The Young Mistress Reincarnated: Do Not Provoke The Sweet Aristocratic Wife

The Young Mistress Reincarnated: Do Not Provoke The Sweet Aristocratic Wife

By:  Gong Second Miss  Completed
Language: English
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One accident led to An Xin waking up in the body of her best friend. The once domineering Miss An was now suddenly the gentle Madam Ye, but this does not mean that she is without thorns. The first thing to solve, is this cold and unapproachable husband of hers that makes her pity her best friend. At the same time, perhaps squeeze a pretty penny off some hustle, and save up so she can travel. Perhaps she will find a few hunks on the way and her newfound life would not be boring at all. But wait, why is the once unapproachable husband suddenly so clingy? Good sir, I am not your wife, and marrying me is impossible. promise to spoil me for the rest of my life, love me like nothing else, and to and over all your wealth and influence, and to be content coming home to do the chores and cook for me everyday. Perhaps then, I would sit on the couch and cheer you on!

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user avatar
Galihgalang Galih
story look interesting
2023-12-21 07:10:33
user avatar
Apol Ko
must read..interesting
2020-12-30 22:58:34
default avatar
Interesante la novela!!
2020-12-19 04:38:43
default avatar
Michelle Sze Wei Han
Waiting for ur update
2020-08-20 00:52:07
user avatar
clarenza jimenez
I love this story.
2021-04-24 17:03:56
user avatar
i think there are some missing chapters in between. The storyline doesnt continue and it jumps to another scene without explanation
2021-11-14 23:52:04
user avatar
Imran Abbas
good read, recommended to all
2020-12-28 00:23:42
user avatar
Czarena Hill
A good story overall. a few hiccups here and there, but a good story line.
2020-11-10 01:31:12
user avatar
goat X
Good start but after ch113 it seems to be a different story. The kidnapping is written in 2 different ways and ML and FL relationship return to the start when FL want to divorce. some nonsense and missing chap. The end is rush. why Xu Han is in prison at the end. FL and MF reconciled just like that?
2022-07-23 07:46:11
399 Chapters
Chapter 1
In a private hospital in A City. It was 3 in the afternoon. The sun was shining brightly outside the window, but inside the hospital room, it was cold and depressing. Ye Shaotang declined an important meeting to rush to the hospital. His secretary told him that the doctor had pronounced Xu Yi was dead. She had stopped breathing, and there was no heartbeat for half an hour, but…When he stepped into the hospital room, the doctor told him Xu Yi woke up three minutes ago.Very good. This woma
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Chapter 2
An Xin loved this face. But this was not her, it was her best friend, Xu Yi.What was going on?Ye Shaotang’s hands clenched into fists. He ignored the woman’s confusion, but instead, he could only see that this woman had forgotten their agreement and touched his face with her dirty hands. He could not stand that!Ye Shaotang pushed away Xu Yi’s hands rudely for the second time. There was a look of disgust in his eyes. “Are you that desperate to have skin contact with me?”Damn your skin c
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Chapter 3
His words were emotionless yet rational. It was as if the person in front of him was a stranger. It did not matter if the person was alive or dead as it would not affect him anyway. Xu Yi had known Ye Shaotang for five years and she had never seen him smile.She asked the doctor, “Who’s been here after she died?”The doctor looked at Xu Yi. His eyes expressed sympathy. “You and President Ye are the first people to come to visit Miss An.”So An Xin has been dead for three days, and no one fr
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Chapter 4
There was one scene in her memory. Zhao Yamei gave her doctor a card, and then looked at her lying on the hospital bed sinisterly. She moved her lips and uttered three words. At that moment, she was drowsy from being sick so she did not hear what she said clearly, but she knew now what she had said, it was: let her die.The elder sister, Xu Nuo’s face was filled with disgust. “Why did you come in with the hospital gown? What if you brought germs into the house? It’s fine if you die, but don’t
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Chapter 5
Xu Yi went back to her own room. She could still hear Xu Changrong’s screams of anger and Zhao Yamei’s sarcastic voice from downstairs. Those cheap and bitter words were like thorns piercing Xu Yi’s heart.The clean and fresh smell of Xu Yi’s shower cream lingered in the air. The soft smell of jasmine was just like her gentle and calm temperament. An Xin was feisty and petty. Those personalities had no relations with her name. Xu Yi was gentle and docile. She was generous with everyone, t
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Chapter 6
She was indeed nervous. She should be the dead one. Why Xu Yi?She was An Xin. The bar-hopping, hot-headed, An Xin that punched her stepmother at her father’s wedding. She was well-known for all the wrong reasons. The upper class all referred to her as the young mistress from hell. It was great being Xu Yi. Aside from the Xu Family and Ye Shaotang, everyone who had interacted with her all praised that she was exceptional.She collected the cold water in her cupped hands and splashed it onto
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Chapter 7
Xu Nuo was thinking about the same thing the whole day. Yesterday, she thought Xu Yi made a huge fuss because of An Xin’s death. However, today at this moment, she realized Xu Yi had changed!Not only Xu Nuo had changed, but Zhao Yamei also as well. Before this, Xu Yi was as timid as a mouse. She would not retort no matter how much they bullied her.But now, Xu Yi’s personality was like her best friend, An Xin. She would fall out with someone and became hostile. She would not care about anyo
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Chapter 8
She did not want to act rashly and alert the enemies, because she could not provoke the person who wanted her dead, be it Zhao Yamei or Ye Shaotang.Hao Shihua’s eyebrows furrowed tightly. “Did you find out anything?”Xu Yi tried to remember what happened that afternoon. She had the habit to drink a cup of Americano from Starbucks on the 5th of every month. Everyone around her knew this. She was fine every time she drank it, but that day, an hour after she drank the coffee, her heart started t
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Chapter 9
Xu Yi turned around and Zhang Shaodong was standing about 2 meters behind her. His gaze was complicated and seemed to pierce Xu Yi like nails. When she saw him, Xu Yi felt even more disgusted. She rolled her eyes, ignored him and continued talking to Hao Shihua.She had a short three-month relationship with Zhang Shaodong. When she was in her first year in university, Zhang Shaodong had always pestered Xu Yi. He also did crazy things like queuing up in the middle of the night to buy her gifts
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Chapter 10
Ye Shaotang was looking at her with a ruthless expression. His eyes were cold and his tone interrogative. “What’s going on?”She did not call Ye Shaotang. If he were to call her, she would have heard it.“You called me.”“Me?”Xu Yi took out her phone from her pocket. She looked at the duration of the call and understood what happened.She must have dialed Ye Shaotang’s number accidentally when Zhang Shaodong grabbed her just now.Wait...Did that mean Ye Shaotang heard everything she s
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