Chapter 92: Royal Dominion Lair - Sensual Detour!

As they entered the ROYAL DOMINION LAIR, Astrid was struck by the unique blend of ancient and modern architecture, where the modern buildings harmonized with the natural landscape, showcasing innovative architecture that complemented the ancient surroundings.

A contemporary glass structure was perched majestically atop rugged rock formations. Its transparent walls reflected the sky and surroundings, blending harmoniously with the natural landscape. The juxtaposition of sleek glass against the solid, ancient rock created a captivating visual contrast.

Nestled gracefully into the hillside, a striking structure caught the eye—a sleek, curved building that seamlessly merged with the natural contours of the land.

Another notable building was a futuristic tower that rose majestically against the backdrop of mountains. The tower's glass facade, reflected the azure sky above and the rugged terrain below, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. Sunlight played through the glass, casting patt
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