The veil

The veil

By:  Angie Pichardo  Ongoing
Language: English
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What can a veil hide? Would you fall in love with a person who never shows her face? Why is she irresistible to him, though he has never seen more than her eyes protruding the thin fabric? What is she hiding and why is everything about this woman mysterious and secretive? It is a veil, a past, secrets, omissions, and a new love that has everything against it. Do you want to discover the mystery of the veil?

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1
"He is like a meek dove fighting against injustice, while I come from hell itself."    ***   The branches of the trees were an obstacle to his haste. That dark and pathless forest was taking its toll on him since he had no free space to ride in; even so, he did not stop. Aimlessly, with cold sweat all over his body and blood pouring from his side, he used what little energy he had left to escape. The branches hit him mercilessly and, thanks to the darkness, he would not know when they would hit his face, causing his eyes to burn; however, he rode at full speed with only one thought: to save his life. The branches stopped his attack bringing relief to his face. He didn't know if he was hallucinating, but he thought he saw the end of the forest and a light. He stopped his gai
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Chapter 2
 The smell of chicken soup caused his mouth to water and his stomach growled restlessly and desperately to receive such a longed-for broth that, according to the aroma, promised to be a delight.Three days had passed and his wound looked better and he could stand up, albeit with difficulty, but at least he could stand on his feet for a few seconds. Despite the squalor of the place, he did not complain about the treatment he received, which, although his hostess was not much to speak of, kept him well-fed, changed his sheets often, and helped him bathe. He was anxious to recover or, failing that, to be found by his men so that he would no longer be a burden for that woman who, besides looking after him and feeding him, had to sleep on the floor, since the bed was too small for both of them. “It was delicious, thank you very much,”
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Chapter 3
 Her heartbeat was so agitated and intense that she thought she could hear it. “Tun-tun, tun-tun…” The sounds kept repeating in her head as if she was being chased by those palpitations. She didn't know where she had gotten so much energy since her body was weak. Was it the survival instinct? She didn't know! She only wanted to achieve her goal: to escape for her life. With her bare feet, ignoring the thorns on the path or the small stones that were embedded in his soles, she ran with all her strength and breath. She had to make it, she had to escape from that hell. The sweat, the bugs, and the strands of hair sticking to her skin were wreaking havoc on her escape. Her wounds stung and blood ran down her legs; she smiled as she saw the exit and then, everything was dark. (...) 
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Chapter 4
 “Samuel!” Arthur ran in the direction of the tall brown-haired man with yellow eyes. “Sir, you’re alive! I knew it! Triton is a good horse, he led us to this place. We found him wandering in the fields near this region and he led us to this forest” Samuel expressed with marked emotion. “Who are they?” Sam approached Arthur with trepidation. “They are my trusted men, they found me thanks to Triton. He stroked the horse's forehead. You're not a crow, after all,” he kissed him. “Then you'll be back,” Sam commented with sadness in her eyes. “Sir, you must come with us immediately, the Jones have declared you dead and want t
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Chapter 5
 Arthur was caressed by the cool breeze of his region, which greeted him with clouds in the sky. Arriving at his ranch, he got off his horse and Raul led him to the stable. Arthur walked with fists clenched and chest erect, to confront the intruders who had broken into his property. “You are not our masters, our master is Arthur Connovan!” one of the workers shouted indignantly. They had had enough of the abuses of these thieving intruders. “Arthur? The dead one? He has already passed on to a better life and, since Arthur has no heirs, these lands pass into our hands,” a young man, with short blond hair, blue eyes, and great height, said cynically. “Henry Jones!" Arthur called out to him with an indignant face, the blond widened his eyes in surprise. "As y
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Chapter 6
She crept closer as tears streamed down her face. The door was half open and that made her spying easier. Why was she torturing herself? Her hands were shaking and her heart ached, it wasn't fair! She should be there, she should be enjoying that intimacy.Sam woke up with tears in her eyes, dreaming about her memories opened that wound she tried to ignore because she didn't know how to heal it. Loneliness gnawed at her bones, maybe it was what she deserved after all. She was presumptuous to desire love, companionship, passion. Why? She shook her head trying to throw out those harmful thoughts, it was amazing how the evil words of others could hurt so much that, you end up believing them. No, she shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to love and feel loved, she shouldn't think so low of herself and blame herself for wanting to have passion in her life, for wanting to experience pleasure, if it existed. 
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Chapter 7
 “Sam…” he stammered in shock. She avoided his gaze and distanced herself, not wanting him to see her so haggard and dirty. “Get away from me,” she uttered almost in a whisper and stood up on her feet intending to leave. This couldn't be happening to her, why did she have to show up at her worst moment? She couldn't stand the embarrassment and awkwardness. Him, so cute and neat; in fine clothes and expensive jewelry, perfumed with that delicious scent. And she, a malnourished, dirty beggar dressed in rags. It was a nightmare that the man she liked -because even though six long months had passed without seeing him, her feelings for him surfaced just by hearing his voice-, would see her in those clothes and with that stench. She had to run away, she couldn't bear to be in his presence a second longer. &ldquo
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Chapter 8
Three months had passed. Sam had regained her weight and her skin was not pale anymore. Every day she looked more energetic and healthy and she no longer seemed as shy as when she first arrived at the ranch. Raul kept following her around asking her imprudent questions and trying to find out why she was covering her face, but she ignored him and only laughed at his witticisms. “I owe the boss a lot,” the boy sat down on the grass and put a twig in his mouth. “My parents died in a shootout when I was ten and I spent three years living on the streets and stealing in the markets to be able to eat. One day a man selling apples caught me stealing from him and chased me with a rifle. I ran into Mr. Connovan and he assured the man that he would punish me and he did. He demanded I clean the stable and then pulled me by the ears because I wouldn't bathe. When he fed me, bought me clothes, an
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Chapter 9
Sam lay down on his father's bed and hugged his pillow. She missed him so much! Even though it had been four months since his death, she still wasn't over him. She was alone and with no one to comfort her. Her father was an orphan who got to where he was through hard work and the mercy of a doctor, who trained him in the field of medicine. At that time not so much was demanded of doctors and some people practiced freely, a cause of death for many patients who believed in untrained doctors. Her father not only taught her how the human body worked, but he also taught her about the medicinal power of plants. She became very good at it and even took classes with professionals, she stopped her studies when she got engaged with the promise to resume them after a year of marriage, so she could give quality time to her husband. Her heart ached, for she did not know if their relationship could be called a marriage. Daniel was not the same man she had known yea
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Chapter 10
“You're useless!” The redhead girl spat with superiority. “Always thinking you're better than everyone else, and look at you, you're nobody, Samay.“What do you want, Barbara?” she simply couldn't stand her and only wished she would leave his room.“For you, Mrs. Barbara. You're just a squatter in my house, I'm tired of you and of you looking lustfully at my husband. Daniel is mine, Samay, don't flatter yourself.”“Stop talking nonsense! Daniel is my husband and this is my house. I'm dad's heiress, the only one who's stuck up here is you.”“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..." The redhead girl laughed mockingly. “Your husband? You disgust him, Samay. Just so you know what your place is, Daniel and I have been a couple since before he "pretended" to you. Who do you think he sleeps with all night? Samay, Daniel would never touch you as he does me, he an
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