In love with my professor

In love with my professor

By:  Elixir Winters  Completed
Language: English
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Timothy Holden, is the heir to the Holden empire group, a family conglomerate business. Timothy has a rude personality, he was a womanizer until he meets a girl and have one night stand with her. Jennifer Hudson is a high school student and stays all alone with the feeling of being abandoned by her parents. Jennifer and her best friend, Edward Duke Snowden, the heir of Snowden's enterprise, stays by her side while hiding his true identity. Jennifer gets caught in a love triangle with Timothy Holden who comes to her school, pretending a Math teacher, and her best friend Edward Duke Snowden. The spell of the love triangle between them got broken when Edward was achieving success after taking over the family business and he meets an art gallery curator, Vanessa Frost, and their personalities clashes. What will happen when these four people meet again with the different types of personalities and wrong circumstances? Can romance survive between haves and have-nots? {The book is not edited, might encounter some spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes.) INSTAGRAM:- elixir_author Gmail:-

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  This book will contain content that is not suitable for certain audiences. So if you are not okay with the mature contents then I suggest you not read it.        I will not be putting up warnings for the chapters that contain mature content.         I feel as though that will ruin the flow of the story and will give away what's to come.Of course, any copying, translating, or just plain plagiarism will not be taken lightly.  Therefore, If you are under the age of 18 and bypass this warning, it's all on you. If you're uncomfortable anytime during this book, then exit peacefully. please      I love and appreciate your comments. I gladly like to hear what any of you might say With that all out of the way, I hope you enjoy this book    ❤️WELCOME TO THE BOOK❤️✨In
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It wasn't until two days later that I saw him again. When I went to the club to pick up your purse. My eyes were wide, possibly thinking my mind was playing tricks on me.  But I rolled my eyes and walked to him, "What are you doing here again? probably waiting for your next prey.... isn't it?" He just cockily smile, " Hey kitten how are you?" What do you think of yourself, and I'm not your kitten. That was just a one-night stand. ..." I looked at the ground not wanting to remember that. "I'm here to bring you this" he flashes my purse in front of me and I grabbed at it. "Uh,huhh", he moved it away."Daddy would like a kiss first." He smiled, taunting me on purpose.  "Right. well, 'daddy` can keep my purse so that you'll remember how you tricked a girl and took her virginity just to satisfy your urge."  I tried to hide my tears and turned
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❤️ JENNIFER POV❤️ Why can't he just leave me alone? Firstly he used me and he's showing sympathy..... I was on my way back home when I got a notification. I checked it and it was saying that my tuition fees have been deposited. I hurriedly went back to know who paid my fee and somewhat I knew it was Timothy. But they said it was paid by an anonymous person. They don't have any information about it.....  I came back home thinking about who could it be... but I fall asleep as soon as my body hit the bed cause as I was so tired.       ✨NEXT MORNING ✨ I woke up with the chirping of birds. I almost forgot I have to attend my classes from now on. And I'm was getting. I hurriedly got ready and goes ran to attend my class. But as usual, I'm late, damn it. I hurriedly went to sit on the corner seat.  &
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❤️ Jennifer Pov❤️           --------                   8:00AM          --------- I walk into the lecture theatre and a chill runs up my spine the moment I realize it's empty. The room was empty and there isn't any single soul in the room except for one." You made it."   "Was class canceled?" I asked, eyes darting around the room as I took in just how alone I'm with my professor.       "Nope, you're right on time." Timothy walks towards the seats away from his desk. He brushes by me, completely ignoring my state of confusion as he sits down next to my seat.              "Then where is everyone?" I look at him, face presses into a frown. He opens up a book in fro
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❤️ Timothy' POV❤️   My eyes never leaving Jennifer and that guy putting his hands on her unceasingly. I nibble on my inner cheek. My heart thumps in my chest as soon as I see the boys sitting right beside her. He wraps his hand around her and hugs her, both acting as something more than just friends and stabbing me multiple times in my chest at their intimate closeness and touches.           I swallow all the bitterness as I'm witnessing everything, his hands on her back, his body tightly pressed against her, and the way they both laugh when say something to her.     "Edward I would like you to retrieve your seat, why don't you understand when I say that I don't like any changes in my class, "I speak out with rudeness but I can't help... I get jealous whenever I see a man with her.   "Alri
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→Three days later← ☾ ° Jennifer' POV° ☽ ✯ In canteen ✯ "Damn!!" Edward lands on the seat right next to me, exhausted cause we're having regular classes since morning without any break. I chuckle at his behavior but leans over the table on which my tray of food laid. "Eat lazy man," I tease him and grab hold of my strawberry milk to put the straw in it, and sip on it. "I'm not lazy I'm just lacking energy on a daily basis." he pouts and moves towards his own food. " Hey look what I took for you," he holds a banana up, smiling at me as Jacob frowned at him. "Me? Why? I point my finger at myself, wondering what is wrong with him today to say that." Every day at school you bring an apple to eat and I'm tired of seeing you rejecting the Banana which is good for your health, so please, Jennifer, he grabs my hand to turn it upside down and lay the fruit on the palm of it. "Eat my Banana." Jacob instantly bursts into tears of laughter, finding this
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°❤️° Jennifer' POV °❤️°  "Shit" I cursed under my breath as I wake up in my best friend's bedroom.       I sit up on the bed as I look around, my heart thumping against my chest. I hear the door creaking open.         "Oh, you're awake.." Edward chimes as he enters the bedroom. "You should get ready before we're both late" he chuckles as he sits down on the bed, the mattress sinking with his weight. I curl my legs towards me, avoiding touching him.        "What happened?" I rubbed my eyes, trying to get myself more alert before looking back at him.       "You fell asleep peacefully on my bed" his head tilting to the right as his lips stretching into a warm smile.          "
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❤️ Timothy' POV❤️ Everyone was doing their work, except Jennifer, I get up from my seat and take a tour of the classroom, checking everyone if they're doing their work or not. I reach to her seat and find her writing something but it's not the math exercise that I told everyone to do. What is she writing with so much concentration? I peek at her notebook, I take a glimpse of some words which gives a fire sensation into my body.          "I know your good at writing novels, but miss Jennifer this is not the right time to do it." She jumps on her seat by my voice and shut her notebook to hide the things that she wrote and look straight away. I flatten my hand on her desk and bend over to look at her face. "What were you writing Miss Jennifer?". I ask her still known what was it.          She doesn't answer me but just toy with her pen. So I snatch her n
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❤️❤️❤️ Jennifer' POV❤️❤️❤️               ❤️NEXT DAY❤️  "Your writing skills are stunning...."  I halt my way at the sound of this sentence when I was in front of my classroom door, not believing what he just said and what it means. I turn around to look at him, standing on his spot with his leather bag in his hand and his strong arms on which is hung his black jacket, and he's staring at me with his pitch-black eyes that always have a strong impact and power on me, no matter the expression and emotions they exude, I'm always enthralled.                    "What did you say?" I hold my breath back, feeling certain pressure onto my shoulders just to imagine him reading my notebook and my personal story. " I like the way you write."   
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❤️ Jennifer' POV ❤️❤️NEXT DAY❤️   I come early before Edward today because I need to retrieve my notebook from that monster. I walk in the direction of the classroom to finally face the room, slide open the door, and go inside. He was already there, his hands tucked in his pockets and leaning back on the sliding door he looks at me and locked the door behind us.   "Give me my not----" I shut my mouth from shock as his hands grabbed my arm to pin me against the wall. His strong body pressed on mine with his hands firmly laid on the flat surface hurting my back. He looks deeply into my eyes, his sharp and warm breathing heating on my skin as the current closeness making me choke on air.    "Why were you holding his hand?" he grabbed my jaw with his on-hand tightly, squeezing my cheeks. He rasps in a steady but in a strict voice,
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