The Windell's Warning

The Windell's Warning

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Book 4 of The Elemental Lovers series Daisy Dyer is a Ph.D. student that is experimenting with outer space matter to understand the Paleoclimate of the Earth even more. But with Dylan Windell as her lab partner, it might take more than the meteorite composition to get on the same page.Dylan Windell has been waiting for the moment where he will be showing his skill in understanding the vacuum capacity and how the wind will be directing its direction according to the composition of the air from time to time. But Daisy was making it harder for him. And the secret that his father had with Daisy's father was making it even more difficult.What will happen when they shared something intimate in the heat of the moment? Will they forget it and move on, or will one of them never forget it and they will do whatever it takes to make sure the other person push their difference and start something new together.

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36 Chapters
Prologue: The Acceptance
2 years earlier Daisy Dyer’s POV
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Chapter 1: The Recruit
Dylan Windell’s POVI was looking at my uncle Sam’s study table when he entered the room. I rolled my eyes as I knew he loved to make a dramatic entrance. “Now that was a dramatic entrance, uncle,” I said before I wen
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Chapter 2: The Journal
Dylan Windell’s POVAfter I was out of the meeting and the unfortunate event of sharing my lab with a newcomer, I went to the house. It has been nothing but a place for me to sleep, eat, and work. I sighed as I was leaning against the chair before I was looking at the journal that I have in front of me.
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Chapter 3: The Laboratory
Daisy Dyer’s POVI was cleaning up the mess that we made last night before Lea and Barb helped me out. They were chatting about their researches and I was happy to know that I will be conducting my experiment later. They even gave some points on how to do it.
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Chapter 4: The Papers
Present Day Daisy Dyer’s POV
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Chapter 5: The Truth
Daisy Dyer’s POVI was looking at the spectrometer when I was trying to get my readings for the day. It was an exhausting day as I just got back from my lab that I was teaching. I don’t think that I would ever get the idea that I was teaching undergrads.
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Chapter 6: The Quarrel
Dylan Windell’s POVI felt something good, something that I have been dying to let out as I was reading my father’s journal. I have been reading his career journey and his research as he loved to put everything together every day during his life.
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Chapter 7: The Visitor
Daisy Dyer’s POVI was looking at the airport before I parked my car and I was standing out to wait for my friend to come out. I was leaning against the hood of the car before I was looking at the familiar slender figure of my friend. 
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Chapter 8: The Dinner
Daisy Dyer’s POVI sighed as I knew Ella would be waiting for my answer. I don’t want her to think that I was avoiding the question and further piqued her curiosity about my real relationship with the host. “He’s&hell
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Chapter 9: The Ignorance
Daisy Dyer’s POVI was looking at the clock before I was knocking on Ella’s room. I know that she has the tour at 8 AM but it would not hurt to raise her early. “Ella! Wake up. Time to get ready,” I said as I was knoc
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