The Wrong Alpha Twin

The Wrong Alpha Twin

By:  Anne T. Thyssen  Updated just now
Language: English
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Willow was supposed to marry the young prince, Carter, the most desired wolf prince of all. However, one night, while home alone in the royal family's castle, Willow was slipped a potion that forced her to experience a sudden heat-like state. In the midst of her confusion, she believed she found help in her fiancé, but the next morning, she learned that it wasn't Carter beside her, but Cain, his twin brother and the black sheep of the family. Now, with her innocence taken before her marriage and by the wrong brother, Willow is forced to marry Cain to save face. However, she is still deemed as the easy-wolf who wanted both brothers. Willow does her best to try to conform to her new life, but she firmly believes it's Cain behind her downfall, and her marriage is incredibly hard to survive. What is even worse is that, as the king is mysteriously killed, Cain and Carter must prove their worth as the next leader. But who will win? The charmer or the cold alpha?

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1
-Willow-“Wow, how do you always end up looking so good?”I chuckled as I folded a white shirt to put in my little suitcase. My friend Eva was sitting with her feet up on my coffee table, her black boots dirty and soiling my desk, while she read the latest gossip magazine for supernatural creatures. You wouldn’t think two different-looking people—one dark and gothic, the other light and fluffy—could be such good friends, but I would bury a dead body with her if she asked, which I fear one day she might.“I don’t look that good. It’s the right lighting, photoshopped,” I reminded her, then grabbed the remote on my table and poked her dirty boots, but Eva didn’t take the hint. She kept looking at the magazine with me and Carter plastered on two huge pages, looking so good in our ceremonial attire. The ceremony for our union was getting closer, and I couldn’t be more excited, yet that didn’t mean I wanted dirty boots on my coffee table.“Sure, sure, the beautiful always say that.”“Say wh
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Chapter 2
-Willow-The moment I came into the giant palace with the gigantic staircase leading to the next floor, I saw someone coming toward me. A huge smile spread on my lips, and I sprinted forward. Carter caught me as I leaped into his arms. He kissed me hard as I wrapped my legs around him and my arms around his neck. My long blond hair covered us like a curtain, giving us the illusion of privacy, but then I heard someone clear their throat behind us, and I quickly pulled back to see Carter’s father, the king, looking at us with raised eyebrows. I pushed away from Carter, who allowed me to get back on my feet, and we chuckled nervously.“Well, welcome, Willow,” the king teased me.“Sorry, Your Majesty, I might have gotten a little excited," I nervously apologize."There is no need to apologize. At least I’m glad to know my son will always have love in his union as well,” the king told me, making me smile.Carter wrapped an arm around my waist, bringing me to him, and he kissed my temple.“
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Chapter 3
-Cain-With the bag swung over my shoulder, I walked over the gravel leading to the backdoor of the grand house. Lighting burst through the sky behind me, making me turn my head and see how fast the weather had changed. I was glad I managed to catch that last flight before I was sure that all the planes were grounded. I grabbed the handle, allowing myself into my old home. I walked through the little relaxation room with the glass roof and walls that gave a wonderful view of the garden and into the warm palace. It was strange being back, but when the king called, you listened. As I walked through the house, I came to the entrance, catching Carter coming down the stairs all dressed up and smelling far away from his usual powerful cologne. I was unsure how he wasn’t drowning in the scent. We were alphas, and our heightened senses made sure nothing slipped by us. It almost choked me as I caught a whiff of it. I let out a little sound, and it made Carter turn his head as he took the last
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Chapter 4
-Willow-“Tea, my Lady,” a servant said as she placed a tray filled with a teapot, cup, and all sorts of flavors on the coffee table further away. I had just come out of the bathroom, wrapped in a small, dark purple robe as she placed it down.“Thank you,” I said before she bowed and left the room, closing the door behind her. I walked over to the many assortments, studying them, wondering what I should choose. I eventually went with a strawberry-flavored tea before I poured the warm water onto it and let the flavors stream into the water. I waited a little, finding a book, before I went back and removed the teabag from the warm water. I began reading as I sipped my tea slowly. I wasn’t very tired, and while I had told Carter to go have fun, it didn’t mean I didn’t still miss him or wish he would be here. I had been to the palace before, but it was different now that it was my home. I even found it hard to focus on my book and began rolling my head around. My body felt strangely tense
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Chapter 5
-Willow- I had the most heavenly dream. While I had had some dirty dreams before, this was like nothing I had ever tried. I was pretty sure I had even come from the dream while some massive alpha had taken me on my bed. I had never seen an alpha so big, maybe except for the king, and he turned me and got me on all fours as he kept slamming into me over and over, growling how I was his and how good I was for letting him knot me. I knew only alphas did that to their true mates in hopes of impregnating them, but despite the pain from being sealed shut like that, it felt incredible when the pain was replaced with pleasure. I came every time he did it, and I began even craving him to knot me over and over. The dream was truly like nothing I had ever tried before. Even as I slowly woke up, my body felt as if it had been used. I groaned, shifting slightly, only to feel a sharp pain between my legs. I opened my eyes, sitting up a little. My room seemed like it was yesterday, but then I notic
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Chapter 6
-Cain-I wasn’t sure what I expected to happen next. I couldn’t even say if I had a plan. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be the disappointing person my father had always seen me as. It was unfair that he was so quick to think I had reverted back to my old self, the one who would gladly have fucked his brother’s fiancé before his ceremony, when I had only been back for a few hours. While I feared staying here myself and falling into temptation, a few hours shouldn’t have been enough, and it stung that he could look at me like that. But honestly, the more I took in Willow’s frightened expression, the way she was on the verge of tears constantly, made me think none of my old tricks would even have worked on her. She was in love with my brother, and she had worked hard to get where she was today. I was unsure if, without the poison, she would even have let me into her room.No, there was something about Willow that screamed determination, despite even being so small right now and sc
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Chapter 7
-Willow-I sat in the window overseeing the garden, feeling like my heart might explode from the pain that was swirling inside it. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe how I was trapped in this predicament, and I had nowhere to run. I thought about calling Eva, but I couldn’t face anyone right now. I felt so humiliated. Not even my best friend. I feared what even she would think of me when she learned what had happened. Was I just a whore now? I understood that the mate connection had power, but I also knew how she-wolves who threw themselves at the males were looked at in my world, and now it seemed like I might be deemed as loose.What is happening? Suddenly, my wolf began stirring, sounding disoriented.“Finally!” I exclaimed. “You there?”Willow? What’s going on?“Where have you been?”Um…“Willow?” A dark voice called into my room, and I turned my head. The moment I put my eyes on Cain, my heart began hammering, and my wolf began growling in my head.“Cain…”
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Chapter 8
-Cain- “Well, don’t you know how to stir up trouble?” I turned to see my old friend Reese standing in the doorway to the living room, where I was trying my best not to lean into the temptation of pouring myself a drink. However, the sight of him made me feel much better. He laughed when he saw the smile on my lips, and he came over. We slapped our hands together before he placed himself beside me. I stood by the window, gazing out at the light drizzle outside. “How did you know I was back?” I asked him. “You really think you could come back without me hearing about it? I mean, you always made sure people knew what you were up to. Fucking your brother’s fiancé. Wow, I knew you loved chaos, I just didn’t know you loved it that much,” he chuckled before he went and grabbed something to drink for himself at a small bar further away. “Goddess… people already know?” I groaned, rubbing my eyes. “It’s everywhere. Did you really expect this to stay a secret?” he asked. “It’s only noon,” I
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Chapter 9
-Willow-My mother walked around me, going over how I looked in my ceremonial dress. It was the one I had planned to wear to mine and Carter’s ceremony, and instead I was wearing it for someone completely else. It made me feel dirty and wrong, as if I had actually cheated. I had, but as my wolf kept reminding me, Cain was also my mate, so I couldn’t forget we were also destined to be together. But did that mean I had cheated on Cain for being with Carter? It was all very confusing, and I couldn’t wait until this day was over. I believed my parents felt the same way because they had barely spoken to me since arriving, and as I got ready, had my hair and makeup done, and got in my dress, my mother gave me a look I had never seen before. She had never been disappointed in me before, but that was the only way I could interpret the look in her eyes—she was disappointed. My mother reached out and suddenly tugged on the side of the dress, pulling a little hard so it felt like I was being pul
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Chapter 10
-Cain- I was faster to change. My father came to see us off while my mother had disappeared somewhere, and my brother was nowhere to be found, but I didn’t blame him. It was understandable if he had no interest in being around us at the moment. We were exactly his favorite people, and so it was just my dad and me. We were standing by the entrance, talking lowly with each other, while a group of fighters stood behind us. “Remember, you have people around you that you can’t trust,” I reminded him. “Yes, but they might not be the masterminds behind it all. Servants might be able to be bought,” he whispered. “Just be careful. Now we know something weird is going on. What I can’t figure out is why. Even you agreed that Carter and Willow were perfect together, so who wouldn’t agree?” I asked him. “She isn’t from a weak line.” “No, but maybe someone wanted to hurt her family. It could easily be her own enemies coming for her.” “But who?” I asked, but my father didn’t get to answer me be
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