The vampire King's young Mate

The vampire King's young Mate

By:  aleena K  Completed
Language: English
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In a world where humanity was lost because the superior race of vampires took over the inferior humans after coming out of hiding. It had been approximate 150 years since the vampires took control of the human world. The Vampire race was led by their one eternal king, William Montgomery considering a vampires' perpetual age. William was a ladies man; after all, he thought he had a right to have every pleasure in the world since he was king but even if he was the strongest creature alive, he was destined to a mate like any other average vampire. So what happens when his mate turns out to be a petty human but to top it all of only six years of age? From a young age, Amelia, a polite yet Feisty personality, had been treated better than all the other kids at her slave home, she never knew why but when a controlling, possessive and dangerously handsome man takes her in, she finally understands everything. Join Amelia and William on their emotional and crazy journey!

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Tricia Clark
Great story! Really enjoyed it. Wasn't drawn out like some.
2023-01-03 13:55:12
31 Chapters
Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner what so ever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.     WILLIAM MONTGOMERY   "Get out, " I said softly, velvety sheets of my king-sized bed draped across my naked torso.   " What? " asked the ever so naked blonde next to me.  
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WAIT (2)
WILLIAM "Are you telling me that I can't take my own mate to MY BLOODY CASTLE !" I roared "unfortunately sire, we can not endanger the life of our future queen. Yes we are the strongest empire but our strongest enemies are still lurking in the shadows and they are at their strongest right now; if it is found that the child in there is your mate, your enemies won't hesitate to eliminate her," replied Thomson. "You think I can't protect my own mate; you think I'm a weakling?" I questioned furiously. No one could question my authority and if they did dare to I'd kill them; Thomson was lucky because
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WILLIAMNINE YEARS LATER Nine years went by agonizingly slow; every single second felt like an eternity. In this long period of time without my mate, I had begun losing my temper to a point where I didn't feel sane anymore. People were afraid of me before, but now they were petrified. To calm myself down, I'd often visit my little angel at night. She was fifteen years of age now and as I had predicted, she had blossomed into a stunning beauty. I closed my eyes and let the breath, I was holding in, out which caused the glass in front of me to fog; I felt like a total creep standing outside a fifteen-year old's window watching her
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WANT (4)
AMELIAI felt as if I was floating on a cloud, my previous bed wasn't this comfortable and I could feel something cold around my waist but surprisingly it felt good, in fact, I had the best sleep I had in my whole life.  I tried prying my eyes open but I was just too fatigued because of the attack, as soon as the thought about the attack entered my mind a jolt of energy shot through my veins and I got up. My mind went back to the attack, I remember I had just showered and was about to head to bed when screams began echoing all around the house so I immediately made my way to the children. I had always been treated a little better than all the other
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WILLIAM "I don't understand. What exactly is a mate?" Amelia asked in a small voice. I moved to the bed and pulled her on my lap. "well,  a mate is somewhat like a soul mate. A vampire is born with half their soul and the other half is placed inside their partners or mates in this case; So when the vampire finally meets that person their souls finally come together making them complete. It feels like you were living with half a heart before them and everything comes together once they lay eyes on one another," I explained as best as I could. She looked thoughtful for a moment before looking
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WET (6)
AMELIA I couldn't believe the nerve of that man! He claimed that he loved me but treated me like I was some sort of a slave; I couldn't deny the sparks but I could try to ignore them. If he was telling the truth about being my mate I still couldn't be with him, he was much too older than me and even if surprisingly I looked past the age difference he was still a vampire and vampires are cold, ruthless creatures that can never love! I was certain of that thus I would never love him.  Without any intention, my eyes drifted down to my thighs where once the mysterious man's large hands grasped my skin. I had never felt anything like that, granted I had never even been in close proximity to a man bu
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WILLIAM "I WANT TO LEAVE NOW!" I sighed frustratedly as little Amelia began throwing one of her persistent tantrums. What I couldn't believe was how such a tiny body could handle this much screaming! This was her fifth tantrum in the last hour and I had finally had enough! Storming through the hallways I burst through my bedroom doors and saw the little minx sprawled over my bed with the right side of her face tucked into a pillow and the other side evident of red, puffy eyes that tear after tear slid from and her adorable button nose, a deep red shade.  It pained me to see her like this bu
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AMELIAAs the gentle wind swept up my hair I began thinking about my plan to escape, my gaze was fixated on the setting sun in front of me and it gave me a comforting feeling. I had asked William to let me out so that I could scope the area and find a safe route to decamp from. The branch I had climbed gave me a clear view of the vast grounds around me. I recounted the way William spoke about my family and my home, it angered me to no end but I had pretended to accept his not so apologetic apology because it was all part of my scheme. I had to prove myself to be trustworthy so that William could be more lenient on me and let me have a little more freedom so that when the time is right I'd leave without further complications.
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WILLIAM"What exactly do you mean?" I questioned with a threatening glare. The young vampire before me began trembling with utter fear. Rage, that's all I felt when the boy in front of me delivered a message from Dimitri Roosevelt. "Y-your highness, L-lord D-Dimitri is requesting a meeting w-with you,"  he stuttered out once more. "That bastard expects me to meet him in a civil manner and not take his head off?" I questioned with a smirk as I began stalking towards the boy with a predatory gaze."Y-Your Highness L-lord Dimitri wanted me to inform you that he and his men have taken over the northern territory and they are threatening to e-execute the p
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WHERE (10)
AMELIAI was somewhat cross towards William for shouting at me for no apparent reason but all that anger had subdued due to the sublime reading session I had with him in the royal library. I remembered his oddly soothing voice reading to me and then it all went blank as I slipped into a dreamless slumber. Upon my remembrance I looked around, expecting to find myself laid on the library sofa on which William had perched me up on his lap but I was surprised when I looked around to see the all too familiar bedroom lit up with a soft glow of floor lamp that stood dauntingly at the right corner of the room. Throwing the silk sheets that covered my body at the end of the bed I got up; I was pleased to see myself in the same floral ankle-length dress I had donned
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