Chapter 90: Hidden truth?

A wave of sudden weakness engulfed Astrid, her limbs feeling as heavy as lead. She staggered, her vision blurring momentarily, before her legs gave out completely.

Just as she began to collapse, Inferno swiftly positioned himself between Astrid and the ground, his massive body serving as a shield and a cushion.

With a gentle thud, Astrid landed against Inferno's warm, scaly form, her breaths coming in shallow gasps. Above her, the air shimmered with residual magic.

In a swift transition, Phoenix shed his dragon form, the majestic scales giving way to his human silhouette. He knelt beside Astrid, concern etched on his features as he cradled her in his arms.

"Are you alright?" Phoenix's voice held a mix of worry and relief as he assessed Astrid's condition. His hands hovered over her, instinctively checking for any injuries.

"I… I think so," Astrid managed to utter, her voice barely above a whisper. The surge of weakness had subsided somewhat, leaving her feeling drained.

"We should g
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