Chapter 93: Car sex!

"I'm gonna cum!" she squeals, her words a breathless confession of the imminent climax that pulsed through her body, sending tremors of ecstasy rippling through every nerve ending.

Astrid body tensed, muscles coiling like a spring ready to release, and then she let go. A cry escaped her lips as pleasure surged through her, her senses overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment.

Still trembling from the aftershocks of her intense orgasm, Astrid leaned in and captured his lips in a heated kiss, ignited a fervent dance between them.

The kiss was a refrain of ardor, punctuated by soft gasps and subtle moans as their mouths melded together in a carnal tango. "You taste so exquisite," she murmurs between kisses, her words a testament to the intoxicating spell they were both under.

As their mouths melded together, the world around them faded into obscurity, leaving only the heat of their embrace and the intoxicating taste of each other. Her lips were soft and inviting, a perfect match to his
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