Three Months Long

Three Months Long

By:  Mercy Innocent  Ongoing
Language: English
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Three months long is a book centred on love, romance and betrayal. It talks about what some people consider important in a relationship, and how certain decisions affect people. Olivia, the main character is at the center of a love triangle but still convinced herself to push forward against all odds.

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7 Chapters
The Plot
 Three Months Long is a story set in Abuja, in predominantly two districts, Wuye and Jabi. Peter and Olivia are in love and want to have a future together. However, Olivia is older than Peter by a few years and already a graduate while Peter is still a freshman in the university . While Peter’s family is not perturbed about the difference in age and academics , Olivia’s family won't have any of it. Peter promises Olivia a forever love but will their love stand the stern test from their parents and the Nigerian society where it's expected for a man to be several years older than his partner? As the story unravels, love, fear, uncertainty, parental pressures determination, t
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Chapter One: Love versus Value
 ...1st JanuaryIt was Monday morning at about 5:30 a.m. on the 1
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Chapter Two: A New Feeling
  Peter’s kid sister called on the phone the next morning.‘Olivia you have bewitched my brother. All he talks about is y
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Chapter Three: Better Days Ahead
Peter and I grew closer with each passing day until it became totally impossible to stay without seeing him in a day. Mum and dad had no problem with him visiting because they knew him as my best friend. But the question still remained; what’d happen when they find us out?His parents, on the other hand, suspected we were dating and his Mum tried to find out from Peter how serious we were by calling me  her daughter-in-law, and he responded by telling her to slow down and let time decide.
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Chapter four: Distance
 Peter called me every morning until it became a routine.  He’d tell me his plan for his day in detail and explain how much he missed me. He became my personal alarm clock. He’d call 5:30 am every day before going for his morning jog. He was a sucker for fitness.  Peter always had a new sweet text for me every day and I also sent him some too to compliment his.
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Chapter Five: The visit
We had gone almost two weeks into the month of February and it was Monday morning around 10 am on the 12th February 2019, when I received a video call from Peter. As I picked, he greeted me with a song by Christiana Perri, A Thousand Years. He sang along as the song was played at the background. He smiled along and blew kisses to me, with a look on this face that felt like “I want you.”I smiled and sang along. ...I have loved you for a thousand yearsI’ll love you for a thousand more...After singing, we talked about how much we had missed one another and some things going on. I told him how my advanced classes were going, and he, in turn, explained how he was faring at school and how some lecturers behave and also how girls are tripping for him.‘babe, your boyfriend is the talk of the campus, every girl wants me but I am reserved for only you, baby.’ As we spoke, a female figure passed behind looking somewhat scantily dressed; a crop top and a bum short. S
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Chapter six: Unlikely Friendship
After the party, I stayed with my parents for two days before moving back to John’s while Hannah went back to school the very next day after the birthday party.Stella and I became the most unlikely of friends, we had so much to contend about but yet we seemed to have come to an agreement that we would flow with the tides and go wherever the river tides take us. We grew so close that we look forward to hearing from each other every day.On the morning of the 17th February 2018, she called me up, guess what Olive, she said.What! I replied. I got myself an apartment she said excitedly. Wow, I repliedBet you didn’t know dad gave me some money when I was about leaving the house, and I got myself a place, I am tired of seeing his face every day, I need my space dear. I am happy, I replied, Peter has been playing the both of us she continued, he really doesn’t want to choose. I... Stella, I cut in, can we refrain from talking about Peter, it pisses me off that I wasted my emotions on a bo
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