Trapped by the Billionaire beast

Trapped by the Billionaire beast

By:  Maginator  Updated just now
Language: English
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“I know you are a beast but I need exactly one to protect my child because only one beast can fight another, Mr Hemsworth.” Evan Conon Hemsworth blinked slowly while trying to read her mind but He couldn't. Not that He complained because the girl who had been haunting his dreams for years, was finally standing in front of him willingly, at his mercy. “And what can you do for my protection, Miss Perez!” Helena swallowed the thick lump in her throat seeing his gleaming crystal blue eyes looking at her expectedly. “What you wanted from me before! I will sleep with you!” And the man in front of her, who turns the people’s blood cold with his mere gaze, chuckled darkly. “Nah! Having you under me is my left-hand’s job, Helena Perez. What I want from you is more than just one night.” Helena Perez knew she already entered the lion’s den from where it was impossible to return until He allowed her to. But would He even let her ever go? She paid the price for her son's protection by being stuck between two powerful people who could ruin her in the blink of an eye. After getting an ugly betrayal from her ex-fiance, abandonment from her parents, and humiliation from the world, Helena had to live a tough life of being a single mom with a six-year-old son for whose protection she was forced to make a deal with the beast, A billionaire beast! Ps: This is a stand-alone story but if you want to see glimpses of the main characters you can read my other book “Chaotic Temptations” Otherwise you can enjoy the powerful and spicy chemistry of them here itself.

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usrat fahmida
glad that you back with another new story ...️ i am existing to know more about them
2024-06-03 01:28:03
default avatar
is this the continuation of chaotic temptation or a complete different plot??
2024-05-28 23:46:25
user avatar
hey author what is the scheduled of this book, I mean when do you update daily ir in alternative days?
2024-05-28 15:11:03
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Lean Cantara
glad you're back Maginator..i miss you..story of Helena and Evan from chaotic temptation..i know i'm going to love're amazing..
2024-05-26 15:22:41
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u nk
interesting story... I have read all stories of this author... all her stories are so different from one another ... must read ...won't be disappointed....
2024-05-23 03:41:29
user avatar
thrilling & interesting
2024-05-22 23:32:45
user avatar
Catty Wheels
Evan is finally here! it's so much more than I expected. Gosh, this is already a fun ride.
2024-05-22 21:30:49
25 Chapters
CHAPTER-1 : The worst betrayal
Two pink stripes mean positive. Helena kept staring at the pregnancy test in her hand and her eyes welled up with tears. She was crying and smiling at the same time not believing she had a small life inside her. Her happiness couldn't be defined in words at this moment. She figured it out when her menstruation was missed for the last two months. But now she was sure of it. Helena placed her hand on her flat belly and sighed. The dream of a beautiful future welcomed her vision.Enthusiastically, Helena left early from her business trip to go back to her fiance. She was going to surprise him with happy news today itself. It was almost a three-hour flight but it felt like an eternity to her. Nonetheless, the moment she reached Milan, Helena didn't waste a second, she hired a cab and directly went to meet Elijah in his office. She smiled at everyone who greeted her on the way. Her happiness was shining in her eyes as she reached the CEO’s cabin on the twenty-first floor. “Miss Gelati
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CHAPTER-2: Disowned
“So what's the problem? You should go and apologise to Elijah and your sister.” Rita, Helena’s stepmother said, crossing her hands across her chest and levelling a glare to Helana. “You finally realise your place. You were the one who was running after Elijah and never gave him space with your clingy behaviour. So now he knows what's best for him. Now let Victoria and Elijah be happy, Helena. They both love each other and it would be cheap to come in between two lovers. Let them live their lives.”Helena looked at her step-mother stunned. Did she hear her right? “Apologise to them!” She sneered at her stepmother but what could she even have expected from that woman? Helena held her father's arm and questioned him. “Dad, are you hearing what she is saying? Won't you say anything to her, Victoria and Elijah cheated on me. They took Mama’s land from me, Dad. Help me get that land back. It was Mom’s dream to open an orphanage there.”Just then Victoria arrived there with a crying face.
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CHAPTER-3: New beginning or end
Helena stood like a stone in front of her mother's grave while someone’s last rites were being performed behind her. Her eyes welled with tears and her mother's name blurred on the gravestone but she controlled her emotions. She came here to ask for strength from her mother, not cry out like a weak girl. “I have hired a lawyer. Your dream will come alive, Mom,” She said firmly. The betrayal from her family and fiancee destroyed her but they couldn't break her spirit. Helena was going to fight back every single one of them. “I'm sorry, Mom. I couldn't protect your last inheritance but now I have decided to fight back, Mom!” she inhaled sharply when a cold breeze touched her skin. “I love you,” she whispered and bent to put the flowers in her mother's graveyard but stilled when she heard someone’s grunt followed by heavy breathing. Helena frowned when the sound came again, it was from behind her mother's grave. She clutched the flowers tightly in her hands and stepped forward to check
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CHAPTER-4: New owner
****SEVEN YEARS LATER****The room was thick with tension. The scent of smoke and expensive liquor hung in the air of the hotel's cabin which Evan Conan Hemsworth came to take over. His cold blue eyes stared at the owner of the hotel frostily. “My time is precious, Carmine. Your Hotel caught my eye and It became Hemsworth property. The price I am offering you is good and fair,” He stated authoritatively, leaning back in the chair comfortably. “But…But I don't want to sell my Hotel, Mr Hemsworth,” Carmine stuttered, this Hotel was his bread and butter and he had no plans of selling it anytime soon. But he was also scared for his life, the man sitting in front of him was not only a billionaire businessman. No, He holds another identity. There were dark rumours about him, rumours that everyone in their world knew were facts. Under the expensive tailor-made suit hides the brutal lethal Mafia head who ruled the crime world of Italy with an iron fist. The man who had risen from the stre
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CHAPTER-5: New job
Helena wanted to scream in pain but words didn't leave her mouth. The smell of gasoline and blood filled her senses and it was becoming hard for her to breathe. She wanted to move her hands but everything was aching in her body. She managed to peel her eyes open but shrieked when she eyed the blood all over her body. “NO..”..Helena gasped loudly, snapping her eyes open and sitting upright. Her body was sweating badly as she looked around the familiar room. “It was a nightmare, Leena. A nightmare,” She whispered and wiped the sweat off her forehead. After a long time she had this nightmare again because Helena slept thinking about that horrible incident which that man with cold blue eyes reminded her of. He opened her old wounds once again, the pain of this nightmare was still raw. Physically, her wounds might have healed but her soul was still bleeding. That ugly night was still fresh in her mind.She still remembered waking up in the hospital bed feeling empty and barren. “We ar
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CHAPTER-6: Ugly past
Instinctively, Helena took a step back as fear clutched her senses. Everything she went through in the last seven years passed through her memory lane. The pain, the fear, the struggle, the humiliation and not to mention the baby she lost. They killed her baby and they did all this to snatch her mother’s land from her. “You?” Giovanni Rossi’s eyes hardened, recognizing the girl standing in front of him. Although she had plastered thick makeup on her face, and her body too grew like a woman now, nothing could be hidden away from Giovanni’s sharp eyes.“Helena, is that you?” He asked in a grave tone. She averted her gaze from him, not responding as her legs turned weak suddenly. Was Evan really connected to Rossi? Giovanni eyed her from head to toe. She was supposed to be dead so how come! Helena was wearing an ugly attire worn by waitresses here. “What are you doing here?”Elijah told him that she was dead. But she was clearly not and this could be a problem for Giovanni as this girl
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CHAPTER-7: Evan Conan Hemsworth
Helena shook her head. “No. We can talk here, out of the car if you want but I am…” Before she could even finish or react Gevin pushed her inside the car and closed the door. “Open this door right now, Mr Rossi or I will scream.” She screeched, hitting the window. “Shut up and sit silently. This is not Evan’s office and he is not here to protect you!” Giovanni hissed. “It won't take me a minute to finish your life, Helena.”“Mr Rossi.” She tried to act brave.Giovanni nodded curtly. She had something he wanted and he was going to take it from her anyhow. When he asked one of his spies to find more about Helena, he was expecting her to be in a relationship with Evan but to his shock this woman was living with a kid, her child. Giovanni’s heir. His blood! His grandson! Giovanni was jolted at the news. But it was something that peaked his interest. “Now listen to me clearly, Helena. You have something I want. And from the past experiences you must know to what level I can go to take
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CHAPTER-8: Monsters
“She has a child, Boss.” Evan who had his eyes closed, gripped the marker in his hand hard and his body went rigid hearing Richard’s reluctant words. “A child?” He demanded in a sharp tone before opening his eyes and throwing a cold gaze to Richard who gave Evan a nod before placing the file in front of him. Evan snapped his eyes to the file and was stunned to read that she lives with a six years old kid. “And surprisingly she is friends with Isabel Ruiz.” Isabel, his best buddy’s wife! Evan looked at her pictures with her son and one of them was from his friend’s marriage which Evan attended but only for an hour. Damn his life! So He couldn't see her there! Evan silently clenched his jaws reading this new piece of information about the woman who turned his nights sleepless for the last seven years. And a child! He didn't understand how to digest this news. He closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, the woman once again brought restlessness in him and Evan didn't know how
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CHAPTER-9: I want you
Evan Conan Hemsworth leaned back in his chair and watched Helena with his cold blue eyes assertively. He was still dealing with the shocking information that Helena was a mother of a six-year-old kid! What the fuck had happened during these seven years and who was the bastard of her child? He will surely dig into this later! “Three minutes of your time are already finished, Miss Perez. Did you ask for this meeting to sit in my office like a statue or are you going to say something?” Evan finally asked, his voice deep and authoritative. Helena snatched her eyes from her hands and looked up at Him. She was in deep thoughts of how to ask for his help. Should she start straight away? But time was limited and she couldn't waste it in thinking how to fill him with her situation. “I am sorry, I was thinking, Mr Hemsworth,” She said, her voice breathy as she spoke. Evan squinted his eyes while tapping on the desk thrice with his finger. “You must have done that before coming here, Miss P
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CHAPTER-10: Deal with the Beast
“Marry you?” Helena whispered as she was still in a haze over the situation. “But why do you want to marry me?” She asked, Helena was stunned by his absurd demand. Why would the powerful billionaire ask such a thing from her? Evan’s lips stretched as He gave her an estranged smile before leaning back. “You don't have to bother with it, Miss Perez. All you have to do is agree to be my wife and I promise you that no one will be able to glance at you in a wrong manner let alone hurting you and your son will forever be yours.” Helena kept staring at him for a long minute before words finally found her voice. “I want to know why, Mr Hemsworth. What will you get by marrying me? I am nobody.” Evan’s eyes sparkled for a moment, He gazed over her beautiful features. “You will be known as Mrs Evan Conan Hemsworth after marrying me. Is there any better protection for you than wearing my name behind yours as armour, Miss Perez?” He asked, setting his eyes on hers. Helena still looked at h
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