Trapped Between Vampire and Alpha

Trapped Between Vampire and Alpha

By:  TheGoddess  Completed
Language: English
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For you who like hot and steamy werewolf romance story, this novel will blow your mind... Sabrina, a Crimson Witch who was reborn, but lost most of her past life's memories must be caught in the middle of a power struggle between Werewolves and Vampires. David, the prince of vampires, has been waiting for the incarnation of the Crimson Witch to complete his powers and destroy all Werewolves on earth. Meanwhile, Andrei the werewolf finds out that his intimacy with Sabrina can revive his strength which he has lost since his Luna died. Both men use their power in the modern world to achieve their goals and make Sabrina their own. David, who is the CEO of a well-known company, and Andrei, the mafia boss, compete with each other and make Sabrina's life even more complicated. Sabrina must try to bring back the memories that have been haunting her mind and control the power of fire, which she sometimes cannot contain. On the other hand, she couldn't resist David's charms and really enjoyed Andrei's prowess in bed. What will Sabrina's fate be at the hands of these two supernatural beings? To whom will Sabrina's love be anchored? What will happen when Sabrina's memories as the Crimson Witch come back? Find the answer in this novel.

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Lumi Lite
No. Just no. Raping a woman without remorse and then touching while she's unconsciousness in the next few chapters is disgusting no matter how sexy the alpha is. I tried to enjoy this book but just no
2023-11-22 14:03:45
128 Chapters
1. Bloody Banquet
Sabrina ran down the corridor of a luxury hotel, where she was invited to attend a welcoming party for new employees of the most prominent company in Bucharest, Romania.Sweat dripped down her face which now made her cheap make-up fade away. Sabrina kept running barefoot as fast as she could while carrying a pair of her high heels in her hands so she can run faster.Tears flowing down in her cheeks while her breaths began to pan out because she was haunted by fear.What she witnessed in the party room earlier was horrifying. The party that was supposed to be a banquet to welcome new employees, had turned into an arena for slaughter and banquets for the monsters she had always thought of as humans before."God... please save me," Sabrina pleaded in a choked voice.That girl with curly brown hair quickly turned at the end of the corridor to where the elevator was. It was the only way out of the building.Thud!Sabrina bounced back and fell when her tiny body accidentally bumped into a h
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2. The Chase
Meanwhile, on the fourth floor. Sabrina, who was confused as to why the elevator couldn't take her to the ground floor, was forced to get out of the elevator and look for another one.Sabrina seemed to be spending too much time trying to figure out how to escape the building, so David's two henchmen already reach to the fourth floor and started hunting for the girl.Luckily Sabrina knew of their existence beforehand. Sabrina remembered very well the two men who guarding the door to the banquet room when she first arrived. Sabrina quickly ran in the opposite direction of those two vampires, who had not yet noticed her presence. Again, because she was too panicked and controlled by the fear that haunted her, Sabrina became careless so that she tripped over her own feet and fell with her head hitting the floor so hard. A long buzzing and ringing voice filled her ears as her head throbbing violently. Sabrina then tried to get up by holding the doorknob that was right beside her.
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3. Heated Desire
"No, please don't do that!" Sabrina whispered back with her eyes closed."Yeah, smart-ass, keep refusing! Don't let me enjoy you so easily! Come on, strugle like before!" The man whispered again with tender voice in Sabrina's ear.The man then kissed Sabrina's plump lips again. Meanwhile, without breaking the kiss, the man tried to dip his two fingers into Sabrina's intimate part, causing the girl to wince in pain.Unfortunately, the man had trouble inserting his two fingers so he tried again with only his middle finger. Sabrina gripped the man's shoulder tightly as his middle finger slashed through the heavenly gates and barged in without permission."Ooh, you're so tight. Are you still new to this job? How many guy already inside you?" The man asked again. Sabrina shook her head but her voice choked, unable to answer."Hmmm, you make me can't hold back any longer. What a classy night woman," The man muttered again as he tore the only clothes on Sabrina's body."Aaaah!" Sabrina scre
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4. Strange Woman
Andrei scanned the room. What was the food he ate earlier? Or the kind of wine he drank? Or is there something else that he missed? However, according to his memory, what he ate, drank, and did today was no different from any other day. Except...Andrei's gaze was focused on Sabrina who was still staring at him since she was afraid of him."Who are you again?" The man asked again, this time in a much softer tone."Sabrina," Sabrina answered quietly. She didn't want to imagine what he would do to her if she didn't answer his question for several time."Why are you entered this room?" asked Andrei again.“I want to hide,” Sabrina replied in trembling voice."who do you want to hide from?" asked Andrei again who became even more curious about Sabrina's answer.“From… monsters,” Sabrina replied after thinking for a moment.Andrei raised his eyebrow. He couldn't understand what she meant. After all, Lucas, his assistant who was supposed to be guarding the door, shouldn't have let just anyo
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5. Escape
Andrei and Lucas couldn't help but stare at Sabrina's transformation, which was originally brown-haired, gradually turned into a bright red color, when the girl looked up to fight the burning feeling in her chest, they could see her eyebrows which were originally dark color also turned orange.A puff of white smoke enveloped Sabrina's naked body. Sabrina was then screaming as if she was enduring pain and not long after, there was an explosion of energy from the woman's body which turned into a blaze.Lucas gasped in surprise at the flames that had started to burn the bed. Andrei, who was previously sitting on the edge of the bed, just swiftly grabbed the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall not far from the bed.The hissing sound of the fire extinguisher filled the room. The puff of white foam piled up on the bed, where Sabrina had flared up earlier. Once the fire was extinguished, the room fell silent for a moment. Neither Lucas nor Andrei uttered a word.Andrei then unravel the whi
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6. Back to Housepack
Andrei jumped onto the roof of every building he passed. Jumped over them one by one and paused to see Lucas behind him catching up with him."We have to take this girl away and don't let them take her back!" Andrei ordered Lucas in a slightly louder voice so that his subordinates would listen to his orders."Ready Sir!" Lucas answered loudly and prepared his sharp nails to tear all the flesh of the vampires who were still trying to chase them.Andrei again jumps to another building with his super strength, making his jump like light. Very fast and hard to catch.Sabrina could only remain silent in Andrei's arms. She continued to pray that she would be saved from the vampires who wanted her blood. Andrei Sabrina's bathrobe was held tightly so that it wouldn't be exposed when they were hit by the strong wind that hit them because the speed that Andrei used was as fast as lightning."Sir, where are you taking me?" asked Sabrina in Andrei's arms."I will take you to a safe place, Miss,"
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7. Prisoner
It had been days since Andrei had taken his flock to hide in the old mansion, his former hiding place. However, even though a long time had passed, Sabrina, who was brought along by the man to be hidden from the Vampire pack led by David, was still unconscious.In the old mansion where they had just been, it was impossible to get information regarding why Sabrina had fainted. Therefore, despite being overwhelmed by confusion, Andrei, who felt responsible as the one who brought the woman to his base, could only mobilize his subordinates to treat Sabrina. The men wondered if Sabrina had any internal injuries after the explosion."Rose, have you found out what caused her unconsciousness?" asked Andre.Rose, the Healer who worked at the Silver Moon Pack then shook her head slowly. Actually, she didn't want to disappoint her master with this kind of answer. But unfortunately, she could not do anything because the healing power she currently possessed could not detect the abnormality in Sab
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8. Temptation
Having failed to get anything out of his attempt to fuck Sabrina, Andrei, who feels empty from the one-sided fuck, tries to distract himself by talking to his best friend and confidant in the pack, Lucas.After they returned from the hotel to celebrate Andrei's birthday some time ago, the two friends had not been able to talk much to each other. Andrei was still focused on Sabrina, while Lucas was forced to help Heimzel organize the mansion, since their pack was moving unexpectedly.Andrei knew that it was impossible for Heimzel, his deputy, to do all the Pack's work alone. Therefore, he momentarily allowed Lucas, his friend and personal assistant, to help him organize the pack members in the unfamiliar mansion.Nonetheless, it was time for Andrei to get his friend back, because the frustrated man needed a friend to talk to. To that end, after exiting the dungeon where Sabrina was kept, the man headed straight to Heimzel's room to retrieve his assistant."Heimzel, I want to take my Lu
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9. Awake
Sabrina was still unconscious, in her dream she was transported to an old palace in the middle of the wilderness. The air in that place felt cold tickling the skin and made Sabrina shudder in horror. Suddenly there was a black shadow that ran so fast from behind but when Sabrina turned her head there was nothing there, leaving only the shadow of her own body."What is this place?" muttered Sabrina with a shiver.When she turned her head back to the front, David's face was suddenly in front of her, staring at her as if he wanted to pounce. Sabrina tried to ask David for help to get out of this place. Instead, David grinned and showed his two bloodied canines."Sir, please take me out of here, I'm so scared," Sabrina pleaded."What are you afraid of?" said David with a grin."Akhhh!" cried Sabrina in surprise.Suddenly David pounced on Sabrina and sniffed her neck, the delicious smell of blood was obvious. Sabrina rebelled and tried to break free from David's grip. She managed to run bu
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10. Wrath of the Vampire
Andrei looked at Sabrina who was sleeping on her back in the dungeon. Sabrina's face was pale and her condition was weakened after what happened to her just now. For a few moments Andrei looked at Sabrina's face and again he felt like there was a great power flowing in his body. "It's true, she's the one I've been looking for," Andrei muttered with a smirk.Andrei didn't understand why every time he made love to Sabrina there was a vibration that he had never felt before. Suddenly Sabrina woke up and slowly opened her eyes, suddenly she was surprised to see Andrei who had been standing still looking at her naked body without a single thread. "Why are you looking at me with that look," Sabrina said with wide eyes. "Of course I'm looking at the beauty in front of my eyes right now," Andrei replied with a smile."Let me leave here, I want to go back to my home," Sabrina said in a discordant tone."No, you're safe here. You know there's something evil out there threatening your safety,
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