Chapter Five


"Is he ready to talk now?" I asked Victor, one of my most trusted warriors, as I looked around the basement boredly. 

It was past midnight and I was getting tired from the days job but the little fucker we had captured snooping around my borders wasn't willing to talk.

Victor turned to me, he was a tall man almost my height but I towered over him, over everyone. He had short blonde hair and a deep scar running down the side of his face narrowly missing his cold grey eyes. 

He was my second right hand man after my Beta and after he had proven himself worthy to me, he had gained my trust and now I trusted him with my life. 

"No Alpha, he still refuses to talk." Victor said and I yawned, pulling myself away from the wall I was resting against as I approached the captive. 

It was a man who was around his late thirties, he was strapped to the chair and bloodied from all the beating he had endured. His left eye was swollen shut and his other eyes looked up at me in fear. 

That's good. Fear me.

His lips spat out blood and his cheeks were bruised painfully but it was nothing to be compared to what I was about to do to him. 

He was wasting my time, and my time wasn't ever wasted, especially by someone as irrelevant as him.

Victor moved away as I stood in front of the man who had started to tremble at my presence as he tried to push the chair backwards. His face twisted in pain and his eyes filled with terror as I looked down on him in disgust. 

"What were you doing snooping outside my borders?" My voice boomed through the basement as I directed my question to the man who whimpered and shook his head in response. 

I smirked and snapped my fingers. 

Victor immediately went behind the man who looked around in fear of what was happening next. My right hand man pulled his hair backwards as the captive let out a painful scream.

Satisfaction filled my veins at the sound of his screams and Victor punched him across the face, he lost a tooth immediately. 

"Please.." The man begged and I chuckled darkly and he shivered uncontrollably in front of me as he peered up fearfully at me with one bloodied eye. 

"Begging makes me very angry, you shouldn't do that," I said as I took out a dagger from my boots and twirled it in my hand, the only light above us made the sharp bladed glitter and the man gasped in shock at the weapon I had pulled out. 

I looked back at the man who didn't take his eyes off the dagger. 

"I'll ask you one more time and if you fail to give me a reason I'll make you pay for it. Understood?" I smiled at him and he nodded his head vigorously splashing blood everywhere. 

"What were you doing outside my pack and who sent you?" I asked again and the man whimpered before opening his mouth to speak as blood spewed past it.

"N.n..nothing. Pl..please let me go." He struggled to say and I smirked.

"If there's anything I hated the most it's lying." I said before I grabbed his right hand and sliced off two fingers. 

Blood splattered against my white shirt and the man screams filled my ears like beautiful music and I looked at Victor who stood emotionless behind him. His expression was unreadable as usual. 

"Get me a chair." I ordered.

"Yes, Alpha." He responded before grabbing a chair and handing it to me, I sat in front of the motherfucker and forced his face to meet mine.

"Who sent you?" I asked again. "This time three fingers came off." I threatened and the man started to cry in pain.

"Please.." He pleaded and frowned at him before relaxing in my chair. 

"Do you want to know what my father always said about begging?" I asked and even though I knew he wasn't going to answer I continued. 

"He said it was weak for a man to beg, he is obliged to take whatever pain he gets and not utter a word of plea." I said, staring at the dagger in my hand. 

"You want to know the funniest thing?" I chuckled darkly. "The same fucker had begged too before I plunged this dagger into his throat." I laughed again before I faced the man once more, my face void of any emotion. 

"I know who you're working for without you even telling me. Jax sent you, that crazy fucker had sent you to spy on my pack and return back to him, didn't he?" I asked and the man whimpered again.

I pushed forward and sliced off three fingers from his left hand, splashing blood once more over my shirt as he roared in pain.

"Please... he'll kill me." The man pleaded in between cries and I looked at Victor giving him a nod. 

He slapped the man's face just as he was about to lose consciousness, blood dripping past his hand and his lips. Victor stepped backwards as the man looked up at me fearfully with tears filled eyes. 

But I didn't feel any ounce of pity. Infact, I hated when people peered up at me that way. It was pathetic and it made me angry.

"And what do you think I'll do to you?" I asked but I didn't wait for a response from him and I stood up and plunged the knife into his throat, drawing back my hand and plunging it in again. 

Blood splattered on my hand and on my shirt, a few getting on my face as the man gasped for air as blood seeped past his neck. His eyes looked up at me in fear before I heard the slow beating of his heart and then it finally stopped. 

I drew back my hand as the man fell limp on the floor and I wiped my hand over my white shirt, tucking my knife back in my boots and facing Victor.

"Clean this up." I ordered as I felt the basement. 

I was the Alpha of Blood Moon pack and I was known as The Blood Alpha. 

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Mark Jackson
Still trying to figure out if you meant to call this character Aries or if he truly is called Ares which sounds like arse (the English version of ass)
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Jeannine McEnerney
Poor girl. I hope she finds some peace
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Nice....a no nonsense man

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