Once Upon An Alpha

Once Upon An Alpha

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***This book contains violence, cursing, sexual content, and talk of suicide, enjoy at your discretion.*** I was walking through an unknown foggy forest when I spotted a field of wildflowers. My feet had a mind of their own as they led me to wander through the flowers. I nonchalantly dragged my hands over the flowers. It was a beautiful and serene sight. I deeply inhaled the sweet scent of the flower and gave a little shudder of bliss. I closed my eyes and just absorbed the moment wanting to remember it. Suddenly the sounds of paws hitting the forest floor overwhelmed me. Then the forest was ignited with flames. Everything glowed vibrant oranges and reds as heavy smoke smothered me from above. I threw myself to the ground desperate for any trace of clean air. As I attempted to crawl out of the flowers a new sound harmonized with the thunder paws, screams and howls for help terrorized me. I clawed at the ground desperate to escape the menacing choir. Fire licked my skin and I screamed for help. Sobs escaped my lips as flaming branches fell on me from above. The smell of burning flesh was the only thing that consumed me as everything went dark.

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default avatar
Love this book...️
2022-04-29 07:42:45
default avatar
Rebecca Schmelzer
Would love to finish this book but the site will not let me open it. I have 12 chapters left
2022-03-04 11:37:30
user avatar
marie cheryll melis
I Love Your Book
2022-02-15 15:20:21
default avatar
Louise Von Dohren Lane
This is a great read… hooked from the start.. love, loss, lust and drama.. well worth the read..
2022-02-02 07:33:30
user avatar
Amazing book. Loved it
2022-01-08 00:02:39
user avatar
Jessica Venditti
Great Book i normally never finish a book as it doesn't keep me interested long enough to wanna keep me reading, but this book did!! i love it thank you very well written
2022-01-03 16:48:42
default avatar
Loved it. Great story
2022-01-02 04:06:02
user avatar
Kirsty Black
I could reread this book over and over, I hope there's a sequel I need to know if mister clay gets caught.
2022-01-01 06:33:01
default avatar
Amazing story!! So well written & really appreciated the different POVs. Excited to read the sequel!
2021-12-29 11:57:28
user avatar
If you have enjoyed Once Upon An Alpha, the journey continues in Once Upon a Luna. See which pack members find their mates and what happens next in the life of Rose.
2021-12-12 22:08:49
user avatar
Susan Pearson
Absolutely LOVE this book...The storyline is refreshing, the characters are ones to remember and I'm excited for the sequel
2021-10-31 08:09:49
user avatar
Such a good book 10/10
2021-10-22 10:14:46
user avatar
The sequel, Once Upon a Luna, is officially on the app now.
2021-10-14 19:23:37
user avatar
I really really enjoyed this book!
2021-10-13 11:56:15
user avatar
Galaxi Ayubi
are there more chapters comming?
2021-09-26 17:51:43
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105 Chapters
Once upon a time, in a faraway land in an unknown time, there was a hidden forest shrouded in mystery and magic. The forest was full of mysterious flora and fauna, unlike anything any human had ever seen. In this unique forest, on this particular night, a soft breeze slowly slipped between branches and ruffled the grass. The breeze tickled a weeping willow in the heart of the forest, and its iridescent blooms danced in the cool spring air clinging to their home. The smell of honeysuckle and moss coaxed a single iridescent flower from its perch and gently cradled the flower to the lake. As the flower nestled onto the lake’s surface, a set of delicate fingers reached out towards the blossom. The fingers caressed the flower lovingly before scooping it up from the glistening water.    “Hello, little one,” a pure and sweet
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Chapter One
Rose   The sun shone in through the open window as a gentle breeze tickled my nose, wafting the comforting scent of my old books around my room. I cracked my eyes open and wiped them, trying to adjust to the morning light streaming in the room. It seems I had fallen asleep reading in the old worn-out leather comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom. I felt my wolf Delilah stir, but she gave in to the laziness and went back to sleep. I peeled my skin from the chair as I stretched. I closed one of my favorite fairytale books that I put myself to sleep with last night. As I climbed out of my chair, I put my book back on the bookshelf. My fingers grazed across the spines of my books as I wandered into my bathroom. I glanced into the mirror and grimaced. A red mark from my book and drool were present o
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Chapter Two
Rose   The Starlight Carnival came around to a few packs during the spring and summer months. This was the first time in over a decade that the Carnival came to Silver Crescent. We were a small peaceful pack tucked away in the dense forests of the Appalachian Mountains. Most of the human towns around us were run down and honestly depressing. I had wandered into towns when my parents first started to let me roam. They typically reeked of sadness and broken dreams. Typically storefront windows were smashed in. Creepy cobwebs hung down from the eaves like streamers as if the spiders were throwing a party for death. I tried to avoid the human towns after that. We rarely had werewolves from other packs visit. The Starlight Carnival was one of the few c
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Chapter Three
Rose     I woke up the day before my eighteenth birthday with the same familiar sweaty skin stuck to leather feeling. “Why do I even own a bed?” I muttered to myself as I pried my skin from the leather-like I did most mornings. I stretched before placing one of my well-loved books about the moon goddess back on the bookshelf. The songs of the cicadas crept into the room, letting me know that today was going to be hot. I opened my bedroom window further, desperately hoping a breeze would circulate the dead air. Nothing....nothing at all to ease the stifling atmosphere. I groaned before making my way to my dresser.    “Let’s go for
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Chapter Four
Rose   After the crazy dream, I decided to hang out with Matt until the sun started to edge behind the trees. He walked me home and only playfully tried to hit on me about ten times. That was an early birthday miracle in itself. Nothing of interest happened the rest of the day. As always, I reported back to Harriet about her boy toy before I read myself into a deep, peaceful slumber. Not a single dream of smoke or burning flesh, which I never knew was such a blessing until then.   The sun crept through the window on the morning of my eighteenth birthday. It danced across my eyelids, encouraging me to greet the day. As I stretched, I accidentally fell out of my cozy chair and hit the floor with a grunt. I rubbed my butt as I sulked.
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Chapter Five
RoseAfter the mind link ended, all the magical sounds of the carnival ceased to exist. Matthew grabbed Harriet’s face pulling her lips against his and stole a passionate kiss. Heather and I turned away to give them a moment. We only turned back when we heard him say four words.“I love you, Harriet.” He choked out as a tear ran down his cheek. He shredded his clothes as he shifted into his large molasses wolf with a white underbelly. He bolted towards the southern border visibly forcing himself to look to the border as Harriet crumbled to her knees.“You asshole! That’s not fair! That wasn’t part of the agreement !” She screamed after his wolf as the tears streamed down her cheeks. “I love you, too.” Harriet whimpered into her hands. Heather leaned down and hugged her sister from behind. To other packs, this probably would be no big deal. We are just a small pack in the middle of the mountains. We aren't a fighter rich pack, we are peaceful. What did we
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Chapter Six
Matt   After the mind link ended, an eerie silence engulfed the carnival grounds before people started to panic. Families took off running away from the Southern border, but the only person I could focus on was Harriet. I saw the horror beginning to take hold of her. I had to do something to distract her. I grabbed Harriet’s face, pulling her lips against mine as I stole a passionate kiss. I needed her to feel anything but fear.   Harriet and Heather didn’t have a dad anymore because of the last attack on our village. Fifteen years ago, there were the hunters. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it out alive.   ***Come on, Matthew. It’s an infestation of rogues. Leave your girlf
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Chapter Seven
RoseI whipped my head around after Harriet whispered his name. His back was macerated, claw marks exposed raw skin. Thin trails of blood trickled down his body. I just saw this body yesterday...the current sight made me recoil and gulp. His head started to twitch like he was searching for someone. His body slightly turned; only then is when we realized he was holding someone in his arms.“Heather,” Harriet gasped, and she clambered to her feet. Matt whipped his head once he saw her voice. Matt immediately ushered Heather to us. “Is she okay?” Harriet croaked, and she reached her hands up to her baby sister’s cheek.“Just knocked out. I found Heather unconscious near the flower and herb fields. There were some burning branches on top of her. I think she will be fine. She has some burns, but I think the smoke got to her. It was the worst area I had been in.” Matt kneeled and gently laid her on the ground as Harriet brushed Heather’s hair out of her face.“
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Chapter Eight
Rose   It was well past midnight as we continued to scour the village and forests for survivors. Our Alpha was dead, our Luna was dead, our Beta was dead, our warriors were dead, mothers were dead, fathers were dead, children were dead.  Our pack was a husk of what it used to be. Just thinking of it made me want to sink into myself, shutting out the world. I was lucky. My friends and my parents were still alive. I had never been so glad my siblings had moved onto larger packs, anywhere but here. When they found my dad, he had already started treating people. Most of the pack that was injured had burns, and luckily they were healing pretty quickly on their own. My arm was almost completely healed, most likely earning my first battle scar. An a
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Chapter Nine
MattI placed the call into the council around three in the morning. Silver Crescent had been attacked. I kept repeating it to myself. Trying to get it to sink in but desperately hoping it’s just a sick joke. There was no one else to do it. After the disastrous events of the night, everyone was a shell of their previous self. Heck, so was I. My dad died in the battle. He died protecting the people he loved, the pack he cherished. I’m proud to be his son, and I know he would have been proud of me for taking out the scum who killed Alpha Dane. I wish I could have killed them all. To take their lives, they took my only family member away from me. I was alone.After midnight some of the men and I had taken care of the bodies of the rogues. We loaded trucks and dumped them outside our territory off the side of the mountain into a rocky ravine. They did not deserve any more than that. Anyone who was injured was with Rose’s dad. Heather had woken up, but Harriet i
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