Chapter 30: The unbreakable bond of friendship!

Blaze made his way toward the room where Dexter and Phoenix had set up their morning headquarters. He couldn't help but wonder if those two notorious sluggards were still lost in slumber's embrace, even though the clock had boldly struck 8:00am. Last night's raucous party had kept them occupied, but as usual, they had arrived fashionably late to the party.

With a mix of annoyance and curiosity, Blaze raps his knuckles against the door, expecting some semblance of a response. Yet, the silence remained unbroken. Fueled by a growing impatience, he boldly chose to push the door open, a decision that would soon become a source of deep regret.

A sudden, passionate moan slices through the otherwise still air, assaulting Blaze's senses and immediately drawing his attention. His eyes widened as the scene before him unfolded, revealing an explicit tableau that would have shocked even the most audacious of witnesses.

In the midst of this bold act of passion, there they were, Phoenix and Dexter, l
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