Travails of Oluwole

Travails of Oluwole

By:  Ulric Efukor  Ongoing
Language: English
63 ratings
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The autobiography of the sorrowful life of a young boy amidst joy. A cruel and unforgettable past. Wickedness beyond recognition. Born to a busy and ignorant father. Nurtured in the cruel arms of his stepmother. Fate, love and hurdles surround his young life. Having God as the only voice that listens to him. Holding on to hope that light still exists at the end of the tunnel - A moral-filled book that threatens to keep you glued until the end. A book based on African settings, names and themes.

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An overall engaging book mixed with a beautiful narrative style keeps readers turning pages:)
2020-08-02 08:42:36
user avatar
I really like your writing skill dear keep it up ✌️?
2020-07-24 18:27:05
user avatar
Jessie summers
Your blurb had me in a trance. I think i'm in love with your writing style.
2020-07-22 16:46:45
user avatar
2020-07-20 10:32:30
user avatar
Bella b
nice story
2020-07-20 08:16:00
user avatar
Ladipo Michael
I'm impressed!. The beginning is enticing enough to attract. I'll definitely try to read to the end. Good job
2020-07-20 07:22:12
user avatar
the book is great
2020-07-15 21:06:01
user avatar
Calliope Hidalgo
I liked how you write the introduction! I will continue reading this! And it also talks about religion, Padayon! (It's a Filipino word which means keep going)
2020-07-15 09:32:57
user avatar
Osuagwu Alexander
Really Cool.
2020-07-14 18:49:26
user avatar
wow a great read
2020-07-14 05:01:16
user avatar
Exceptional ✨keep writing
2020-07-12 06:03:23
user avatar
I love what I've read so far. This is a brilliant piece ❤
2020-07-12 00:10:07
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MaryMae Panes
Man! This is sooooo interesting! The way you give point of view of an africans and the way you write all the situation in a good thing? That was amazing! I can’t wait to read more chapters!
2020-07-11 10:28:34
user avatar
Hira Baig
Very hooking story. I am so lost in it. You have done a marvelous job author, bravo.
2020-07-11 07:57:03
user avatar
Ebony Rose
very gripping from the start and easy to picture the characters from the descriptions given. looking forward to see how this plays out for him in the end
2020-07-11 06:22:23
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167 Chapters
The Genesis
Dressed in a plain white sleeve, with a cobalt blue coat draped over a smart pair of trousers of the same tone, and an attractive pair of cufflinks holding on to his cuffs was Professor Wole. With the properly knotted polka dot tie on his neck, he looked exquisitely dashing!It was his 64th birthday. At 64 years of age, Professor Oluwole Ajayimore looked more youthful than his age foretold of him. His years on earth had taken so little a toll on his physical appearance. I looked at my eyes in the mirror as I adjusted my crooked but ever functioning glasses. I could see the healed scar still placed on it. My face still bore the scars of a past bruise, a very dreadful experience that I would forever hark back to. I lifted my eyes to my old but treasured collection on my bedroom shelf and gave a smile. I took a picture frame of himself off the shelf stared at it and beaming with smiles and light laughter in between, I held it close to my chest. So close that it threatened to sink into m
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A Boy Called Wole
Tunde bought a lot of toys for Oluwole as a young lad. He wanted to use his wealth to ensure that his dear son was very comfortable. He felt that comfort was the best way he could share his love, especially since his birth mother was not there to give it to him. Few years into their marriage, Kate began to grow and nurture hatred towards Oluwole. She felt Tunde showed him so much love and care and she became very bitter towards Oluwole, such that even his mere presence irritated her. She became so jealous of Oluwole because she wanted all of Tunde’s attention to herself.Not that she loved Tunde, Kate never really married Tunde out of love. Katherine had married him because of his fat wallet. More so, he was rich, hardworking and was much more successful than all her other suitors. As a result of this, their love life was dead. Hell broke loose for Oluwole when Kate gave birth to her first child, Mirabel. Kate made sure he was beaten at every slightest offence, even when it wasn’t
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Tragedy Strikes
Tunde had gotten himself in a pickle.After closing from work early and on his way back home, Tunde was attacked by armed robbers. It seemed like their prior aim was to rob him of all he had there. They had made away with his car and all the valuable assets in it, with a handful of punches, they bundled him into a nearby farmland and gang beat him. They left him in more or less a lifeless state. The seldom movement of his head was amongst others a sign that strength though diminutive, was still in him.About half an hour later over their departure, the owner of the farmland where Tunde had been left in an unconscious state, came by his farm to round up for the day. As he ventured far into his farmland, he came to find an unknown figure, Tunde almost unconscious. He reached out to him in his blood-filled state and tried to get out of him any information that would be relevant in assisting him. The farmer seemed to be aware of the fact that he must have been ambushed and robbed. Upon s
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His Stepmother
When Kate had come to pick Oluwole up from school, his teachers made several complaints to her.She casted a nasty look at Oluwole and his tears began to flow again. Oluwole knew within himself that now that his father was paralyzed, Kate would deal with him mercilessly and there would be nothing his father could be able to do about it.“Why were you sleeping while your teachers were teaching today, Oluwole?” Kate asked with.“I-I-I-I…” Oluwole stammered.“You don’t want to answer me, right? Don’t worry, we would see about that when we get home” she said visibly pissed now.Oluwole impulsively ran and hid behind Mrs. Sharon. He did not want to be beaten up by anyone anymore. Kate however dragged him forcefully to the car and drove off roughly. Mrs. Sharon only looked on with sad eyes.“She is his mother anyways, my hands are tied.” she thought to herself.That evening, Oluwole received the beating of his entire life. Tunde yelled from the room that Kate should stop but she only intens
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Oluwole and Mrs. Sharon kept on with their conversation until the horn of Kate’s Toyota Camry vehicle was heard.Oluwole felt a cold chill down his spine and a rush of fear run down his body.“David that should be her, right?” Mrs. Sharon asked.Oluwole nodded affirmatively to her question.“By you sudden change in mood I can tell that she was the one whose car made that horn even before I asked you.” Mrs. Sharon said. “Take care dear!” she added with a smile.Oluwole stood up and embraced Mrs. Sharon tightly returning the smile.“Thank you so much for always being there for me Ma. You’re like the loving mother I never had.” Oluwole said amidst stifled tears.Mrs. Sharon returned the embrace warmly after which Oluwole ran off to meet his step-mother at the reception. He did not need a prophet to tell him that she wasn’t in a very good mood. Without staring so closely at his stepmom’s face, Oluwole stepped into the car without saying a word to Kate or even sparing her a scan. On their
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When Oluwole woke up, he could neither find Kate nor the car.He looked all around searching for the car or his stepmom, Kate both of which he didn’t find. He was so confused. The feeling and urge of a night sleep was far from him. The only thing installed in his thoughts were questions that he had no apparent answer to. Mutually bad and blameless thoughts competed in his mind for which was right. Oluwole was totally lost.When observing at his sides, all four cardinal points around him seemed to be covered with thick land space of vegetation and were pitch black. Some many questions ran through his poor, young and troubled mind. It was far into the night and he had no idea where he was or what had happened to him. The last thing he could recall was being in the car with his stepmom driving. The several bites and perches of mosquitoes on his arms and legs only heightened his confusion and agitation.Bad and fear-fueled thoughts began to run through his mind.“What if this is not a mis
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Charles Rowland
“I would ask you again for the last time boy. What is your name?” said Charles with a smile.“First tell me yours.” Oluwole said. “You tell me your name and I’d tell you mine.”Oluwole in his state could tell that there could be a chance of the man before him not being a Nigerian judging by his really light complexion. His skin had a far lighter tone compared to those he sees every day in school, church and in his neighborhood. Charles looked like one of those actors in the action movies daddy usually watches. He put his hands into his pockets and surprisingly found the picture of him and his dad in one of them. Oluwole was a bit curious as to how it got there.The last thing he remembered was holding on to it tightly when he got kidnapped.“Why don’t we say our names together?” Charles suggested forming a smile.“Okay!” Oluwole said trying to return the smile.“Oluwole David!” “Charles!” They both said in unison.“Wow!” “I like the name Oluwole. What a nice name for a handsome boy lik
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A New Friend
Oluwole spent the remaining part of the week crying in his luxurious room. Now that his father was gone, the thought of going back home was far from him. Home without his father would be nightmare. The people that killed his father probably also sought to kill him too. He therefore decided to stay with Charles.He needed him now more than ever. He had nowhere else to go. The love and care Charles had shown him since he arrived was far preferred to that which he would receive back home.“I love you daddy. I do and I always will.” Oluwole said holding the photograph of him and his father to his chest. Right now, that was his most treasured and valued item. It was the only tangible memory of his late father that he had.He had no other family relations that he knew of. No uncles or aunts. He was still staring at the photograph when he had an asthma attack. He looked around his room frantically for his inhaler which was in his bag pack. The struggled to get it within his reach. He needed
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Adieu Dad!
Ben drove them back to the warehouse. On the way, they had change of vehicle for about seven times. When they got to the warehouse which was now Woles new or rather Samuels present home, Felicia placed a call to Charles. He informed him that they were back from the hospital. Charles gave her the instruction that henceforth, Wole should be addressed as his son and by the name of Samuel. He also told her to make sure that all the other staffs that worked in the warehouse got the message. Hand the phone over to him I want to speak to him, said Charles. Your father wishes to speak to you, he knows that you are sick so don’t worry he would soon be back home, said Felicia to the hearing of Charles. She wanted to make sure that Charles would think that she is actually going with the he is my son nonsense. Deep down she had pity for Sam. She knew that Charles would change him from the innocent boy that he recruited a week ago. Yet she had to go with it, even though it was all pretense. Sh
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Lost in Thought
Felicia was 20 by age.She was just a simple girl going about every day on the streets in search of a job as a maid. She had gone to schools, hospitals and basically anywhere that required the maintenance services of a maid.She wanted to get herself the job even though it seemed menial just so she could settle her fees at the university. That was the point when Ben came into her life, the instrument that the devil had used to destroy her future. She had introduced to Ben by a friend of hers. Immediately she was told of the huge sum of money that was involved in the job, she applied for it. She didn’t even put into consideration of how a job as a maid could fetch out such a salary. The desperation to settle up pending school bills and return as a big girl flooded her thoughts and made her rush into it without having a rethink. Back then she was so filled with joy when she had received the news that she had gotten the job. She had no clue that it was a life time job with a contract t
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