Chapter 45: Who is Star Cyra?

"What can I say? We both know it's true. I am hot! If I wasn't so hot, you wouldn't be thinking about how you are gonna survive seeing my naked body and not begging me to fuck you!"

Blaze's words had a way of igniting a fierce blush on Astrid's cheeks, and she quickly stammers, "I'm l-leaving for now. See you later!"

She hurriedly exited the office, closing the door behind her with a gentle yet hurried touch. Leaning against the closed door, her heart raced, and she nervously bit her lower lip. Her hand, still clutching the doorknob, seemed to be the only thing keeping her grounded.

Astrid's mind was in turmoil as she contemplated the challenges that lay ahead. The mere thought of sharing a home with a man as incredibly attractive as Blaze made her pulse quicken. Her vivid imagination conjured images of him naked, water glistening on his chiseled physique as he emerged from the shower.

Astrid envisioned his seductive wink, his hard member swaying provocatively with a tantalizing rhyth
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