Unwantedly wanted

Unwantedly wanted

By:  Gangpuri  Ongoing
Language: English
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A painful past which leads so much problem to a girl named nandini, she was humiliated, beaten, accused, tortured sexually and mentally yet she never complained and always smiled being so positive. Her husband did every sinful offense with her saying i love you to her. Peep in to know more about this story. Clearly telling you that it's for 18+ people. It is mature.

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Can anyone tell if the author publish this book in any other site?
2022-09-15 22:10:51
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nice book pls post the next chapter
2021-03-31 21:43:22
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Yanti D
Wow an amazing novel
2020-11-16 11:17:04
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sudha gupta
amazing novel?????
2020-11-05 02:18:26
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Dedeepya Chowdary Katamneni
Complete the book
2021-03-17 18:25:52
11 Chapters
The house was decorated beautifully, in the main hall butlers are roaming here to there holding big plates because it was their master's wedding which was just happened some hours ago. They were doing the further preparations. It was malhotra palace which was decorated beautifully and it was manik who just got married. Manik's room
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18++ story with violence, who can't handles emotional things don't read guys. *an advice with politeness*Nandini's povIt's been one month since he is using me as his toy. My willingness does not matter to him. Beating me with anything that came in his hand and torturing me is his favorite works. we got married but i have never imagined that my life be like this. My mother doesn't care about me and get me married to a man who is 8 years elder tha
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MANIK'S POVHe raised himself a bit and look at nandini who was sleeping with umpteenth marks on her body. Cheeks are red with his finger print marks. Eyes are swelled and dry tears marks and some tears were sticking on her face. He hold his manhood which was inside her and pull a little bit make her hiss. He patted her forehead as if making her comfo
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******Queen priyamvada was sitting in her comfortable chair leaning on it comfortably. She has her eyes closed and tears slide out from her eyes. She was crying remembering her son whom she used to love more than anything in this world.FlashbackA very happy kabir
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Nandini's povLooking out of the window i nandini moorthy is trying to finding herself. When my life become this shambles, why i let it turn in the way i was never ready for. I was fierce and very self confident but now i am just a sex toy. I always try to pull my family out of that poverty but everything goes opposite and they got what i wanted to give them but i didn't got even 1% of my dreams.I closed my eyes and a beautiful smile just lingere
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The things are getting messed up for nandini, she was not the one who'll stay silent And resigned everything after knowing she wasn't at any fault but the thing is, she had not any hope left to live, to cherish her life or to be happy. She was just somehow obliterating with her life. She was unaware the things which were taking place and surrounding her each passing second.
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Reaching the palace the first work manik did was dragging nandini as if she is not a human but a non living thing. As they got inside they have seen priyamvada who was sitting on sofa reading a megazine and her maid who is a little old in age but very loyal. Hearing the sound priyamvada look up and found nandini and angry manik."So now tell me queen,
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Nandini opened her eyes being confused with the heavy weight she was feeling, she rack her eyes through the room and then her body. She was laying naked with a man although both of them naked but nandini was shocked because she didn't remember anything."Who i am? Why i am laying like this??did i got raped?? Who is he?" Nandini was murmuring to herself while tears were making their way through her eyes.Being disturb with little incoherent words manik open his eyes and look at nandini who was murmuring and crying a little. He got alarmed and come on top of her while wiping the corner of her eyes."You shouldn't cry when your husband loves you wildly.you are too fragile nandini."manik said looking at her red face and nandini got shocked."Husband love." She again uttered shockingly where manik just stared at her confused self."Yes my wife you are mrs. Nandini manik malhotra."manik said and nandini s
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Almost 15 days passed nothing bad happened, all the things were working in peace and manik was also silent, waiting for her acceptance. He want her to reciprocate those feelings which he have for her but nandini was lost.All the time she was watching akshat in manik, this was the main reason she was smiling and laughing sometimes goofily. This gesture of hers gave manik a positive reply and things were getting good between them in manik's sight but for nandini manik doesn't even exist. She forgot everything. For her now, the real world doesn't exists but her imaginary world which she live with her love.It was another day when manik was settling his tie along with buttoning his cufflinks. He looked so handsome just then he saw his wife who was laying on his bed in compromising position. Red sheet was covering her body but he still can see his love marks on her lips her neck and her bare shoulders.He smiled and went to her, he pecked her lips nowday
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Sexual and physical violence ahead who are not comfortable can leave the chapter. No bashing or negative comments are allowed. Bashers will be blocked and won't be able to read further. *********** Squeezing and clutching nandini's wrist he moved out of the building, leaving everybody flabbergasted with his behavior. Mr. Raichand look at the tiffin box and silently keep it inside manik's cabin. Here manik was dragging nandini ignoring her all the pleads and whimpers, she controlled herself from crying and shouting out loud but when manik put more pressure on the same wound she couldn't hold back the pain and cried. Manik nose was flared in anger and face was red. Nandini hugging a boy in very compromising position wasn't leaving his mind suddenly this new incident where nandini was laying under a man who is
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