Chapter 31: Unveiling Charlotte's biggest Secret!

"I am not grumpy!" Blaze replies with a furrowed brow, his defense evident in his tone.

Phoenix, lost in hopeful reverie, muses aloud, "Oh, how I yearn to discover my own mate, regardless of her being human or not."

Dexter eagerly joins in, his voice filled with anticipation, "Likewise, as long as she's sexy, beautiful, and sweet, I'm perfectly fine with it. I don't freaking care if she's human!"

Then, with a playful and affectionate tone, Dexter interjects, "Blazey, my dear friend, I am hungry!"

His gaze was fixed on Blaze with an irresistible display of puppy-dog eyes. Blaze knew all too well that Dexter only resorted to such silly nicknames when he needed to satisfy his voracious appetite for blood.

Blaze responds with a good-natured sigh, "Is there ever a moment when you're not ravenous?"

With a gentle and knowing smile, Dexter extends his hand, his fingers delicately skimming across the expanse of Blaze's broad back. Starting at the shoulders, his touch was a soft caress tha

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