The Mansion

The Mansion

Oleh:  Roz  On going
Bahasa: English
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A young lady awakens to find herself in a luxurious mansion, but is at the mercy of its insane master. Can she discover the truth of what happened and escape? Or will she be another body count?

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The Mansion by Roz is a dark fantasy novel with a twist of romance. A lady wakes up and wonders why she is held captive in a strange place. The foul smell reaches her nose, and the darkness is creepy. Two men named Basil and Emile introduced themselves as servants of the household. They tell her she looks like Dorothy, their master Michael Royston's only love. Is she here because of her likeness with the former mistress? But she has no feelings for this man. Can she escape this mansion and get back to living her life? Or will she be forced to live a lie?

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nice story. is there any social media that i can follow?
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Chapter I
It took a while before her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Where was she? How did she even get there? The last thing she remembered was something hard and blunt hitting her on the back of her head, and then she was out like a light. Now she was here, in some sort of cellar. It smelled damp and rotten, as if someone had been throwing rotten meat in here. I have to get out, she thought. Where do I start? She got to her feet and it took a few steps before she got blood rushing back to her legs. It was so dark that she wasn't sure whether she was touching rotten meat or just some sacks.  Finally, her hand fell on something cylindrical. It was a flashlight, judging from the switch she felt. Luckily, the battery hadn't died out as it still turned on. She wasn't far from the door, and she saw a note stuck on it. She ripped the paper off
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Chapter II
She woke up in the middle of the night. It was cold, and from what she could tell, it had been raining for a while. She got up, and saw herself in a white night gown. Her reflection looked very different in the mirror; her hair was darker and tied up in a messy bun, and she had cuts above her eyebrow. There was a bruise under her left eye and her lip was cut. What the hell, she thought. Who beat me up? The sounds of angry footsteps echoed throughout the tiny passage and, in a few minutes, Michael Royston stood there, his handsome face contorted in rage. "You're going to leave me?!" he roared, pacing back and forth. "Why would you leave, huh? What gives you the right to do it?" She was silent, his anger shocking her so
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Chapter III
She did as Emile said and poured herself a drink despite the glass being dusty. His brother, Basil, still eyed her with suspicion while Emile cleaned the mess.  "I apologize for my brother's behavior." he said. "He's just a bit... pessimistic.""I cannot blame him." she said. "This place is as terrifying as it is beautiful." "It used to be beautiful." Basil said, his eyes now showing a hint of loneliness. "It was the gem of nobility in these lands. Parties were held nearly every week, and the Master was always happy."  "Then what happened?" she asked."Then she happened, that's what!" Basil spat a
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Chapter IV
 Through a small crack in the closet, she looked at who entered the room. Her heart was pounding like a war drum as the figure became more visible as the door closed.  To her relief, it was only Emile, and judging from the bucket and broom he carried, it was time to clean yet again. She was hesitant whether to come out of the closet or not, and just chose to observe his actions.  - - -"The master has left this room in such disarray again..." he mumbled as he began sweeping away the cobwebs. "Unbelievable... and that smell..." As he swept and swatted the webs away, he heard a knock coming from one of the closets. This immediately made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. Clutching his broom tightly, he cautiously made his way towards the old closet, and w
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TWO WEEKS AGO "So it's more of an urban legend?""Not really, no. There really was a mansion just past the forest here. It's built atop a hill but I'm not sure if it's still there.""What's the story behind it?"  The old man stopped to take a swig of his whiskey and took a drag from his cigar.  "It's a story no one in town likes to talk about for... well, reasons." he began as he eyed the young lady before him. "It happened long ago, way too long ago that I wasn't even alive, but the story is something that everyone had passed down."  His eyes gazed towards the forest, the fog making it barely visible. "The story goes that when this
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Chapter V
Her hand was seemingly stuck on the door as the funeral played out in front of her. So far, the guests were already seated. Finally, Michael stepped into the room, wearing an all-black suit. His eyes were a bit red and swollen from crying as he made his way to Dorothy's coffin, caressing the glass panel that separated him from his love.   "Dorothy..." he said. "Dorothy, I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you..." He ran his hand across the glass panel, his tears falling onto the surface.  "Come, Master, the mass is about to begin..." said a servant as she escorted the grieving man to one of the pews.   As the ceremony began, everyone began to fade before her eyes, kind of like smoke dissipating in the wind. The chapel returned to its decrepit state, and all the churchgoe
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Chapter VI
She tried to wrench herself free, but his grip was too tight, perhaps unnaturally so, as he dragged her in the middle of the bloody ballroom. She didn't dare look down, as the number of dead bodies scattered all over greatly sickened her. The sound of squelching made her feel so dizzy and she nearly passed out, were it not for Michael talking to her and keeping her from falling. "They're nothing but a bunch of liars, hypocrites... parasites, even." he said, his voice dripping with hatred. "But they're gone now... look..." The sea of dead covering the floor was a sickening, horrifying sight. How did Michael even do it?  "Let me go, please..." she muttered. "Please... I don't want to be here anymore..." Michael studied her face for a while before grabbing her chin tightly, forcing her to look at all the dead bodies. The smell of b
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Chapter VII
No way, she thought. No way this is his... Maybe her vampire theory wasn't so far off, but it still didn't make sense, much like anything else that had been happening lately. She opened the coffin and there was nothing inside. No body, no bones... it was empty, save for a small wooden box. Quickly, she opened it and found a small newspaper clipping which was barely legible, but said something along the lines of several deaths due to poisoned water. There was also a note which was easier to read. In a hurry, she took it and quickly read it. It said: This is to report the total losses of the Royston Mill. For the past half month, we have not been able to meet the sales target of $15,000. Furthermore, the reports of deaths due to water and chemical poisoning are increasing. 
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Chapter VIII
She didn't realize how much exhaustion had taken over her until she lied down on the cold, stone floor of the crypt. Her eyes became heavy and once again she drifted off into deep sleep. The dreams started again.  "Stop this right now! What are you doing?!""Changing things... to how it should be."A sound of a knife, and something heavy falling with a thud on the ground.  In the darkness, she ran, trying to follow the sounds and hoping it wasn't too late. It seemed as if she wasn't getting anywhere because only the void and silence surrounded her. Finally she saw it; a light, but very small and faint, at the end of the shadows, but the moment she reached it... 
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Chapter IX
Her  head was throbbing. Just when she thought she was safe, she was at the mercy of the insane Michael once again. This time, she found herself lying on the cold, stone floor, her hands and feet tied to wooden posts, her body spread open as if she were a starfish.  The rancid smell of rotten flesh and blood made her gag, but she had no time to react as she saw Michael hover over her, his crimson gaze glowing in the dark.  "I see you're awake, my darling." he said with a smile. "I apologize for being too harsh, but then again, you have forced my hand." In his hand was Dorothy's journal, and he leafed through it, his facial expression changing from a smile to a frown, and an angry scowl as he threw the journal to the side.  "What do you hope to achieve?" h
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