The Witness

The Witness

By:  Eyesink  Ongoing
Language: English
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Meghan's home is on the streets of New York. To stay hidden, she has to learn to trust no one and never to stay in one place for long. But they are closing in on her, and they will not rest until she stopped moving…..for good. Detective Ian Murray, received a call from an unknown source which led him into a case of 15 years ago. but it's a closed case, a man has confessed and convicted. Now, why is the mysterious caller believes the case is not solved? He wants to talk to Meghan but someone else is asking questions about her. They know she carries secrets certain powerful men want to say buried deep.

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Streets
Prologue Run, run. Got to get away. If I stop, that will be the end of me. Damn  it !why can’t I get my hands free! Another shot echoed over the treetops. They are closing in. shit!shit! I mustn’t let them hear me. My hands are tied hard and my mouth are taped.  I kept running, the dark is blinding but I have to get away.  I can’t see light ahead of the darkness . I ran and tumbled hitting branches falling into hard objects I rolled and tried to get up every time. And then I heard their voices, laughter. These hunters are enjoying themselves. It brought ecstasy to them the thought of cornered prey. Blood and sweat mix in my face but that was the least of my worries More shots. Chilling death is near.  Birds flew in sudden panic. I don’t know how far have I gone.  But I can hear their excited voices, as if knowing that the prize is within their grasp. But in their hands I know that a quick dea
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Chapter 2 It Has Begun
Chapter 2 It Has BegunRaymond Sanders  was  a handsome and very attractive man, he has the charm and on top of all he has the wealth and fame. He very well knew that. He always felt invigorated having the knowledge of that fact.Wherever he is at there are always women. Women who are always willing, no objections to hearing about his latest business feat or acquisition. He loves seeing them at awe. Not only that ,but it always a great pleasure  for him that he can easily convince women of his interest to have them in his bed.This time his sights are set on a woman with soft black hair .Her beautiful face was more pronounced by the make up she used or put by a professional  beautician. The black dress clinging to her perfect body  matches the black eyes. Very hypnotizing and alluring.  But he has to behave himself, this party he was invited  to isn’t an ordinary one. Wealthy  and fa
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Chapter 3 The Mysterious Call
Chapter 3 The Mysterious CallIt was only  until he is at his desk and seeing piles of papers that Detective  Ian Murray realized that his precious holiday is over.  It was a refreshing and relaxing being in the countryside for weeks. His only sister had just got married  and he needed to attend the event. For the remaining days he explored  their town and experience the coast of Nantucket.As he slump himself to sit, he saw William  walking towards him. “welcome back, boss” waving his hand with another sheets of paper. Another to add with the piles.He was looking directly at William’s lively, blue eyes. His hair neatly set as always. Looking as if to impress the very few females in their department.“ Well now!” William said, seeing his boss’s unhappy look. “you don’t look like you’ve just returned from a holiday.”“Have I?” shak
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CHAPTER 4  The First Rush....
CHAPTER 4  The First Rush....Summer 2005. Now a gang had completed to six people. Six people although they may be different but were drawn together  towards a common goal, self-worth and belongingness. They have concluded their second year in the university and so time for  leisure and pleasure.It had been planned that they would spend a week at one of the boys' parents cottage . there they brought their paraphernalia, a few sachets of crystalline substance or dried leaves of that kind, matches, tinfoil and some other things like movie discs, band recordings and didn’t forget to stocked up  the fridge with beers and rations they will be needing for the whole week.There parents didn’t mind whatever they do. Guess they are too busy making more loads of money. And besides they will always be there when they are in trouble and taking care of everything. So practically nothing to worry.  But at the same time an
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Chapter 5 The Meeting
Chapter 5 The Meeting Overlooking his window at his city penthouse  was the Central Park.  This high end residential  building is one of the massive properties of the Sanders family, and  developed by  The Sanders Development Company to which he currently   is the CEO. He was set to have a meeting with Oliver  and Lucas  together with the private detective  they hired to get information about Meghan. They are expected to arrive in an hour so he still have time to play with the wench  sprawled in his bed. He can’t remember bringing the girl  but who cares. They both had a goodtime. Brazilian , he surely guessed  right. With all those enhancements, he can’t be wrong. Totally the opposite of the Asian he had as company the other night. Asians are mostly skinny with narrow hips and humble breast. This one grew robustly  at curves  more than necessary. When he had s
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Chapter 6 : Dawn of Uncovering
Chapter 6 : Dawn of Uncovering The TV screen at the police station   was showing a documentary about a case of missing person. The reporter was expertly  detailing the events that led to the uncovering of the mysteries surrounding the disappearance. He emphasized that the success of solving the case is due to the unwavering cooperation of witnesses and the victim's family  as well as the devotion of the police force led by Detective Ian Murray. Detective efforts were praised but Ian felt hollow. He felt tired, the file in his hands seemed to be heavy . His mind is in fog ,his mysterious caller also left a message. His phone display said,  I will meet you., but that was all. He knew it’s going to be a long day and of days to come. He went over the case again. Two young couple murdered, a very brutal double murder, with several children of prominent families as suspects, and nine years later one of these kids suddenly turned hi
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Chapter 7 The Tiny Voice
Chapter 7 The Tiny VoiceThe sunlight had started to appear and glimmer from the water of the river started to get visible.The bridge over her was beginning to be busy.It could be the start of an average day. But for her there was neither normal nor average day. Shelived with struggles not from outside factors but inside her. Even in her sleep she is haunted byunknown shadows and while awake she was conscious of the demons inside her wanted to getloose, frightening and uncontrollable.For a moment she just lay there and pray for mercy ,that the God in heaven shall grant her wish tomake those voices to stay quiet. But as usual the Beings that govern heaven and earth had herprayer denied.When she was feeling this way she will turn to the bottle of whisky she always carried with her. Hedrunk until he felt warm enough . She started her pace towards the heart of the city there she will
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CHAPTER 8 The Unknown Factor
CHAPTER 8 The Unknown FactorHe just arrived in his office and hardly settled when a transparent plastic folder resting at his desk caught his eye.What the.... he thought and called for Hesus. He now assigned him of the papers in his desk. Taking him in charge of paper works, anything that comes on and off his table. The summaries, memos, case files or anything that should be taken cared of inside the office , he except him of field work for now.“Do you know where that came from?” Hesus shook his head attempting to reach for it. “Don’t touch it, ok? There may be fingerprints.”They stared at the top most  sheet. ’Gang Attacks’, read the heading.Underneath which they will find out later are newspaper clippings of violent crimes committed allegedly by kids in boarding school. Attack on young man  on a deserted road. On a young couple at midnight just right outside a club
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Chapter 9 A Peek Into The Past
Chapter 9 A Peek Into The PastThe summer cottage was in the center of  a number of huge trees. Over the years, it had slowly deteriorated. Judging at the looks of its façade , no one had occupied it since the murders.William shielded his eyes with his hands and tried in vain to peer  through the glass window.“Let’s check for the keys.” Ian told William as he tried to move a pot from its place. It is precisely where Carlene said it would be.The house was owned by the boys family but left the property to Mrs. Baker when they moved to south Africa.He took the key and unlocked the door. As they step inside they could sense the stench of days past; molds,  abandonment, blood, terror. Ian let his eyes wander across the floor. Obvious traces of the murders were still visible. Dark stains where the bodies had been found.He let his imagination travel back when authorities at that time con
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CHAPTER 10 The Lawyer
CHAPTER 10 The LawyerOliver Randell Davis born to a prominent clan of lawyers.  With a father of strict rules and a disciplinarian.  They both love their profession and always thought that Oliver will take their lead in the future as if it was his only destiny. For him at that early age he perceived it to be normal. He couldn’t think of any other better.They were strict of his studies as far as he can remember. Getting the private tutor, sending him to the best schools. Friends as they say were unnecessary. They come and go.  And when he didn’t meet their expectations they would  tell him to stand  and explain to them himself as if in front of a jury that he should defend himself. He never complained and always thought to himself that it was for his future. But as he grew up he felt the loneliness and ask himself  why he was alone. Was friends really unnecessary? Or why can’t he not go out to fancy hims
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