Theodore, At Your Service

Theodore, At Your Service

By:  Maxiel Linda  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Butlers don't just serve, they fight and solve crimes!” Kidnapping in the richest town in Paris, France became rampant and not just any normal kidnapping but this mysterious and notorious group only kidnaps heiresses or the daughters of rich families and merchants in France and those girls are hard to find by the police forces and officials. That notorious group kidnaps the girls without leaving a trace. In order to investigate this matter as well as catching the criminals and masterminds behind this, Theodore Doyle, a police intelligence spy was hired to investigate and was hired to pretend as a butler inside the House of de Saint-Germain, one of the richest, wealthiest family in France and he’ll be servicing Claudette de Saint-Germain who will also be the next target of the kidnapping syndicate.

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14 Chapters
Theodore, At Your Service
THEODORE, AT YOUR SERVICEAlternate Title: Theodore, The Spy Butlerwritten by: Maxiel Linda(you can follow me on Twitter @RosesAndMaxiel. On IG: @_itsmemaxiesumagang_)  
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SYNOPSIS/TEASER “Butlers don’t just serve, they fight and solve crimes!” Kidnapping in the richest town in Paris, France became rampant and not
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“WHO WOULD REALLY think WE’LL BE THIS LUCKY?” an anonymous man said as he stared at the girl who was tied up in her seat, head low. The girl is wearing an expensive Victorian Steampunk Dickens Red Gown Theater Corset Dress that only a rich girl and a daughter from the upper-class family like her could wear and afford.The place was old and cold. It’s the full moon but it’s still cold for the girl’s liking. The place smells filthy, gross that anytime she could puke.
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CHAPITRE UN: The Spy Named Theodore Doyle
 "HELP!"A loud shout from the woman can be heard from the Marché in a town in France. Everyone turned their heads in her direction and they saw her pointing at a guy in his black hoodie jacket running away from her. “There’s a robber! He robbed my bag! Somebody help me!!!”
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CHAPITRE DEUX: The House of de Saint-Germain
THEODORE WAS SILENTLY SITTING IN FRONT of the Brigadier Major and Brigadier Chief of the Police Nationale of town. The Brigadier Major was in his early 50s while the Brigadier Chief was around his mid 40s. They may look older than him but they’re showing too much respect on him. He somehow finds it ridiculous, though.Somehow, the Brigadier Chief couldn’t help but stare at him in confusion and awe. He knew that spies do disguises to blend in to their surroundings and they couldn’t be identified but somehow, he just find Theodore’s appearance ridiculous.
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CHAPITRE TROIS: Claudette de Saint-Germain
THEODORE LOOKED HIMSELF AT THE MIRROR after he fixed his black tailcoat and collar. His hair was semi-slicked with his fringe shaped like a comma. He already wore suits on his past missions but this is the first time he’s going to wear a tailcoat as a butler, not as someone who pretends to attend a party under someone’s name who didn’t really exist.He looked so goddamn formal with his getup.
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CHAPITRE QUATRE: The Robber, The Lady and The Butler
CLAUDETTE SMELLED SOMETHING IN THE AIR THAT SHE EVEN SQUINTED HER EYES to confirm it. “Gun powder.”I smelled gun powder.For someone who actually loves to play gun-shooting in her leisure time, she actually knew the the smell of gun powder from bullets.
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“TODAY ON BFM TV FRANCE. ANOTHER CASE OF KIDNAPPING ONCE AGAIN happened today as a beautiful teenage girl and the daughter of the CEO of Anouilh Shipping Lines, Margot Anouilh went missing. Witnesses mentioned that they saw her enter a coffee shop and never came out again. The said coffee shop was under investigation but investigations came out that they never saw Margot after taking the restroom. The parents of Margot Anouilh were desperately begging for the kidnappers to release their child and begging for everyone to come out about their child’s mysterious disappearance…”
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 THE MYSTERIOUS HANDSOME GUY WITH A WHITE HAIR took Claudette to the circle of couples dancing on the dance floor, waltzing her expertly. She’ll be going to admit, she actually enjoyed waltzing with the guy around the dance floor but she still had this feeling that she’s uncomfortable with the guy’s presence. And as minutes passed by as she danced with the guy, she felt that even if she wanted to avert her gaze, she couldn’t. She felt like she’s got hypnotized by the man’s gaze that she couldn’t help but feel slight dizziness while dancing. She even couldn’t recognize the guy’s face due to her blurry vision.
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 THEODORE ENTERED CLAUDETTE’S STUDY ROOM AFTER HER TUTOR WENT OUT to finally go home. It was already three in the afternoon so he brought her afternoon tea.“Theodore, look,” after Theodore served her tea and a piece of red velvet cake, he showed her something from her laptop. “Our lesson in Biology. My tutor mentioned the list of the poisonous snakes in the world and the second one caught my attention.”
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