The werewolf and his princess

The werewolf and his princess

By:  Roelien  Completed
Language: English
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Sapphire Cline is the daughter of the most powerful vampire alive. She is the daughter of the King of the vampires. Her father always taught her to keep the bloodline clean. How will she and her father react when they find out that she is mated to a werewolf?

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44 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sapphire POV I walk around my room. I look at the book that I just placed down on my nightstand. My father gave me another book on the history of vampires. I don't even know why I have to learn all this. I am not even second in line that is my brother Victor Cline's territory but who can go against the king of the vampires.
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Chapter 2
Andrew POVI cannot believe I have to go to this stupid ball tomorrow. I hate wearing a suit. Why do they have to do this to us? I asked Derric our Alpha for a leave of absence and he promised me I can leave as soon as the ball was over. Edward said he will take my place as beta once I left.
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Chapter 3
Andrew POVWe checked into the hotel. Derric has rent the whole upper level for us. I don't mind I like my privacy. Emelia and Derric went to their rooms while Edward and I went to check out the hotel bar.Since this is a human hotel we still need to be careful showing
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Chapter 4
Sapphire POV"Mate."I heard the loud growl from where I was standing on top of the staircase. I feel the mate bond pulling at me and I realize that it was my mate's growl. I have some mixed feelings. I feel happy and sad at the same moment.
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Chapter 5
Andrew POVI walk towards my mate hoping I can have a few minutes alone with her. Fate clearly had other plans with me at that moment.I only got a few meters when I was stopped by 4 big guys. They looked like royals guards once I got a good look at their clothes.
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Chapter 6
Sapphire POVI rushed into the throne room, but the only people there are the cleaning crew and a few guards. I guess my father asked them to clean up Andrew's blood. I looked around and see all the blood and that just makes me even angrier at my father. I walk up to one of the guards.
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Chapter 7
Sapphire POV.I have been back in the castle for almost a full day. My mother has not yet come to see me about the wedding and that makes me happy. maybe she will stay away but I can only hope. The only people I saw is the guards that came to bring me my food.The door
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Chapter 8
Sapphire POVI have been locked up in my room for a week now. My father finally gave me back the computer but he still hasn't given me back my phone. I am also not allowed to roam the halls.  My brother has come to visit me each and every day. So I guess this lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. Victor and I have not been closer than we are right now and it is kind of ironic since I am almost leaving.
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Chapter 9
Andrew POVI have been locked up in my brain and I don't know for how long. I keep hearing Derric and Emelia's voices. They keep telling me everything will be okay. Lately, I have heard my mother and father's voices too. My mother just sits next to me crying while my father tells me about what is happening in the world.
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Chapter 10
Andrew POVDreamI walk in a long hallway. I hear a noise at the end of the hall. I walk towards the noise. Once I open the door I see Sapphire in a wedding dress. She looks so beautiful. I see tears in her eyes. I look around and see the r
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