Chapter 9 Janice Sanders, Go To Hell!

Gwen still woke up early the next day, and she was ready to visit her mom at the hospital again.

When she went downstairs, she was surprised to see Janice sitting on the couch.

It was evident that Janice was waiting for her because Janice spoke as soon as she appeared, “Gwen White, do you want to know how Jared started liking me?”

Gwen ignored her and continued heading toward the door.

However, Janice chuckled behind her back. “It’s related to you. Do you remember when the club organized a barbeque event on an island five years ago? It was when we were third-year university students.”

‘That…’ Gwen could not help but stop.

Janice slowly approached her while touching her stomach, which was still flat.

“During the event, Jared ate some dirty seafood, so he vomited, had diarrhea, and was unconscious due to a fever. Nobody brought medicine, and we couldn’t leave because of the high tide, so everyone didn’t know what to do.

“In the end, you risked your life by going ashore in
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too much high drama that it's so unrelatable.. i don't feel anything while reading

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