Chapter 4 Who Is He?

Janice knocked her head hard on the ground and said, “I swear I’ll never disturb your lives again, Miss White. Please don’t complain to Mr. Crawford, and please don’t ask him to retract Jared’s right of inheritance. It’s all my fault…”

Gwen had no idea what she was talking about!

Her head ached, and she got off her bed shakily while putting her hand on the wound.

Before she had even touched Janice, Janice suddenly raised her hand to slap herself and fell to one side. “Ah —”

“Bam!” The ward’s door was suddenly opened, and Jared, who had somehow returned after leaving, rushed in.

He pushed Gwen away before she could even explain. “Gwen White, how dare you bully Janice again!”

Gwen fell to the ground, and her forehead was bleeding so much that she almost passed out.

Janice sobbed. “Jared, I love you, I love you so much that I’m willing to die, but Miss White said she’ll ask your dad to retract your right of inheritance if we’re still together. I can’t watch you lose everythi
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Miriam Mabalot
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Jennifer Dadulla
are you sucking money from people? is it really worth it to pay 300 for one chapter....since one peso is equivalent to 1coin...pls do some action on this...very disgusting.
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how to earn coins to read this book please help me I really want to read this book .is this book available on any other platform

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