Chapter 50: Astrid's steamy desires!

"Dad!" Astrid's cheeks lit up like a vibrant sunset, a delightful blend of chagrin and amusement playing across her face in response to her father's whimsical remark.

Leo, with a mischievous glint in his eye, feigns innocence and replies, "What? I was merely articulating the unvarnished truth."

Deciding it was time to bid her farewell, she announces, "I will be taking my leave now," pivoting to make her exit. However, her departure found an unexpected pause when Leo interjects with heartfelt words.

"Astrid, a big thank you for today. I was oblivious, wrapped in my trust for Elias to notice that he was siphoning off my funds."

With a reassuring smile, Astrid responds, "No worries, Dad. It's a valuable lesson – occasionally, placing trust in someone can lead to unforeseen twists. The path of blind trust isn't always the wisest choice."

"I suppose I learned my lesson through the school of hard knocks. You're a virtuoso in your field, without a doubt." Leo commends.

"I must admit, I am ext

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