The Accidental Vampire

The Accidental Vampire

By:  Ronald James  Completed
Language: English
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Bitten by a mysterious sin-eater was an accident. Zachary Oliver wanted to spend the next four weeks of his life in the picturesque Bulgaria where he wanted to recharge and invigorate. His corporate life sucks. A mischievous and vengeful Goddess makes it her life’s purpose to wreck havoc in humans. Persephone will stop at nothing to get the revenge she had always wanted. Helena Battenberg, a noble sin-eater finds herself, slowly falling in love with the accidental Vampire. In the midst of chaos and the need to survive, the accidental vampire will find his place in the sin-eater world and finds his way to eternal romance.

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68 Chapters
“What have you done?”“Are you blind? I bit him!” the man snarled at the other.“I am not blind, but you will be the second Solandra hears of this.” The man hissed. “Oh, do shut up, you fear that bitch far too much.” Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “ You sure you do not want a taste of him?”“No.” “Pity, because he tastes phenomenal. It had been a while since we---”There was a cracking twig, a sign of movement. Someone was approaching and the two of them cannot be seen in this situation. They fled like shadows in the night, swift and deadly . And they left a figure, a lump in the middle of the cobbled stone street of the town. It was well hidden and no one will see that the lump was in fact a human. He was behind a bush. The two men dragged him there for cover just in case someone would pass by that dark alley.And then, the once peacefully, still figure jerked and gasped for breath and woke up.Zachary’s POVI tried to find my center and felt that my body was sore, my
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Back home
Helena’s POVIf you are a native of Bulgaria, then you could have probably heard of our family name. Ours is one of the oldest and noblest that ever lived in the country. After the first world war, my ancestors felt the need to anglicise our surname because of a family scandal. I am Helena Battenberg and I am three hundred years old. Three hundred years old is equivalent to a teenager in the human world. I am still very young, in this case, I kid you not. One thing about us, is that we do not age, right after we hit the maturity age--and that is eighteen years old, we slowly stop disintegrating until the next fifty years. Like botox on steroids. Bettenberg was before the family scandal. here is a little back story, My uncle. Thedeus Battenberg went on a killing spree in a little village. Killing at least thirteen people. I personally do not know what has gotten into him, but from what I was told, it was the root cause of all the succeeding alterations in the family. My mother told
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Forced to wed Hades, the God of the underworld, Persephone lived a miserable life despite being the daughter of Zeus. She found her bestfriend in her own brother Kratos who, like her was betrayed by their own. They were more than similar than they thought they were not.She was born from Demeter and Zeus and she was favored by her mother, Demeter. The goddess of Agriculture. But Zeus, then the King of the Gods, was ruthless and would not accept no for an answer, he still made her marry off to a hideous being that know nothing but heat and soot and soot and heat.Persephone had other plans for herself, she was the Goddess and personification of Earth’s fruitfulness,being the offspring of an agriculture Goddess. She was full of life, ideology and love for the humans until the day that she was confronted by the truth that even her own, would betray her and leave her in the underworld. To be abused, humiliated and treated like a vermin.The underworld was a far cry from Mount Olympus and
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Zachary’s POVI did not know how I reached home.Myabe a magic carpet brought me here. I made a joke out of myself. I was bad at telling jokes. But when I opened my eyes, I can tell that I was back on my rented cottage. I reached for my phone, which by habit, I know was on the bedside table. The time was ten in the morning. Weird. I have no recollection whatsoever of what happened last night. I am pretty certain that I have not consumed any alcoholic beverages while I was on my way here. The idea that someone could have drugged me sounded plausible.It was not uncommon to be roofied even back home. I bolted from the bed and checked my luggage, it was still locked and was not even opened since last night to see if i still have my belongings. “Hmm, must be jet lag.” I convinced myself. Now that the whole place was flooded by natural light, I could see now that the place was indeed a steal, whoever decorated this place was severely talented. The wooden floor and the simple furniture ma
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The sin mark
Helena’s POVLike any siblings that roamed the Earth, take Cain and Abel for an example--there will always be sibling rivalry and the parents have their favorites no matter how much they try to deny it. My mother’s favorite was Maddox. I really do not mind, as long as I have full access to the family wealth. They can team up and I still do not care. I am my father’s favorite and when he passed on , I felt indifferent, alone. Sometimes I think Persephone visits me in my dreams.“Where the hell is Maddox?” Solandra roared in search for her favorite child.“I do not know, and while you look for him, I am gonna go out in a while. It is a bit cloudy. “I did not hear any protests from my mother. I am no longer surprised, I have lived three hundred years and I have not received a single strand of concern or worry from her, even if I blatantly announced that I would go out in broad daylight. I will take the car, park in the in-parking lot and go to a cafe or a mall. Whatever I fancy.I Chan
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Helena rushed to the parking lot and drove as fast as she could. She almost crashed into a flower vendor because she needed to go home. The Duchess needed to know what she had seen. It would flip her and witnessing her mother flip because of an imbecile who disrespects the decree she so valued among the other decrees she had imposed to keep their race alive was almost exhilirating for her. Solandra will exhaust everything under her command to find the identity of the culprit. No one dares to insult her by disobeying her.She paused for a while when she saw on her rear view mirror the look of dismay and defeat of the vendor she had almost ran over. She know that look. The look of disappointment. Her foot on the gas pedal wanted to go ahead and forget what she was looking at, but her head says otherwise. She grabbed her purse and disembarked her car.“I am sorry, I was just in a hurry.” She apologized at the woman.“I know.” The vendor said. From this proximity, Helena can tell that sh
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Proof of existence
Zac’s POVThe woman I met in the Cafe was very pretty, yeah, sure. It could have been a better encounter of two tourists who ended up spending the day together because they find each others company rather fun and for anyone who have never traveled alone, it is a bit reassuring to get along well with another person who is as foreign as you are.What was her name again?Elen? Helen? Ahhh... It was Helena. Helena what, I do not remember. I was good with numbers but not with names. Ugh.She was very warm and happy and if she could have stayed a bit longer, he would have built the courage to ask her out for dinner later. But she did a Cinderella on him, the only difference was that Cinderella left her glass slippers, she did not. Before he knew it, she was gone, she came in hot and left hot too.“Well, at least you made a friend.” Ken was laughing after he recounted the story to his brother for the fifth time today. “She was really pretty.” “No photos, not sure she was, bro.”“Just trus
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Nicolas and Julienne's vow
Helena had time to spare . The rest of the sin-eaters will arrive around midnight because no matter how modern they claim to be, and no matter how many centuries have passed, midnight will always hold a special place in their unbeating hearts.It was early and she felt bored. Something tells her that she needed to see that Zac again. To her, he was a curious case. In the history of sin-eaters since their creation, no one was like him. He was supposed to be just food but he was not. A living proof that anomalies can happen. He lived.She took her time and liberty to read the books and records of their race in her father’s study. Nicolas Battenberg was known to have kept meticulous records of their race since their inception. It was her father’s legacy. She was well versed to some of the hundreds of books but she knew that something was missing. That there must be a text or a mere mention of a case as peculiar as Zac’s. There has to be. Her father was very careful and excellent in keepi
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Bro's before hoes
Zachary was on cloud nine when Helena showed on his doorstep. He was beginning to love Bulgaria more and more. After taking the mandatory selfie that Ken was asking to prove that he had met a girl and that she was cool with it, he asked Helena out. He asked her in the most unromantic way there is but he did.“Let me see, you wanted to take me out for dinner huh?” ‘’Yeah, if that is okay with you.” They are now in the balcony enjoying the view of Sozopol night lights, from this view, they seem to be firefly lights that never moved. They did not drink the rum because it was not his and it was inappropriate to take what’s not included in your lease papers. Instead, they had beers. They found a little store nearby that doubles as a mini bar to the residents who do not like going far and does not have a car.“You know what, I would love to, but, I have to attend a family dinner. ““It’s past ten.” Zac laughed at her joke. Thinking that it was indeed a joke.“It’s okay to show up late.”“
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Chained with the same chain that used to restrain Fenrir, the elven chain. Forged by the elves that was designed to be unbreakable even by a God. Hades, the God of the underworld could not believe that he took Zeus’ bait. The daughter he had offered as a bargain to keep him from destroying his brother’s precious humans was the same reason why he was rotting in there. The most insulting part was that, he was imprisoned in his own domain and guarded by his own creatures of chaos. His beloved ghouls are half dogs, half humans. They now serve his wife. Those bastards will be the first to go if he gets out of here.That bitch.Persephone was his wife. He used to enjoy her pleasure and presence but now, he hates her with all his might. He hates her more than her father now.The door to his prison opened and in came the woman he despises. Today, she was wearing a black barely there dress that would have proven to be comely and sexy had he been so horny like he was before at the sight of her
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