Chapter 44: Move in together?

With a smug grin, she utters, her words dripping with pride, "You know, darling, not only would you be blessed with unimaginable wealth, but our offspring would undoubtedly inherit exceptional intelligence. You're truly fortunate to have me as your mate, you should probably extend your gratitude to the moon goddess herself."

Blaze raises an eyebrow at her unabashed bragging.

"I am well aware of my greatness," she sighs with faux exhaustion, as if the burden of her excellence weighed heavily on her.

"And you accused me of being a narcissist." Blaze's response came with a soft, click of his tongue.

She counters with a playful nudge to his chest, "Even if I'm not a Werewolf, I've got some pretty sharp hearing, you know."

Blaze chortles at her retort, then, with a softness in his eyes, he stares into her eyes, cupping her face gently in his large palm. "You're right. I am incredibly fortunate to have you, but not solely for the reasons you mentioned. I'm eternally grateful to the moon go
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