floor there always tends to be a slight jolt .” He explains that deep accent accompies the explination . Thank god he wasn’t looking at me in the eyes .  “thank “is all I could horsefully croak out he rubbed the back of his neck “Your welcome” His nearness and cologne was intoxicating yet he still held firmly  .
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Chapter:Five The White Flag Of A Truce
I listened as he spoke in perfect manderian to the restaraunt around the corner. “Is there anything you can’t do “I said cheekily as he frowned at my quirky comment. It was suppose to lighten up the mood . It sorely missed its proper mark it only made more tenision. He went into the kitchen and grabbed extra silver ware. Instead of grabbing more silverware his shoulders were slumped over the kitchen sink. His head bowed as he tried to reign in his temper. His muscle in arms renewed as he gripped the counter. He spoke through gritted teeth .  “Can we call it a truce on our verbal battles just for tonight . Gabby I don’t have the strength...I cant do this anymore .”. he honestly said.even though I didn’t care for physical contact often . I had a great urge to hold him he looked as volunerable as I felt . “I don’t want to fight either”i said soothingly but my words didn’t help. My phone rang loudly ...I pressed the red decline button.. “What ?!” I asked as he 
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Chapter : six Rose colored Glasses
Instead of devouring the sweet and sour pork or calling Oliver back  . I went to the window and just stood there . Watching happy couples walk hand in hand doe below.jealousy and envy welled up within me. That could have been me like that I sigh..I heard his footsteps approached before I actually seen him. Gabreilla ...I mean Ella...erghh! I know I didn’t get permission to call you by your real name.but I’m sorry for being an ass ..his voice helda pure  sincerity.  you ment asshole. I corrected him he laughed “yes that but seriously you deserve better than this for a guy to treat you like a queen. So precious he would never let you go.”I felt tears stream down my face I never heard anyone say that to me before. That I am precious and should be treasured.I didn’t have a chance to thank him for his kind words. Then he did the most surprising gesture ever he wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace. I wish I could bask in his arms forever but that’s not me an
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Chapter: seven Careless Whispers In the Dark
After soaking for what seemed like hours . The powereful jetstreams Of the jacuzzi stream rejuvinated my body and spirit.I toweled off and put on one of Clayton’s clean button up shirts. I didn’t even want to try to find pants. I cringed at all the women clothing in his closet .. damn player’s are just as bad as cheaters I categorized them together. on the fact they play with emotions and have no remorse in doing so  . I muttered as I thumbed through anything remotely wearable in my size.my only choices were his boxers, bathing suit and or a shirt ; then shirt it is. OkI thought  After a hot bath and intense scrubbing.  I didn't feel disgusting or vile for the whole Oliver thing. I didn’t even want to put a label on that mistake. I can’t believe I almost married him .. wait he could never marry me . That’s when the tears started to flow freely. I dramatically threw myself onto the bed not caring who seen me. For the first time in years I let myself finally cry
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Chapter: eight good morning sunshine
I had the best sleep I have had in months. “Mmm. Baby you finally slept over for once..” I muttered as I snuggled closer to his chest. This didn’t feel like oliver it’s more defined .what did I do last night ?! I screamed causing Clayton shoot up to a sitting position . He instictively grabbed his loaded gun from under the pillow aiming at the dark nothiness with in the room. After he dubbed the area was secure he put the loaded gun back in it original place.  I cupped his face “good  morning sunshine “and lightly kissed him his eyes widened in shock . Then a wicked smile spread across his face his held a glint up naughtiness.We probably would have deepened the kiss if the bedroom blinds hadn’t  flew open.the sudden light assaulted our eyes.  The shock was like being douced with frigid Water .“ wake up clay !” A feminine voice screamed. We both looked at her We both jumped apart in shock . She looked at each other in our half dressed state then at the now
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chapter: Nine Lancelot
I stared in the mirror my one dull eyes were bright with mischief and my sling held the. Honey glow as they call it glowing cheeks after a mind blowing kiss. I bite my bottom lips I had to get away from what ever this was becoming. I gathered all my abandoned clothing from yesterday and tried to sneak out. After the most embarrassing wake up call in my life . This semi walk of shame was nothing.I reached the door knob I heard “ Ella where do you think your going like that.?” I turned to see Clayton admiring the view “ pervert” I snapped as he stared  at my bare  legs from the door way. “I’m going anywhere your not going to be!”I snapped . He must be a gambler,because all emotions drained away til he stare at you with an unreadable glare. “Queen bee ,you wound me with that venomous tongue of yours. Please,Come inthe kitchen and sign this paper please.”“ if you insist on calling me that
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Chapter :Ten Cleaning out my Closet
“Clayton whatever your middle name Stone bring me home this instant “! I screeched. “I have had my limit with you for the moment . It is in both of our best interests that you give me my space”.I furiously barked through gritted teeth.”For the love for everything holy if I don’t get away from you this instant.I will Make sure you never have the chance to ever procreate and I will drive myself.”he took a big gulp at the mental imagine I was painting.  “Ella, stop being a drama queen” he playfully scolded  “it’s not the end of the world . Your just legally married to me it could be worst...”he looked as if he just shoved his foot in his mouth with that sentence .Instantly regretting ever said the harsh words.  “Worse!!! How can it be worse? I screamed dramatically flailing my arms in a furious fit. “you mr.Stone is the devil himself  !” I screeched as I poked his chest . He winced at my Frantic Poking and advancement towards him. I slowly back him i
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