Chapter 47: Unmasking Corporate Embezzlement!

Elias Thorne stormed into the office, his demeanor eclipsed by a whirlwind of irritation. The door swung open with an assertive slam, reverberating through the corridor. His brows furrowed in consternation, a tempest of rage clouding his typically calm countenance.

The news of being replaced by a seemingly young and inexperienced figure had ignited a fire within him. Each step he took into Leo's office resonated with a mix of indignation and incredulity. His jaw clenched, and his eyes flashed with a tumultuous fervor, betraying the internal turbulence.

"What's this unsettling news I'm hearing, Leo? You're opting for a replacement, and not just anyone – a young woman clearly lacking in experience. I understand the company is grappling with a crisis, but do you genuinely believe someone like her can navigate us through these challenges? I've dedicated over two decades to this company. How could you make such a decision without considering my loyalty?" he demands, his tone seething with f
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