The Vampire Prince Werewolf mate

The Vampire Prince Werewolf mate

By:  Ally Cat  Ongoing
Language: English
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Willow is the Alpha Kings daughter that no one knows about. After her mothers death Willow is abused by everyone in the pack. She finds herself trying to runaway from her past. It soon catches up with her. Will she be strong enough to fight it head on? Carson the Vampire Prince is trying to bring peace between the Werewolves and Vampires. He stumbles upon the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. She is feisty and strong she just doesn’t see it. Will he be able to put her pieces back together and stop the war at the same time? Disclaimer: This will not be a normal love story. There will be sexual assault and harassment. As well as incest and rape. This will not be for the faint of heart it will be a lot cliffhangers and cringey moments.

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Last updated chapter 22. as of 3/20/23
2023-03-20 13:42:14
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Nichole Holcomb
More chapters!!
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22 Chapters
Chapter One
Willow POV “Mommy! Mommy please wake up!” I grab her and shake her to try to get her awake. “You can’t leave me mommy” I whisper as I lay on her chest attempting to listen for breathing. I don’t hear any. As I raise my head I look at the jagged vertical cuts that lay on her arm. I see the blood is not flowing. “No mommy! You need to wake up. Right now! I will be good. I will make you better” I say as I get up and look at my blood soak dressed. I hear the front door slam open. “What the hell did you do?!?!” ****** I jolt awake sweating. I feel my heart racing as I look around. It’s pitch black in my room. This gives me no indication of the time as it is always dark down here. I take a deep breath to slow my rapidly beating heart. As I do so I take in the rancid smell of the dungeon. I lay back down and let my eyes adjust to darkness so I can see better. Although, I do not have my wolf yet living in darkness I have gotten
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Chapter 2
Willow POV “Well well look what we have here.” I jump and turn around just as Seth the Alpha King son (my half brother) moves across the kitchen. He looks at me with an sinister smirk on his lips. Seth is 17 and will be taking over the Alpha position in 4 years. Even though he has yet to finish growing he is already well over six feet and has very protruding muscles. He favors our father very much. He has the same dark midnight black hair and eyes so dark brown it can look black in certain light. As he crosses towards me I take in his attire. He is in black sweatpants with no top giving a fully display of his protruding muscles and washboard abs. He leans forward when he makes it over to me. I step back and bump my back against the counter. I lower gaze and quickly say “is there anything I can get you future Alpha King.” “Well there is one thing I have been craving” he says as he brushes his hand along my check. Seth does not know that we are siblings. No
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Chapter 3
***Trigger Warning a bit of sexual assault**** Willow POV Seth grabs my hair tearing my hair from my roots. He pulls my hair in a way so my back is against his chest. He turns my head so my neck is exposed. He sniffs along my neck when gets to where my neck and shoulder meets he grazes me with his canines. I shiver as I am frozen with terror. “See I knew you would like it” he says with a smirk. He uses his claws to ripe open my shirt. Exposing my breast he grabs my right breast tugging at my nipple through my bra. “No! Stop!” I scream ripping his arm off my breast. I try to run but rips me back by my hair. I fall to the ground with my hair still in his hands. As my fight or flight senses kicks in I begin to kick and scream to get away. They have taken everything from me I will not let them take my innocence. My body is something I can control and he cannot have it. As I fight to get away Seth slaps me across the face causing me to see black spots. I
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Chapter 4
Willow POV “What do you need? Did he hurt you?” Greyson asks looking me over for injuries. He reaches towards my face to get a closer look. I flinch away it is my normal response when people get too close. He notices and takes a step back. “No I’m fine.” I say keeping my eyes to the ground. “I just know Seth will come for me again. You can’t always be there to save me. So I thought..” He stares at me patiently waiting for me to finish. I take a deep breathe. ‘I can do this. Greyson will help. He has always been kind to me.’ I look up to see Greyson staring intently at me. “I need to leave.” I quickly rush out. I don’t look away so he can see how determined I am. His expression is unreadable. The time he takes to answer begins to feel like hours when I know it is seconds. “Okay what is your plan? I will help as much as I can. You don’t have a wolf so this will be very dangerous.” I smile and quickly give him a hug. You can see
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Chapter 5
Willow POV After climbing the stairs down to the dungeon I find my way through the dimly lit hallway. It always seems like a maze down here. And it smells of feces and mold. Most of the cells are empty because most prisoners are put to death quickly after being placed here. So it’s normally quiet which I don’t like. Quiet means I have to be alone with my thoughts. My thoughts always lead me back to the past. I relive my past daily. I shake my head to rid myself of those thoughts as I come to my door. I see the guard standing near by stare at me but does not move. “Umm..I am ready to go back in now. I have finished my chores.” I whisper as I look down so I do not make eye contact. I hear his heavy footsteps as he comes closer. I brace myself in case he decides to hurts me. He opens the door and shoves it opens. “Hurry up you whore!” He spits at me as I walk past to enter. I quickly enter my cell before he can do anything. I rush to the other side and tur
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Chapter 6
Willow POV I jump out of my cot shaking my head out to clear my thoughts. I look towards the door where the banging is coming from. “Be there in a moment.” I call out towards the door. I quickly go to get dressed even though my underwear and bra are not dry. I head towards the door. As I go grab the handle it is ripped open. I feel my head jerk to the right. I blink my eyes confused until the stinging begins. I realize that I had just been slapped. I swallow the lump in my throat as my eyes begin to water. I lower my eyes as my body begins to tremble waiting for my punishment. “You lazy bitch do you think you get the day off. Your supposed to already be upstairs cleaning breakfast is over. They have been looking for you. Hurry up and get up there!” The guard snarls as he steps closer. I flinch when he is inches from me. I start to feel myself panicking. I know what he is capable of. I keep my eyes glued to the floor. “Are you deaf or something
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Chapter 7
Willow POV I tense up when I hear Jessica’s voice. The terror that her voice alone brings has me paralyzed. “ cl-cleaning the b-bathrooms.” I managed to mumble out with my eyes glued to the floor. I do not dare to look at her. She will take it as a challenge and make my day much worse. I bit my lip as I wait for her to respond. “Well then hurry up and get it done you dumb bitch. You need to stop being so lazy and get your duties done instead of standing around.” She says ask she walks closer. I quickly glance over to see if she going to grab me. I see Jenny standing behind Jessica looking at me with pity. Jessica is glaring at me but stops a few feet away. I know she will not attack me with an audience she wants to keep her perfect image. “Yes ma’am I will quickly get my duties done.” I say as I look back towards the ground. “Good” Jessica says satisfied and turns to Jenny. “Well come on let’s go to your room to try on our dresses for the ball.”
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Chapter 8
Willow POVI smile to myself as I climb the stairs to the Gamma’s floor. Even though I gave Greyson an hard time it felt nice to be around him. It felt nice to have some care for me. It is just hard to get comfortable with someone being so nice to me. Especially because Seth used to be nice to me when we were younger but then when he was 13 he began getting aggressive and trying to touch me.I make it to the Gamma’s floor just as everyone is finishing the floors. I see that they have done a great job. I look to Katie and nod in approval.“Thank you guys for the help. I am very appreciative for the help. I can do the rest it’s only two bathrooms here” I say mostly looking at Katie.“Good I do not want to do more of your work” Becky says with a sneer.“Are you sure we do not mind helping” Katie says.“Yes it is fine it will not take me long” I say still looking at only Katie.The Omegas head to the stairs as I go to the Gamma’s room. The Gamma and his mate do not make me clean their bat
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Chapter 9
***** Trigger warning: this chapter will contain rape and incest ******Willow POVToday is the day of the ball and my last day in this prison. I smile to myself at the thought. I will soon be free.Everyone has been very busy in preparation all day myself included. I haven’t even gotten to really see Katie or Greyson all day. Greyson has been hanging around but with so many people we haven’t had a chance to talk. He was able to tell me that plan was still a go though. He told me last night that all I have to do was meet him at the back of the kitchen near the back door. I am supposed to be there right after dinner when everyone is going to be heading into the ballroom. It will be the best time with the most commotion. Right now everyone is setting up for dinner. I came down to my cell because I am not supposed to serve so I would just be in the way.I sit on my cot as my mind run wild with thoughts of my freedom. In just an hour I will be free of this place. I can’t help but giggle a
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Chapter 10
Willow POVI felt him lift off of me but I couldn’t bare to open my eyes. I feel very ashamed of myself.“I have to head back down to the party, but stay here, I will come back and get you.” He says as he fixes himself. I heard his footsteps going to the door. I do not open my eyes until I hear the door close. I open my eyes and I cry. I let out all my bent up frustrations. I sob until I feel myself become drained. I slowly push myself off the sofa and grab my clothes. I put on my tights and try to cover myself as much as I can with my torn shirt. I walk towards the door and listen for anyone on the other side. When I do not hear anyone, I walk out of the door. I go up the backstairs not wanting to see anyone even though they are probably still at the party.As I make it to the ground floor, I head to the kitchen. I know it is late and Greyson probably gave up thinking I wasn’t going to make it. But I still need to leave. I can’t look the Alpha King in the eye ever again after today.
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