To You From You

To You From You

By:  Dee_ink  Completed
Language: English
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Just as she’s starting her new life in Las Vegas, she gets an urgent call to return home to Atlanta. Deila Barbson could be stubborn, witty…among other things but she wasn’t the rogue her family thought her to be so she answered with equal urgency oblivious to what awaited her— her past. She’s faced with the person that’s haunted her beautiful nightmares everyday for two years. Betrayed by her heart, she found herself running again from whom she still longed for as the very air she breaths. Breathing was as difficult as commitments. Would she stand unbroken or she melt under his touch? Time they said healed every wound so why did his heart still bleed at the sight of the woman that left him shattered sixteen months ago? Hard-headed as he was, James Martin felt open as if it were yesterday he got stood up on his planned proposal dinner. He wanted answers, from her, from himself; why didn’t he feel anger towards her for breaking his heart? Why was his heart still thudding with hope at the sight of her? Why did Deila still unman him as if he wasn’t the macho CEO that intimidated even the Mayor? And most importantly, why did she return? Behind the unwilling woman and broken man was the dark secret both their families shared. What would be keeping them apart? Their ego? Or the family secret? Warning: This book contains mature words and sexual encounters that aren't suitable for readers under the age of 18.

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1- Recall
This book contains mature contentDeila's POVBeep. Beep.The shrill sound of my alarm clock jolted me awake, I grumbled in my sleepy state, willing myself to return to my calm and sleeping state. I shut my eyes but the only thing I could do was steer and steer until I peeled my lids open. Who in the hell would send a message at this time of the day darn it!? I sighed, my brows rising when I realized I didn't have the slightest idea of what time of the day it was. How would I? When I was just jolted from the sweetest and most beautiful sleep I've had in a very long time. much for personalizing asleep.Yawning as I stretched to reach the side of my not so big bed for my phone, my grip tightened on it harder than I'd intended. I couldn't blame myself, I was still vexed that my sweet sleep had been interrupted with.Double tapping on the screen of my phone, I winced from the light it sourced as it came on. Damn eye burns. My eyes roamed on the screen, inquiring from it what
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Chapter 2- Home
Deila's povI hauled myself out of the bathroom, horridly getting dressed. I was about to sit down to complete little gaps in my writing when I heard a disrupting noise from outside. A car horn. I shifted the curtains to see a car parked outside. On the body of the car was written Best To Drive Motors. I tilted my head,
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Chapter 3- Darkness
Deila's povA lot of things were running through my mind as the feeling of dread snuck in. I was calculating the steps I'd have to take before I reached the door and run for my life and at the same time calculating the steps I'd have to take to grab the lamp at the side of my bed and smack the person on their head. My breath increased rapidly as I tried to fre
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Chapter 4- Serious jokes
James's pov"What!?" I stared at my mum wide-eyed."What do you mean I've no choice?" I asked again when I didn't get an immediate reply from her.
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Chapter 5- Dad drama
James's povMature content
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Chapter 6- The offer
Deila's pov "Come on sis." Sia stuck out her bottom lips. "Try on the lengthy one."  I tilted my head to the side. "When it comes to dresses, I don't like anything that passes my thighs and you know that, Sia."  
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Chapter 7- Say 'him'
Deila’s pov The softness of the mattress was enough to make me sleep through the night like a babe. Rolling awake on the bed, I realized just how much I missed my comfy bed, and I loved having it back. Not that the bed at my apartment in LA wasn't comfy, but this bed had something special that screamed home.
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Chapter 8- Pre-wedding dinner
James’s pov "Jamie! Dawn's here," I heard mum announced from outside my room.  Even though I was relieved as I hadn’t seen him for a whole week, I rolled my eyes feigning nonchalance.  
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Chapter 9- Pre-wedding dinner 2
 Deila's pov "Wake up already!" The wail was awfully close to my ears.  I cringed, struggling to open my eyes. They eventually opened to see Sia with the smuggest look I'd ever seen.  By God! I exclaimed mentally.
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Chapter 10- Honey eyes
James's pov When she turned her back to me, I knew she was going to walk away if I didn't stop her.  "Dei," I called, and started to second thoughts.  
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