Chapter 91: Powerful witch?

"We would need to work on honing your skills first. It's evident that you lack control," Phoenix points out with a kittenish smirk. "I can't risk getting hit by a boulder during our nocturnal sexual escapades. Just imagine us in the heat of the moment, and then—squash!" His taunting tone elicited a blush from Astrid as she rolled her eyes at his naughty banter.

"Come on, that would never happen!" Astrid responds with a mixture of amusement and disbelief. This man had quite the imagination.

Phoenix winks, "Well, you never know. But seriously, we should consider your training. Controlling your powers starts with understanding them.

"Think of it like learning to ride a bike, you need to start with training wheels before you can ride smoothly. Luckily, I know just the person to help. You've seen my amazing fire skills," he boasts, a hint of pride in his voice.

Seeing Astrid's curious expression, Phoenix decided to share more about his past experiences. "Back in the day, I had the power bu

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Sofia Rocha
So happy for the new chapter!! The secrets are starting to came to light so excited for what’s next

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