Their One and Only

Their One and Only

By:  Rose Marley  Completed
Language: English
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Jasmine had a best friend for years then one day she woke up and he was just gone. No note, nothing. She learned how to move on with her life without her best friend. What happens when one night her boss walks her to her car because of a stalker and she ends up being reunited with her childhood best friend? Has too much time gone by between them that the friendship is left in the past? How does her boss, his brother, and their two best friends react to this reunion? How will they react to all the trauma she has endured through the years? Can they help her believe in love again and make them her one and only?

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42 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Thanks again Daemon,” Jasmine said as she wiped down the bar and grabbed her stuff. “That text just really creeped me out because I blocked his number, and he is still finding me.” “It’s not a problem,” he said as he looked around the empty bar. “I walk all the girls to their cars and have them text me when they get home, so I know they are safe.” “I know that but still,” she shrugged as she locked up and then sighed. “I just appreciate it.” “Of course,” He nodded as he walked her to her car. “When are you going to bring this by my shop so I can work on it?” “Why again are you working as a bouncer at this joint when you have your own mechanic shops with one of your three brothers or best friends? What are they to you again?” She asked as she looked in her bag for her keys. “Gives me something to do,” he shrugged. “I like to stay busy.” “Well, I’m glad,” she said as she unlocked her car. She tried starting it, but it wouldn’t start. “That’s strange,” She frowned, “I made sure I
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Chapter 2
“What?” She asked as she came out of the bathroom and walked over to where he was standing. “Oh that,” She smiled sadly. “My childhood best friend gave me that. He wore a matching one that he made. He was very talented.”“Do you still talk to him?” he asked curiously.“No,” She spoke sadly. “We were best friends from the time I was seven to like fourteen, I think. Then one night he and his mom were just gone. I never found out what happened, but I do think about him constantly.” She sighed sadly, “He helped me through some very dark times in my life. My parents weren’t the best, but he helped me through so much that I don’t know if I would be here if I didn’t have him in my life.”“Hey what’s going on in here?” Lucian asked coming over.“She was telling me about her childhood best friend that made and gave her this,” Daemon said pointing to the bracelet. “But the friend and his mom disappeared from her life one night.”Lucian forced back a gasp when he saw it. “What was his name?”She
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Chapter 3
“No what Father gibe me,” Lilly shook her head and Jasmine turned to look at her confused.“What did your father try to give you Lilly?” Jasmine asked trying to remain calm.“Slimy peabut bubber,” Lilly shook her head and Jasmine softly gasped.“Lilly, you didn’t eat it did you Baby Girl?” She asked kneeling down in front of her daughter. “Lilly, did you eat the peanut butter?”“No Mommy,” Iris shook her head and Jasmine’s smile lit up the room. Daemon and Lucian looked at each other intrigued. “I memer you say no eat peabut bubber. I no eat it. Father got mad me Mommy.”“I’m sorry Lilly, but I think he forgot you are allergic,” Jasmine kissed Lilly’s hands. “I’m so glad you remembered and didn’t eat it Baby Girl, you know what? I think this calls for ice cream for being such a big girl and remembering such an important thing. Will you go potty and wash your hands and I’ll go ask my friends to borrow their car since Mommy’s is being silly, please?”“Otay Mommy,” Lilly beamed and rushe
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Chapter 4
“Raze is making the food now but said we don’t have any ice cream,” Lucian said hanging up his phone. “I will head to the store and get some once I know what kind to get everyone.”“Whoa there Little One, who all do you have with you?” Asher asked as the spitting clone of Jasmine walked into the living room.“Gumby Bear, Pichu, Twhywhite Spakle, Spite,” she said nervously.“Dude, I love Pikachu and Grumpy Bear,” Asher smiled hugely. “I don’t know the other ones sorry, but I think it’s cool you have a dragon.”“That Spite,” She smiled shyly.“That’s Twilight Sparkle’s little dragon buddy Spike,” Jasmine smiled as she came into the room with a couple of backpacks. “I just need to get the meds from the kitchen, and I think we have everything for the night. Clothes, toothbrushes, brushes, her blanket…” She trailed off thinking. “Oh, I need to get her favorite cup also. Sweetie, why don’t you give me all your buddies and go get a couple of your movies? Daemon, Asher, and Lucian don’t have
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Chapter 5
“Wow,” She whispered when they pulled up to a large mansion. “You like?” Daemon asked and she nodded. “It’s beautiful, Daemon,” She whispered. “Mommy, berry lies,” Lilly gasped in awe. “I see the fairy lights,” Jasmine smiled softly as she got her daughter out of the car. “Raze likes to keep them up all year round,” Lucian smiled as he pulled the backpacks and ice cream out of the car while Asher grabbed the bags of movies and stuff animals. “Come on in,” Lucian smiled, “Home sweet home.” “Hey guys, finished just in time,” Raze said as he came out of the kitchen. “Who’s the little girl that loves chicken nuggies and French fries?” “Oh me!” Lilly beamed as she turned away from Jasmine’s chest to look at the six-foot four man with long black hair, olive skin, and bright blue shining eyes. “Dat me!” Jasmine looked up from looking at her daughter
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Chapter 6
“Promise?” She sniffled as she looked up at him with tears still streaming down her face. “Promise, promise,” He smiled sadly as he wiped them away. “I swear it.” He kissed her nose then chuckled as some tears got on his lips. “How do you know the guys anyway?” “I work for Daemon as a bartender,” She answered sniffled. “Well, I did, I don’t know about now with everything going on.” “We will discuss that later,” Raze said wiping her tears again. “Hey, sorry to bother you two,” Daemon said coming into the room. “Speaking of the devil,” Raze chuckled making her giggle. Daemon looked at them confused then shook his head, “Anyway, um, Little One ate five chicken nuggets and some fries and drank all her apple juice. Can she have that ice cream now?” “Chocolate chip cookie dough?” Raze asked and Daemon smirked. “Oh, she’s why that’s the only flavor you will
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Chapter 7
“The stalker left a sticker on her car and sent a text that showed me, Lucian, Asher, and the girls along with her ex in her yard when the ex was dropping off Little One. He claimed the girls would be his after he deals with us and the ex.” “Fuck that,” Raze growled. “Exactly,” Daemon nodded in agreement. “The ex, Mason,” he said his name like it was acid, “oh boy, that asshole.” “What did he say?” Raze asked. “I record every conversation since I left him,” She whispered as she played with his necklace. “For evidence in case he ever tries to dispute anything while I try to save up money to continue with the divorce. I filed but he’s refusing so it’s ugh.” “Can I hear it please?” Raze asked. “You’re not going to like it,” Daemon warned and Raze nodded. “Here’s the text,” She whispered as she showed him the message from the stalker. Raze tightened his grip on her and took a de
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Chapter 8
“Here’s the bathroom,” Raze said as he opened a door. “Thank you,” She smiled softly. “Come on Lilly, let’s get your teeth and hair brushed.” “No baffy Mommy, me seepy,” She yawned. “You can take one tomorrow,” Jasmine nodded, “It’s way past our beddy time.” “Look at you two,” Raze smiled as Lilly came out in her Care Bear pajamas and Jasmine in black leggings and large black skull shirt. “Mommy tory?” Lilly asked as they got on the air mattress in the media room while Asher put the Pokémon DVD on. “Just a small one, okay? Jasmine asked. “It’s really late.” Lilly nodded and Jasmine thought for a moment, “Which one?” “My fabrit,” Lilly whined, and Jasmine smiled. “Oh, that one,” She cleared her throat, “Okay, once upon a time there was a little girl with long black hair and gray eyes,”“Wike me,” Lilly smiled, and Jasmine smiled.“Exactly like you. Well, she w
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Chapter 9
“Shhh, come here Little Flower, let Mommy sleep a little longer,” Jasmine started to wake feeling her daughter start to leave her arms. She tightened her hold on her and forced herself to wake up even though she was so exhausted. “Let go Trouble,” Raze’s thick sleep filled voice filled her ears behind her. “It’s just Daemon getting Little One since she’s awake.” “I’m awake,” Jasmine yawned and let go to stretch. “No,” Raze growled tightening his hold on her stomach. “You were up and down all night, go back to sleep.” “My daughter’s awake so I’m awake,” Jasmine yawned again but tried to scoot closer to him anyway, making him chuckle. “Just lay with me while he gets her some breakfast, okay?” Raze asked and she hummed while nodding into his chest. “We will get up in just a little bit.” She breathed in his scent of cigarettes, leather, and something that reminded her of the forest. It was just something uniqu
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Chapter 10
“Don’t make me repeat myself, Jasmine,” Mason’s voice filled the air. “You know what happens when you piss me off.”“I’m sorry Mason, I was taking care of Lilly. She had a hard time sleeping last night. What did you say?” She asked softly. “Seriously?” Mason yelled, “So fucking stupid.” He sighed, “Where the fuck are you? I want my daughter and you aren’t at the fucking house that I fucking bought you with the stupid ass money you insisted on having when you tried to fucking leave me. That house is mine or did you fucking forget that? You didn’t get very far from me if you are still living in the stupid ass building you call a house. It’s a fucking shed. Quit your fucking shit Jasmine and get your shit together. You are still my fucking wife and I want my goddamn daughter. Now where the fuck are you?” “You said you were done with me Mason,” she said blinking back tears. “You said you didn’t want Lilly and you didn’t want the marriage when I found you ch
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